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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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91 Bloody Ba

Jiang Chen and Wen Xin were shocked by the fact that Gao Chenyi knew their names and identities so well, but then they were even more shocked by his last comment.

Deep-rooted bad habits?

Jiang Chen squinted and started to ponder upon these words.

It sounded like Gao Chenyi was a real noble person, while Jiang Chen was only an average man who had good luck and was absolutely no match for him. Gao Chenyi thought this way.

If one wanted to make it onto the Prince List, besides an excellent appearance and temperament, his background was also very important. He had to be from an extremely powerful family in the Fire Field.

The Gaos were one of those families.

It was a powerful family with a long history. They had been living in the Fire Field for hundreds of years.

That was where Gao Chenyi's arrogance came from. He thought his blue blood was better than others'. In his eyes, Jiang Chen's social status was even lower than common people.

"Only people in the Mental Wander State can gain holy awareness, but some people in the Gathering Yuan State can also achieve it if they have a strong mentality."

He stopped here for a while and glanced at Chu Luo. Then he said, "Like Miss Chu and me."

"So what? Do you think you two are the only two Gathering Yuan States who are able to gain holy awareness?" Jiang Chen sneered.

Gao Chenyi showed his disdain at Jiang Chen's mocking. He said, "However, the holy awareness of a Gathering Yuan State isn't as powerful as that of a Mental Wander State. Its ability is limited. It's dark in the pit and we've been turning around many corners. You are surely unable to draw the route map simply by relying on your own holy awareness."

He was implying that Jiang Chen had drawn the map by taking advantage of Chu Luo's marks. However, his analysis did make some sense.

"That's right! Otherwise we wouldn't have to leave any marks!" Chu Luo realized and shouted.

"All in all, it's only a map." Deagle didn't understand why they were taking it so seriously.

However, judging from Gao Chenyi and Chu Luo's attitudes, it seemed like they wouldn't stop until Jiang Chen handed his map over to them.

"That's amusing. I didn't expect someone on the Prince List to make such absurd comments. Is there any difference between you and Chu Luo? How can you prove I can't draw the route map with my own holy awareness?" Jiang Chen didn't panic at all. He was refuting their arguments calmly.

Gao Chenyi sneered and said, "You can only draw the map with your holy awareness if you have a scripture equivalent to sky-level methods."

He stopped there, but his smile had turned into laugh. What he was implying was obvious.

You can't have such high-class things.

Gao Chenyi's words sounded harsh, but they made sense. Paired with his reputation, many people bought his argument.

"Do you have any proof?" Wen Xin said.

"Do I need proof? Fine. I'll give him a chance to prove the power of his holy awareness," Chu Luo said.

"What's this? You are accusing a person without any evidence. What's more, you're requiring the accused person to show you the evidence of his innocence? Where'd you get that authority? From the Prince List and the Beauty List?" Meng Hao couldn't restrain his anger anymore. He had thought highly of the two lists, but he was disappointed to find Gao Chenyi and Chu Luo, who was ranked in the Beauty List, not as great as he had imagined.

But this also had something to do with his standpoint. He was with Jiang Chen, but others who weren't didn't feel the same.

They thought Jiang Chen had a guilty conscience, since he kept his silence.

"He's only in the Gathering Yuan State. It's impossible for him to have such powerful holy awareness. He must have referred to the others' marks."

"Certainly. Even disciples of the Isle of Sky have to rely on marks. Of course he has to as well."

"What can you expect from a guy coming from a barren place?"

"…" Gao Chenyi didn't say anything, but kept smiling. His look made people uncomfortable, as if he were looking down on an insignificant ant.

"He who has a mind to beat his dog will easily find a stick. I won't give you the map," Jiang Chen said.

"You're really tough, huh?" Chu Luo was unsatisfied with Jiang Chen's reaction. In her opinion, Jiang Chen should have admitted to his mistake and cooperated with them.

"Miss Chu, take it easy. It's only a map. He can keep it if he insists. Don't let this guy make your blood boil. And you certainly won't want to delay our schedule because of him," Gao Chenyi said.

Chu Luo was persuaded. She gave Jiang Chen another discontent look.

Then all of a sudden, she burst into smiles and turned to Gao Chenyi. She stroked her hair coquettishly and said, "Thank you for your help, Young Master Gao. People on the Prince List are indeed different from those nobodies."

"My pleasure." Gao Chenyi shrugged his shoulders and walked back with her.

Jiang Chen managed to keep the map. But he had left a bad impression on others after this episode.

Of course. Gao Chenyi was ranked eighth on the Prince List, and Chu Luo was ranked sixth on the Beauty List.

Who would believe Jiang Chen?

"You should have given it to her in the first place." Even Deagle complained about it. Jiang Chen was with him. Of course his group would be affected.

Dorchid had been overlooking Jiang Chen. As an attendant, he didn't deserve any attention. But since she learned his real identity, she sensed there was something unusual.

"Brother, if you like that woman, I'm fine with it. It's not my business. But we have to get rid of this guy," Dorchid said.

Deagle thought the same. He didn't feel very comfortable after hearing Jiang Chen was Wen Xin's apprentice brother.

But he knew if he really asked Jiang Chen to leave, Wen Xin would leave as well.

"You two, stay at the back." Deagle frowned and waved his hand impatiently.

So, Jiang Chen and Meng Hao trailed behind the four groups.

"Jiang Chen, don't worry about it. Gao Chenyi was only trying to impress Chu Luo. They really are a match."

"I'm not that fragile." Jiang Chen smiled. He recalled his days in the Scared Zone. Before he was called the First Young Master, he had been taunted for a long time because of his exhausted pulse. He had been used to it.

What Gao Chenyi and Chu Luo had said were only childish words to him.

As for the opinions of those who weren't involved, it was less of a problem for him.

Suddenly, they heard some rustling noises coming from the front and around the team. Numerous wings were fluttering in the air.

"These are bloody bats living underground. Don't panic. Let's fight against them together!" A voice came from the front of the team. He was from the Gang of Knife and Sword. They were familiar with pits.

The mine of the Vermillion Bird City was a giant underground world. It contained countless secrets. Bloody bats, which belonged to darkness, also lived there.

They were the biggest enemies to those who came for the treasure.

However, the four groups were all powerful. All of them were in the Gathering Yuan State. Bloody bats were not really their concern.

Many of them thought they had run into those bats incidentally. The bats were behaving like this because they were shocked by the humans' unexpected visit. They would fly over them and leave soon.

But Jiang Chen sensed something unusual from those bloody bats—danger.


Then they heard a scream. Everyone was shocked. It was more complicated than they had thought.

"This is bad! There's a leader bat among them!"


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