The Brilliant Fighting Master
89 Ranked Eighth in the Prince Lis
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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89 Ranked Eighth in the Prince Lis

The news about the mine had been spread widely throughout the Vermillion Bird City.

Eight people had been looking for treasure in the mine. Suddenly the mine started to shake. The eight people became panicked and escaped. However, the ground beneath them suddenly collapsed.

The eight fell down and fainted. When they woke up, they saw a passage that had been previously unknown to people.

They decided to follow the passage after discussion, and they came out with fruitful results. Someone had even found a class-six spiritual weapon.

It shocked the whole city. According to those eight, they were too afraid to go to the end of the passage and fled before arriving there.

This was to say, there could be many more treasures down there.

"So why didn't you take any action? Aren't you afraid others will go ahead of you?" Wen Xin didn't buy the story completely, so she questioned Deagle.

Deagle smiled and said, "Princess, it's not that simple. No one knows the exact location of the passage. Those eight explored the way separately. It took them days to walk inside the mine. And only four of them finally made it out. The other four could have died inside."

"So those four could be our maps."

"One of them is from the Grand Qi State. He told me about the news. Wu Fan, show your spiritual weapon to the princess."

A youngster around twenty-five years old walked out of the group of people behind Deagle. He observed the surroundings carefully first, before taking out a weapon.

It was a dagger!

Its length was between a small knife and a small sword. The tip of the blade was triangular. Its periphery was as black as ink, while the center was red, carved with a complicated pattern.

Jiang Chen sensed a dangerous air from the dagger.

Since its radiance was black, Jiang Chen couldn't capture the feeling precisely, but he vaguely sensed this dagger could cut anything easily.

The youngster was afraid that others would see it, so he hurried to take it back.


Jiang Chen laid his eyes on the youngster. There was something in the middle of his forehead, but he turned around quickly and went back to the group.

"What do you think, princess? Do you want to explore the treasures with me?" Deagle smiled proudly, expecting Wen Xin's reply.

"Brother, don't let her take advantage of you." Dorchid wasn't happy about this. She didn't like Wen Xin, because Wen Xin had refused her brother's proposal and humiliated the Grand Qi State.

Although it was because Deagle's proposal had been too abrupt, Dorchid couldn't blame her brother, so she had to blame Wen Xin.

"It certainly will be dangerous. I won't take advantage of your brother and sacrifice nothing. Of course I'll help," Wen Xin glanced at Dorchid and said calmly.

This would truly be a adventure for them to practice!

It was now or never.

"These are my subordinates. They'll come along with us," Wen Xin said, pointing to Jiang Chen and Meng Hao.

If she said they were her sibling disciples, Deagle might not agree to take them, but if she claimed they were her subordinates, Deagle surely wouldn't oppose.

Jiang Chen and Meng Hao understood Wen Xin's intention, so they changed their expressions and behaviors, pretending to be her loyal attendants.

Deagle and Dorchid glanced at Jiang Chen and Meng Hao, showing no interest in them.

"Sure thing," Deagle agreed quickly, but before he said yes, he confirmed Jiang Chen's state. That was the only reason why he agreed.

"Shall we go now?" Dorchid couldn't stop her brother, so she had to accept it as well.


Wen Xin was surprised. She had just arrived in the Vermillion Bird City. They hadn't found a place to stay yet, and they were already going to explore treasures. It seemed too sudden and fast.

"Yes. We won't act alone. The other three people were approached by other groups. After discussion, we decided to start together. In this way, with the four people together, the map will be more accurate," Dorchid said very quickly. She looked very impatient.

"All right." Wen Xin rolled her eyes. If this was a conspiracy against her, she had to say it wasn't smart enough, because she could lay bare this lie by simply asking around.

So they started with Deagle's group. Along the way, they heard people talking about the mine.

The four groups would gather outside the city, so they could basically be sure that Deagle wasn't cheating them.

However, Jiang Chen was still frowning and glanced at Wu Fan from time to time.

"Anything wrong?" Meng Hao noticed his expression and asked.

"Yep, there is something not quite right, but I can't say what that is," Jiang Chen said.

Then they saw the other three teams, all led by celebrities of the Fire Field.

"Look. That's Gao Chenyi, ranked eighth on the Prince List!"

Even Wen Xin was a little excited. She pointed to the group with the most people.

Jiang Chen looked over. He could instantly tell which one Gao Chenyi was, even without Wen Xin's introduction.

One must have an extraordinary appearance and temperament if he was ranked on the Prince List.

He was in luxurious dark blue outerwear, with a tiger print white leather belt tied around his waist. He was tall and looked bright and brave.

His piercing eyes could seemingly gain an insight into any secret in the world.

There were quite a few handsome men in his group, but none as brilliant as him.

Jiang Chen laid his eyes on Gao Chenyi's wrist. He was wearing a jade green bracelet. It was a spiritual weapon that could save his life.

However, he was only wearing luxurious outerwear, in contrast to those wearing protective clothing or even armor.

As a result, it looked to Jiang Chen like he was paying too much attention to his appearance.

But judging from others' expressions, Jiang Chen knew he was the only one seeing Gao Chenyi that way. The others only thought him handsome and brave. Many women couldn't look away from him.

The other two groups were a gang and disciples of the Isle of Sky.

The Isle of Sky was also one of the top ten sects and schools in the Fire Field.

It was no worse than the Natural Law School. In fact, it was difficult to compare between the top ten sects and schools, since they were each good at different things.

It was worth mentioning that the Isle of Sky was an isle floating in the sky, as its name said.

Gao Chenyi was ranked eighth on the Prince List, so he must be frank and honest. He could be trusted.

The Isle of Sky didn't have any problems with the Natural Law School, so they wouldn't cause any troubles, either. But the gang made Wen Xin and Meng Hao worried.

It was called the Gang of Knife and Sword, a gang founded in the Vermillion Bird City. They certainly were not kind people.

It was true. The group was formed by fierce, big men.

Jiang Chen noticed that no one was in the Mental Wander State among the four groups.

This was unusual. Although the Vermillion Bird City was a popular place for people in the Gathering Yuan State to go on adventures, the city was divided by several forces. Without the support of people in the Mental Wander State, it would be difficult to survive there.

This meant only one thing—those in the Mental Wander State were hiding in the dark.

The four groups were not stupid. They knew there certainly would be battles among them during the exploration.

"Fine. We have everyone here. Let's go!" Gao Chenyi shouted. The four groups left for the mine.


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