The Brilliant Fighting Master
103 Anticipated
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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103 Anticipated

Gao Chenyi dashed towards them in rage. He slapped Meng Hao's face and said to them coldly, "If you dare shout again, I'll cut your tongues off."

"Don't worry. My holy awareness is only just able to capture them. They're still far away. They couldn't hear. Even if there is something wrong, my flying sword can handle it," Elder Tree said in a calm and confident tone.

Gao Chenyi eased up and said, "Elder, don't kill him directly. I'll torture him! By the way, his holy awareness can also reach far away. Will he detect that we're here?"

"I've isolated this place with my holy awareness. This is a dead zone for him," Elder Tree said.

As for Jiang Chen, he suddenly stopped.

"What's wrong?" Dorchid asked.

"They already know we're here."

Elder Tree had isolated the Guardian Palace so that they wouldn't be detected, but it was also a signal of danger.

This happened because Gao Chenyi and Elder Tree didn't know Jiang Chen knew they were there.

"Keep walking. When I approach that general's statue and read a spell silently, I'll get the spear and shield. I'll be able to dodge the flying sword with the shield."

Jiang Chen kept walking with the others. He looked serious.

Soon, they arrived at a stone chamber. Dorchid burst into tears and started to grieve for her brother's death.

Deagle's corpse was still there, not far away. His head was beside his body.

Jiang Chen felt sorry when he thought of how the prince's life had ended.

He patted Dorchid's back silently, as a form of comfort.

Dorchid took a deep breath. Her eyes were bloodshot and red. She strode ahead right away.

Jiang Chen didn't expect this. She had lost her self-control in anger.

In the end, they almost rushed into the Guardian Palace.

As soon as they entered, they saw the statue, Gao Chenyi, and Elder Tree.

"Gao Chenyi, you'll die here today!" Dorchid shouted in rage.

Gao Chenyi ignored her. He stared at Jiang Chen and said arrogantly, "Jiang Chen, isn't it a surprise for you that you've fallen into my hands?!"

"Do you see surprise on my face?" Jiang Chen asked.

"What do you mean? You knew I was here and came intentionally?" Gao Chenyi frowned. He couldn't believe such an absurd thing.

Then he looked over to Meng Hao and Wen Xin and understood why.

"How stupid! You want to rescue your friends? Who do you think you are?" Gao Chenyi said.

Meng Hao and Wen Xin hadn't expected Jiang Chen to save them. They were surprised.

Elder Tree didn't say anything. The coldness in his eyes showed disdain for Jiang Chen and his companions, who were all in the Gathering Yuan Sate.

"Young Master Gao!"

Chu Luo suddenly ran towards Gao Chenyi with the other disciples of the Isle of Sky. She said, "Be careful. Jiang Chen intends to use the spiritual weapons from this palace to deal with you!"

This was an unforeseen event. Dorchid turned pale immediately. Fang Ping and the others looked at each other, planning to escape.

The plan had been exposed. Jiang Chen had lost his chance to kill Elder Tree.

Jiang Chen seemed emotionless. He kept staring at Chu Luo.

"Oh? What's going on?" Gao Chenyi was intrigued. With the protection of a Mental Wander State, he wasn't worried at all.

"Jiang Chen has a book that recorded everything about the imperial mausoleum. He is the only one who understands the characters in this book. He found that there was an exit in the Supreme Underground Palace," Chu Luo said.


Gao Chenyi and Elder Tree's eyes lit up when they heard there was an exit.

Without moving, Elder Tree threw his flying sword towards Jiang Chen. It flew overhead like a shooting star and didn't stop until it was very close to Jiang Chen's throat.

"Give it to me," Elder Tree said.

There was something severe and forbidding about Jiang Chen's face. He was reluctant to follow the elder's order.

"Jiang Chen, do you want him to die?" Gao Chenyi put his sword to Meng Hao's throat.

Jiang Chen had to throw the book over.

Elder Tree caught the book. After confirming that he didn't know any of the characters in the book, he took his flying sword back.

There were were no small number of illustrations in the book, which depicted the imperial mausoleum. Elder Tree found from these illustrations that they had already passed some of the places depicted.

So he looked over to Jiang Chen and asked, "Can you understand what's written here?"


An idea occurred to Gao Chenyi. He looked at Chu Luo and said, "You said he was going to deal with Elder Tree? How?"


Chu Luo hurried to point at the statue and said, "He knew there was a stone statue here. He said it was a general holding a shield and a spear, both spiritual weapons. He intended to use the shield to resist the flying sword and the spear to kill Elder Tree."

"Chu Luo, how could you be so shameless as a disciple of one of the top ten schools?!" Dorchid accused her in fury. Because of Chu Luo, she had lost her chance to get revenge.

Then she said to Jiang Chen, "I told you not to save her!"

Jiang Chen didn't answer. No one knew whether he was regretting his decision.

"There is no right or wrong. We come from different standpoints," Chu Luo said.

"But I saved you twice, didn't I?" Jiang Chen said.

"Hum." Chu Luo surely knew what she had done was wrong, so she was unwilling to keep arguing.

Elder Tree was browsing the book. Suddenly he found an illustration of the statue that was beside him.

"Oh? I did have this feeling that there was treasure here."

Elder Tree maneuvered his flying sword towards the shield.

However, when it hit the shield, the sword flew off without leaving any trace on it.

"That's not gonna work. This isn't made from stone at all. It's a seal," Jiang Chen said.

"Do you know how to get these two things?" Elder Tree said.

"Sure. I can get them for you." Then Jiang Chen walked towards the statue.

The flying sword flew over and landed in front of him.

Elder Tree laughed, "You weren't even born yet when I began scheming against others. Give up. Tell me immediately how I can get the treasure."

Jiang Chen's eyes were dimmed with disappointment. He had lost his last chance.

"A spell. He mentioned he could get the treasure when he approached the statue and read a spell." Chu Luo told them everything she knew to impress Gao Chenyi so that he would take her with him.

Gao Chenyi was decisive. His sword scratched Meng Hao's skin. He said, "What's the spell? Tell me!"

"Tell me in a low voice. Don't shout it out!" Elder Tree said.

He thought the one reading the spell would be recognized by the treasure as its master, so he didn't want Jiang Chen to get the chance.

"Jiang Chen, don't tell them. As long as you don't tell them, we'll all die here. They'll lose as well," Wen Xin said.

"Princess, how cruel you are! But I don't think Jiang Chen wants to see you violated." Gao Chenyi was cutting her clothes off her with his sword while speaking.

"Enough!" Jiang Chen shouted. He told them the spell reluctantly. The spell was in a language from the Era of the Hero.

Elder Tree had to ask him to repeat it in order to memorize it, then he went up to the statue and read the spell.

As soon as the spell was read, the statue emitted an aura. The rock on the surface disappeared and the statue recovered its original color. Fire was burning on the horse's four legs.

In the end, the horse gave a loud neigh. The general came to life and injected majestic power into his spear.

"Whoever dares intrude into the imperial mausoleum, die!"

The general drove the spear towards Elder Tree.

At the same time, the reluctance and the anxiety disappeared from Jiang Chen's face. He gave a cold smile.

Neither the spear nor the shield were treasure. Together with the statue, they were killing tools used to guard the imperial mausoleum.

Jiang Chen's spell had awakened the statue to kill any enemies.

All of these events, including Chu Luo's betrayal, Jiang Chen had anticipated.


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