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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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93 Treasure

The leader bloody bats soon started another attack, but it was defused by Jiang Chen.

In the end, the leader bloody bats left reluctantly, along with the other bloody bats.

"The bloody bats have retreated."

People were relieved. They lit their torches again and saw their surroundings were full of dead bloody bats. There were some dead human bodies as well.

"Get out of here! Hurry up!"

None of the four groups wanted to stay there any longer. They didn't stop for any rest until they were already hundreds of feet away from the site of terror.

"Fortunately, we have disciples of the Natural Law School here. Otherwise, we would have been doomed."

"Yes. His holy awareness is marvelous!"

"We were wrong to blame him. He would totally have been able to draw the route map even without the marks left by the Isle of Sky."

These comments made Gao Chenyi and Chu Luo embarrassed. Each word these people said was like a slap across their faces.

Gao Chenyi's expression kept changing. He wasn't too convinced by Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen hadn't saved him, he probably would have tried to refute the people praising him.

Chu Luo was basically in the same situation. She didn't apologize or show gratitude to Jiang Chen. Instead, she stayed in her group, pretending nothing special had happened.

"Looks like the requirement of the Prince List and the Beauty List should be stricter."

When they heard what the team leader of the Gang of Knife and Sword had said, Gao Chenyi and Chu Luo could no longer sit still.

"What are you implying?" Gao Chenyi said coldly.

The team leader of the Gang of Knife and Sword was called Wan Li. He was a big, middle-aged man. In comparison with Gao Chenyi's fair skin, he had a thick, full beard, and big eyes and bushy eyebrows. He was in ordinary leather armour.

Gao Chenyi used to look down his nose at such guys. He had never expected to receive sarcastic comments from one of them.

Wan Li didn't argue with him. He came up to Jiang Chen and said seriously, "Thank you for saving my life."

Many people on the spot owed Jiang Chen a "thank you," especially Chu Luo and Gao Chenyi.

No one thought there was anything wrong with Wan Li's mocking tone towards those two.

"I asked for his help, and what did he say to me? I would have been killed by leader bloody bats if I weren't smart enough. Now you want me to thank him?"

"Exactly. Why should others beg him or coax him just because his holy awareness is great?"

Gao Chenyi and Chu Luo protested one after the other. It sounded like the confrontation with the map had never occurred and everything was totally Jiang Chen's fault.

Although they were shameless, Jiang Chen had refused to help them, so their comments didn't sound too harsh to the people on their side.

At this moment, a guy from the Gang of the Knife and Sword ran over and said, "Those bloody bats didn't escape! They've brought reinforcements. Now they have five more leader bloody bats!"

"What?!" People were badly frightened when they got the news. They stood up immediately.

"Come here," Wan Li said to his team mates. He was right beside Jiang Chen.

Gao Chenyi and Chu Luo were about to do the same, but on their way, Wan Li said to them, "Weren't you two acting tough just now? Aren't you ashamed for taking refuge here?"

Gao Chenyi and Chu Luo gnashed their teeth, too ashamed to respond.

"Even if you two come here, I won't warn you about anything," Jiang Chen said.

Gao Chenyi and Chu Luo's team mates were astonished. They hurried to crowd around Jiang Chen and left the two beyond the circle.

"You guys?!" Gao Chenyi flew into a rage, but at the thought of the danger they were facing, he looked over to Jiang Chen helplessly and said, "It was my bad. Please don't be so cruel to me."

"Yes, Jiang Chen. We are both disciples of the top ten sects and schools." Chu Luo followed immediately. She kept looking back, afraid the bloody bats would come towards her.

"Hahaha." To their surprise, the guy who had claimed the bloody bats were coming burst into laughter.

"How interesting! What an abrupt change in your attitudes!"

Wan Li's anxious expression suddenly turned into an ironic smile.

By then, there were still no signs that the bloody bats were coming. They couldn't even hear the fluttering of their wings. Then, people tumbled to the reality that the Gang of Knife and Sword had tricked them, because they had wanted to embarrass Gao Chenyi and Chu Luo.

Gao Chenyi and Chu Luo looked furious. By then, even their teammates had changed their opinions about them.

"Well, this was just a joke. No offense. Forget it." Wan Li waved his hand and took his men back to their spot. He winked at Jiang Chen before he left.

It was his way of seeking justice for Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had found with his holy awareness that there were no bloody bats coming. He was just taking the opportunity to teach Gao Chenyi and Chu Luo a lesson.

"The Gang of Knife and Sword isn't made up of common people for sure. They made a complete fool out of those two," Meng Hao said.

"And not necessarily with good intentions," Jiang Chen said.

Others would have appreciated Wan Li's help.

But due to Wan Li's "little joke," the relationship between Jiang Chen and Gao Chenyi and Chu Luo had completely turned sour. In consideration of the current situation, Jiang Chen thought he had done it intentionally to make the three teams turn against each other.

After all, Jiang Chen and Chu Luo were both disciples of the top ten sects and schools, and Gao Chenyi was on the Prince List. If those three collaborated, the Gang of Knife and Sword would be overpowered.

But, thanks to his joke, this would never happen.

However, Jiang Chen had never planned to collaborate with Gao Chenyi or Chu Luo. Besides, he didn't get to make any decisions for the group of the Grand Qi State. Deagle was the boss there.

The four groups kept advancing after they were fully rested.

"Here we are!"

After almost one day's walk, they finally reached the entrance of the passage.

They saw a black hole below them.

Deagle threw his torch into the hole. By the dim firelight, they could tell whether the hole was straight down. After a few tumbles, the torch finally disappeared.

"This is where the collapse happened. It's about 20 yards deep. Then, there's a long slope. It's very narrow down there. Some parts can only hold one person," Wu Fan said.

This passage had been produced by a landslide. Of course it wouldn't be easy to walk through.

"Shall we go down in groups?" someone suggested.

"We'll go first!"

The four groups said at almost the same time. This was a treasure hunt. It would be risky for those who took the lead, but they could take the best treasure first.

It took them some time to discuss, but no group was willing to give way.

In the end, someone proposed that each group send a few people to go down. And they finally reached consensus.

"We'll go last," Jiang Chen said in a low voice.

"Why?" Wen Xin didn't understand his intention.

Wouldn't the last person to find treasure receive nothing?

"Trust me." Jiang Chen didn't explain. By then, none of his doubts had yet been confirmed.

He smelled death on Wu Fan and his three companions.

At the same time, Jiang Chen was thinking of Wu Fan's dagger.

It was surely a good dagger in the eyes of a spiritual bladesmith.

The thing was, a spiritual weapon would lose its energy and dim if it was kept for too long.

As soon as it was brought to light again, it's dazzling state was impossible to match.

"There might be treasure down there, but it won't be easy to take."


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