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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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94 Demon Lord

From the perspective of a doctor, the smell of death was a sign of oncoming death.

Those who emitted smell of death were mostly poisoned or severely sick, but Wu Fan and his three companions looked very healthy and vigorous. They didn't look like people who could emit that smell.

Added to the suspicious state of their spiritual weapon, Jiang Chen had to be more careful.

Deagle couldn't wait any longer when he saw others jumping down one by one. After confirming that Wen Xin wouldn't go with him, he jumped down with his sister and Wu Fan.

When there was only a group of people in double-digits left, Jiang Chen set out with Meng Hao and Wen Xin.

As Wu Fan had said, there wasn't much room below. The three of them arched their backs to squeeze through a crack.

Fortunately, soon, after squeezing through another crack, the space became broad enough for them could walk upright.

They kept walking on and saw a stone ladder in front of them.

"Is that a relic?! So it's true. The collapse resulted in the connection between the passage of the relic and the pit," Meng Hao said joyfully.

At the end of the ladder there was a door that had been pushed open.

Wen Xin and Meng Hao took a giant stride to the front, almost rushing into the room.


Jiang Chen had been about to investigate the surroundings a bit with his holy awareness, but since those two were so eager, he had to follow them.

After entering the door, they saw a spacious hall, in the middle of which there was a pavilion with a vaulted roof.

Soon, the three of them found something unusual.

Those who had entered before them were lying around the pavilion, where scarlet radiance was being emitted, shuttling back and forth among the people like an iron chain.

At a closer look, they found those people were too weak to defend themselves from any attack.

People shrouded in the scarlet radiance were sucked into the air. Then their bodies shriveled at a rapid speed. Everything under their skin merged into the scarlet radiance.

Wu Fan and his three companions who had led the way, stood beside the pavilion and looked at those people coldly.


A man ran towards Jiang Chen, but he ran slower and slower until he finally fell onto the ground.

"This is bad!" Jiang Chen dragged Wen Xin and Meng Hao towards the door, trying to leave through it. But as soon as they turned around, they were surprised to see that the door had closed automatically.

The scarlet radiance extended itself towards the three of them, although they were still far from the pavilion.

The three didn't know how to resist such a magical attack. As soon as the scarlet radiance shrouded them, they turned powerless like all the others and were dragged towards the pavilion.

They were seized with a terror when they found they had lost the control of their bodies, although they were of sound mind.

"Wu Fan, how dare you cheat me! I'll kill your whole family!"

When they got closer they heard Deagle swearing.

Wu Fan said with a blank expression, "It's your honor to be sacrificed to the Demon Lord!"

Demon Lord?

Jiang Chen was shocked. Five hundred years ago, human beings made a clean sweep in the war between them and demons. Demons were driven to the Alien Battlefield, which was located outside the Planes World, due to their failure.

By then, beasts that hadn't amounted to anything yet, such as beasts of prey, monsters, and fierce beasts, were not the only threats to human beings.

Like humans, demons were born with spiritual intelligence. Along with the extraordinary power they were born with, they were already very strong without any practicing. They used to be human beings' natural enemies.

Demon Lords were as powerful as humans in the Mental Wander State. Since they were highly effective in fighting, when they were facing humans in the Mental Wander State, they usually could fight against more people in an effective manner.

By then, Jiang Chen could see a demon lord sitting on the stone table inside the pavilion.

With a human-like body and horns on his head, his skin was as dark as black iron, and his body surface was tattooed with scarlet demon lines.

The terrifying scarlet radiance definitely came from him.

Jiang Chen could draw a conclusion at that moment. There had been a demon lord trapped underground.

Eager to leave this place, he had caused a landslide to break through the passage that connected it to the outside world.

Wu Fan and the other seven had entered here recklessly. Four of them had been killed by him and the other four were brought under his control.

The demon lord had made them lie to the others so that more people would enter. He would regain his power little by little by sucking their energies.

As for the treasure, no matter whether it existed or not, those of the four groups were already dead or too weak to get it.

"Fortunately, this demon lord is severely injured. He has recovered only thirty percent of his power," Jiang Chen thought to himself. He had a slim chance to survive in that case.

"Mr. Demon Lord, do you still need any subordinates? I can do it. I'm famous. I can bring you more people. Please don't kill me!" Gao Chenyi was shouting in a panicked manner. A coward had ranked eighth on the Prince List.

In fact, this had become clear enough back when he had faced leader bloody bats.

However, at such a desperate moment, others were not interested in despising him at all. Instead, the same idea occurred to them.

The demon lord opened his eyes. His bloody eyes were full of sarcasm.

"How many years have passed… But you human beings are still the same. You want to be my subordinate, don't you? Well, kneel down and bow to me!"

Hardly had his voice faded away when Gao Chenyi felt his power recover fully. Delighted with his recovery, he crawled to the pavilion and bowed to the demon lord.

"Ha!" The demon lord burst into laughter and said, "My recovery is being dragged down by these people, since they are reluctant to give up fighting. What do you say?"

"Give up! Stop fighting back!" Gao Chenyi dashed towards his group and shouted at his men.

"Apprentice Brother Gao." His men were struck dumb. They looked at him as if he were a stranger who they'd never known.

"Do you want to kill me?" Gao Chenyi's face was distorted. He kicked one of the guys in front of him.

Jiang Chen shook his head at this scene. He thought to himself, "As the books say, demons hunt people, not only feeding on them, but also making fun of them."

Hopefully the other things said in those books are just as true.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and prepared silently.

All of a sudden, Gao Chenyi appeared next to Jiang Chen. He said proudly, "Mr. Demon Lord, this guy is detestable, but his genuine yuan is very pure, the best choice for you."

"Gao Chenyi, you don't deserve any place on the Prince List!" Wen Xin flew into a rage.

"Hehe, as long as I can stay alive!" Gao Chenyi smiled. He grabbed Wen Xin's hair and ran his fingers across her face, then further down.

"Stop." Jiang Chen interfered when Gao Chenyi was so close to reaching into Wen Xin's clothes. "Gao Chenyi, get real! Why do you think only four of these guys are still alive and the other four are dead? Because he only has four demon seals. He has no way to control you like how he's controlling Wu Fan. Do you think he will really let you go?"

Gao Chenyi was dumbfounded. So were the others.

The demon lord looked interested. He brought Jiang Chen closer to him.

"Do you know a lot about demons?" he asked.

"Yes. You are nothing more than bloodthirsty freaks," Jiang Chen said.

"The beasts see you human beings in the same way." The demon lord didn't become angry, but mocked him.

In a second, the scarlet radiance was pulled together and moved towards Jiang Chen.

The demon lord stuck his purple tongue out and said excitedly, "People like you are my favorite food."

"I'm excited, too," Jiang Chen said.

"Oh?" The demon lord was intrigued by him. He stopped the radiance for the moment, expecting more details.

"I'm disappointed to know the Demon War ended before I was born, since I really wanted to kill a demon with my own hands. It's a pity that in this era, the Alien Battlefield is the only place where I can find you demons."

Jiang Chen stopped and smiled in a mysterious manner. He continued, "I never expected that I would get such a chance!"


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