The Brilliant Fighting Master
92 Leader Bloody Ba
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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92 Leader Bloody Ba

Underground bloody bats were soldier-level monsters. They weren't very powerful when fighting alone, so the number present in a group mattered a lot.

But leader bloody bats were general-level.

Similar to beasts of prey, monsters were classified as soldier, general, king, spirit, or holy-level.

General-level monsters were formidable adversaries for people in the Gathering Yuan State.

If they had run into them outside, the four groups wouldn't be so worried about it. The thing was, at that moment, they were underneath the ground, and it was pitch dark, since the bats had put out their torches.

Someone lit their torch, illuminating the pit, then people saw the bloody bats overhead. They looked like the dark clouds that filled the sky before a storm.

Suddenly, the guy with the torch saw a leader bloody bat close to him, and a scream rang out.

The pit was back to darkness.

People tried to stay close to each other. No one dared move or even breathe too hard. The average bloody bats took this opportunity and descended upon them. Their fangs bit all over the victims' flesh, sucking their blood.

Roars, screams, and sobs, all mixed together, brought the place into chaos.

The leader bloody bats were flying around silently and waiting for their chance. Once they they could, they would carry people off, and a few seconds later, as generous as they were, they would give the dead bodies back.

They were called bloody bats because they had a strong desire for the blood of fighters.

"Sh*t! Thousands of bloody bats are hunting together. There's more than one leader bloody bat!"

"It's because we have too many people here. The odor of blood is too strong."

"It's useless to say these things now. We should figure out a solution as soon as possible!"

"Don't panic! Don't break through their encirclement too early!"

The four groups were like headless chickens. They had absolutely no idea how to deal with the situation. The only thing they were doing was exerting their genuine yuan to attack the ceiling over them, and even that barely worked.

Even if they had wanted to break through, the darkness would stop them, since they didn't even know where to run.

Some people had spiritual weapons with them. With the radiance of those weapons, they could see the bats, but what they saw only made them more desperate.

"Holy awareness! Use holy awareness to find the leader bloody bats. Kill them and we'll be safe!" someone from the Gang of Knife and Sword shouted.

"No, we can't. We aren't in the Mental Wander State. From five yards away, our holy awareness will be too weak, and it can barely reach ten yards. Even if we can detect where the leader bloody bats are, we'll be unable to kill them!"

It was Chu Luo. She was one of the few people who had holy awareness among them, but she was only able to protect herself.

Gao Chenyi was no better than her. It was already difficult enough for his holy awareness to pierce the darkness, let alone find the leader bloody bats.

"Princess, Dorchid, stay with me."

Deagle also had holy awareness, but he was in the Gathering Yuan State, so he wasn't strong enough either. He only called whose who mattered to him over.

"Jiang Chen will protect Meng Hao. He should be fine," Wen Xin thought, standing next to Deagle.

Suddenly, they noticed a fishy smell. Wen Xin felt like she was surrounded by the bats. She could feel their screaming in her soul.

"This is bad!"

A leader bloody bat showed up in Deagle's holy awareness, but he barely had any time to react. He could do nothing but watch it dash towards Wen Xin.

"I'm doomed." Wen Xin's heart sank when she realized what was happening.


Wen Xin was both surprised and pleased to hear Jiang Chen's low and deep voice. Following that voice was an eruption of blazing rays of sunlight, which illuminated Jiang Chen's face.

The sunlight came from the Redcloud Sword. People saw the tip of the sword had pierced through the leader bloody bat's chest.

As soon as Jiang Chen exerted his spiral genuine yuan, the leader bloody bat's body started to inflate at a rapid speed, until the flesh splattered about with the explosion.

People regained their confidence when they saw this scene.

"He can track the leader bloody bats! He can track the leader bloody bats!" Someone was so excited that he said the same words twice.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen looked over to the Gang of Knife and Sword and shouted, "Bro with a long knife, watch out. A leader bloody bat is coming towards you! It's almost at your back!"

The one who the warning was directed at was the team leader of the Gang of Knife and Sword. The long knife in his hand was also a spiritual weapon. His blade started to burn with blazing fire after he heard the warning. He could see a leader bloody bat in the firelight.

"Ah!" the guy roared and made his first strike, but the knife only hit the bat's claw. The bat retreated, but wasn't killed.

But at least one thing could be confirmed—Jiang Chen's holy awareness could track the leader bloody bats for sure, since the Gang of Knife and Sword was standing far away from the group of the Grand Qi State.

"Thank you, Natural Law School!" the guy expressed his gratitude, for his life had just been saved.

"Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen, what about me? Are there any leader bloody bats around me?!"

It was Gao Chenyi. He had completely discarded his arrogance. At that moment, he was only nervous and frightened.

"I'm sorry. I'm only a countryman who can't even draw a route map. I'm willing to help, but I can't," Jiang Chen said coldly.

His words reminded the four groups of the clash they had had. Their expressions suddenly became unreadable.

The fact that Jiang Chen's holy awareness could find leader bloody bats proved how absurd Gao Chenyi and Chu Luo's accusation was.

The Gang of Knife and Sword felt lucky, because they hadn't meddled in the affair.

"Fortunately," Deagle thought. Jiang Chen was a member of his group and wasn't far away from him, so it looked he didn't have to worry about anything.

Judging from the previous attack of the leader bloody bat, even though Deagle had detected it, it had already been too late.

"Jiang Chen, don't be so childish. As long as you help me, I'll repay you for your kindness!" Gao Chenyi said without caring whether he lost face.


Everyone heard Jiang Chen's sneer. They all understood what it meant.

"We are both disciples of the top ten sects and schools, Jiang Chen. You don't have to behave like this." Chu Luo felt her palms soak with sweat. She was looking around while speaking, afraid a leader bloody bat would attack her.

"Why didn't you mention the story of the top ten sects and schools when you were asking for the map? It wouldn't have done you any good even if I gave the map to you, but it could've been fatal for me if I didn't have it. Why weren't you so generous and upright back then?" Jiang Chen sneered at her.

Hardly had his voice faded away, when he suddenly jumped and brandished his sword.

The fury of the sword swept through the whole pit. With a scream, another leader bloody bat died beneath the Redcloud Sword.

This time, everyone saw it clearly. Although it was too dark to see anything, Jiang Chen's sword moved fast and steadily.

However, another leader bloody bat attacked Gao Chenyi's group while Jiang Chen was dealing with his. This one caught a guy in the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State.

"So monsters do have spiritual intelligence," Jiang Chen thought.

These leader bloody bats knew Jiang Chen could find them, so they attacked him first in the hopes that they could attack others successfully while he was occupied and had no time to warn people of the danger.

Gao Chenyi was almost paralyzed with fright. The guy who had died had been just next to him, but he was unable to do anything.

"Move! Go stay with Jiang Chen!"

Gao Chenyi didn't care whether Jiang Chen agreed or not and ran towards him. At that moment, that was the safest place in the pit.

And it reminded those of the Gang of Knife and Sword and the Isle of Sky as well. They all moved towards Jiang Chen and crowded around him.

Jiang Chen was surrounded. Standing in the center, he found it amusing and absurd.

"Fine. Follow my orders."

Jiang Chen released his holy awareness and saw each corner of the pit clearly. He saw the sharp claws and fangs of the three leader bloody bats left. They were hanging upside down just over their heads.


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