The Brilliant Fighting Master
98 Crane the Third
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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98 Crane the Third

As he advanced, Jiang Chen found the passage was becoming more and more narrow. In the end, he had to walk sideways.

If he hadn't heard the wind, he would have thought he had arrived at the end of the world.

When arriving at the narrowest part, he had to inhale to move his belly inward to make it through the space, but fortunately, after that, it opened up.

He kept walking. Soon, he saw lights glittering.

He saw a timber bridge leading to a palace, the lights coming from that palace.

Jiang Chen walked to the bridge and looked down. It was too dark to see the bottom. He kicked a stone down and didn't hear it hit the bottom for half a minute.

What an underground world!

Jiang Chen walked to the palace carefully. He released his holy awareness and found there were people in it.

At first, he thought that it could be those who had walked ahead of him, but he knew it wasn't when he heard them talking. He found a place to hide in and manipulated his holy awareness to go deeper into the palace.

The people inside were those who had taken a different direction in the corridor. Most of them were the guys of the Gang of Knife and Sword. Princess Dorchid, Chu Luo, and some other disciples of the Isle of Sky were also there.

They were resting in the palace, obviously having experienced the same intense escape.

"As expected, seeking treasure is dangerous."

"Darn! We'll all die here. The exit has been destroyed. We don't even know where we are!"

"Either die of hunger or be killed by the demons."

"We should have listened to Jiang Chen. We shouldn't have pushed that door open."

The guys in the Gang of Knife and Sword were complaining about their current situation. In their eyes, they only had a slim chance of survival.

Suddenly, they looked over to Dorchid and Chu Luo.

"Let's have some fun before dying!"

Ten-odd guys walked towards the girls with discomforting smiles on their faces.

"What are you up to?" Dorchid reacted first. She drew out her sword.

"Are you looking to die?" Chu Luo looked at them coldly. Neither she nor Dorchid were weak. They were not afraid of those guys.

"Beauty, we'll die here anyway. Why don't we have some fun together before we die?"

"How dare you!" Chu Luo shouted angrily and stood up immediately.

At this moment, the Gang of Knife and Sword threw some iron balls towards them, which stopped beside them.

Before they could even react, the iron balls had exploded and emitted a dense purple smoke.

"This is bad…" Chu Luo lost her calm. She had been about to leave, but it was already too late. She suddenly became powerless and fell onto the ground.

But Dorchid wasn't affected. She said angrily, "Don't you, disciples of the top ten sects and schools, have any experience? Didn't you take any antidotes beforehand?"

Then she threw some pills towards them.

When Chu Luo was about to catch the pills, a small guy from the Gang of Knife and Sword caught them before her.

"Beauty, give up," he smiled.

In this way, Dorchid was the only one left who could fight.

Compared to Chu Luo's purity, the sexy Dorchid was more attractive to them.

Dorchid glanced at Chu Luo and the other girls and said, "Take care."

She didn't want to stay there and suffer together with Chu Luo from the insults of the Gang of Knife and Sword, so she turned around and ran towards the door.

She thought those guys would let her go, since it would require several men to chase after her if they intended to capture her.

However, she wasn't fast enough.

As soon as she turned around, the small guy was already at the door.

"Bad luck, beauty. I practiced secret methods that helped to enhance my speed. You can't run away from me," he said with a proud smile. He was as ugly as a troll.

Dorchid took a step back, but the other guys were approaching her from the other side.

At this moment, the door opened.

Jiang Chen strode in and shouted, "What are you doing?!"

The guys from the Gang of Knife and Sword were surprised to see him, but they looked at each other when they saw Jiang Chen was by himself. They moved agilely and besieged Jiang Chen.

Such a rapport could only be achieved by long-term collaboration.

"Disciple of the Natural Law School."

The small guy had forgotten Jiang Chen's name, and he didn't bother to recall it, so he said directly, "You saved our team leader. We'll do you a special favor. You can leave with her."

He pointed at Dorchid and walked away from the door.

Chu Luo turned pale. She thought Jiang Chen would walk out there with Dorchid instantly and leave her behind.

"No way. I want both of them!" Jiang Chen gave them a surprising answer.

"Why? Wasn't this woman mean to you? Why do you want to save her?" the small guy was puzzled.

"It doesn't matter. I can't put up with what you're doing, that's all. Even if you're bullying a sow, I'll try to stop you all the same," Jiang Chen said.

Chu Luo was irritated when she heard Jiang Chen compare her to a sow, but she had to hold her temper for a moment, since Jiang Chen could decide her fate.

"Then we won't go easy on you. Disciple of the Natural Law School, do you really think we don't dare do anything to you because you saved our team leader's life? Let me tell you. He's already dead," the small guy said coldly.

Wan Li, the team leader of the Gang of Knife and Sword, who had insisted on opening the iron door, had died in the demons' hands. He got what was coming to him.

Dorchid said to Jiang Chen in a low voice, "Why don't we just leave?"

Of course, she wouldn't want to rescue Chu Luo from her standpoint.

"Do you really think they'll let us go? If I believed them and intended to leave here with you, we would have died before we could reach that door," Jiang Chen replied to her, also in a low voice.

Dorchid had never thought about this possibility. She was convinced when she recalled the frantic looks she received from those men.

"Are you sure you can do this?"

The Gang of Knife and Sword had eleven men. The small guy's state was the highest. He was in the completed late stage. The others were in the middle stage.

Jiang Chen was in the beginning of the late stage, while Dorchid was in the peak of the middle stage.

They were inferior in numbers. Besides that, the small guy's speed was Dorchid's biggest concern.

"Don't make me kill you. This is your last chance."

Jiang Chen didn't answer Dorchid. He just kept looking at those men.

He received a laugh in reply. Obviously, those men didn't take Dorchid and him seriously.

"Looks like our disciple of the Natural Law School is very confident. Just show him, Crane the Third, how great you are."

The small guy gave him a sinister smile. He was ranked third in the Gang of Knife and Sword, not because of his state, but because of his speed.

That was why he was called Crane the Third.

"Traceless Shadowy Steps!"

Crane the Third didn't show any mercy to Jiang Chen. That was his most powerful movement. His body disappeared immediately from where he was standing.

In a second, the air around Jiang Chen started to distort.

It seemed like Jiang Chen hadn't noticed. Those of the Gang of Knife and Sword had cruel smiles on their faces.

If what they knew about Crane the Third was correct, Jiang Chen would be decapitated in the next second, and Crane the Third would kick his head like a ball.


However, they heard a cracking sound, as if something was pierced. The figure of Crane the Third became visible again. His chest had been pierced by the Redcloud Sword.

And it was Jiang Chen's hand that was holding the handle of the sword.

He drew back the sword as if he had done nothing special.

"Is that all? That's your speed?"


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