The Brilliant Fighting Master
88 The Grand Qi State
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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88 The Grand Qi State

"Get away!" Wen Xin glanced at those clowns and said bluntly.

"You've really got a temper!"

"I like girls like this. The temper makes them hot."

These people were wily. Not only were they not angry, but they were grinning cheekily.

Wen Xin showed her disciple token of the Natural Law School to them.

The guys were struck dumb instantly. The laughs on their faces faded, and they started to show respect.

"Miss, we didn't know you were…" the man who started the teasing apologized to her first.

"Enough. Get away!"

Wen Xin wouldn't listen to him. She walked straight ahead, with Jiang Chen and Meng Hao following behind.

"Although we're out of the Xia Dynasty, the Natural Law School is still influential," Jiang Chen said.

The three of them went through the long gate and entered the Vermillion Bird City.

This ancient city was more modern than they'd imagined. The streets were full of pedestrians. All the shops were open.

It was different in that everyone on the streets was armed. Some of them were even in armor. The shops were not selling groceries, but precious resources for practicing.

Many of these things were rarely seen, even in the Xia Dynasty.

"The Vermillion Bird City is a trading city. It's a preferred choice for businessmen everywhere, since no tax is levied here," Wen Xin said.

"No tax means no order. You have to rely on yourself to stay safe," Jiang Chen said.

"Exactly. This ancient city isn't owned by anyone. The owners of those shops in the downtown area got them by killing."

At this moment, the three of them smelled blood. The odor came from a shop nearby.

They walked into the shop and found there were all kinds of glass jars in it, all with blood inside.

"It's monster blood!"

Monster blood literally meant the blood of monsters.

Monsters were different from beasts of prey. Although they were both beasts, monsters were far more dangerous, since they were able to practice and be enlightened.

For the same reason, monsters were valued more than beasts of prey. This monster blood was, in fact, an important resource for practicing.

Some great groups would spread monster blood all over their kids' bodies when they were still very young so that both their health and their meridians could be strengthened.

And taking essence blood would bring more benefits.

This was one of the reasons why disciples from average families couldn't compete with those from great forces.

Practice required a lot of resources.

The monster blood in this shop was all too expensive for Meng Hao. His family would only buy monster blood for lineal disciples when they were five years old.

High-class monster blood was even a luxury for princesses like Wen Xin.

There were monsters in the Hundred Thousand Mountains as well, though no one dared to get close to them. The primitive tribes even regarded them as deities.

It was not surprising that Jiang Chen had never seen monster blood.

But it was not only monster blood. In fact, Jiang Chen hadn't consumed many resources since he had started to practice.

Because he had Scripture of Spirit Nurturing and sky-level methods…

Although the monster blood was beneficial, it was not as great as the Scripture of Spirit Nurturing.

That was why methods were so important. They were the essence of a master's wisdom and experiences, but this didn't mean Jiang Chen would never need those resources; it just meant his practicing conditions were already as good as others'.

However, some disciples from great forces were practicing sky-level methods as well as enjoying infinite resources.

It was a pity that contributions couldn't be exchanged for rose gold coins. Jiang Chen would be penniless again if he left the Natural Law School.

"Let's hunt monsters. That way we can get their blood and gain experience in combat exercises. An opportunity to kill two birds with one stone," Meng Hao said.

He had advanced a lot at the Redcloud Peak. Besides, he needed some money to send to his family.

"If I were in the Mental Wander State, I would be able to hunt a spirit-level monster, and its blood essence would be worth what my family could earn in ten years," Meng Hao thought to himself.

That was why everyone wanted to become strong. The strong's high status came from the great profits they easily made.

When their ancestors were still not so strong and threatened by monsters and wild animals, the biggest problem for them was surviving, while the strong could bring more beast meat to their tribes.

By the time that human beings dominated the Earth, the strong were still highly respected, but the current competition was between human beings.

"Let's go." Jiang Chen nodded. He had only fought with beasts of prey, and had never fought a monster before.

"Great. Let's buy a map, then make some preparations." Wen Xin agreed as well.

The three walked out of the shop and went back to the street. A group of people came towards them.

"Princess Wen Xin? Long time no see!" someone recognized Wen Xin. A youngster came up to her warmly and was about to embrace her.

Wen Xin frowned upon the youngster's manner of greeting. When she recognized who it was, she said, "Deagle, I told you before. This custom of your country will kill you sooner or later."

Not until then did Jiang Chen notice Deagle's way of dressing. His outerwear didn't have a collar. Along with his soft armour, he looked ridiculous. Above all, he had his long hair braided, each braid's end secured by a golden ring.

He was handsome, but with his thick beard and thick eyebrows, he looked pretty wild.

"This is how people from the Grand Qi State greet our friends," Deagle's arms were still hanging in the air, but he didn't look embarrassed.

He said, "We haven't seen each other for almost two years. How are you, princess?"

"I am all right. Good bye," Wen Xin said coldly.

Deagle was a prince of the Grand Qi State. He had seen Wen Xin once at a state banquet of the Xia Dynasty.

Deagle had fallen in love with Wen Xin at first sight. He had even proposed.

But fortunately, the Grand Qi State wasn't strong enough to marry a princess of the Xia Dynasty, so he was turned down.

However, Deagle didn't give up. He didn't stop pursuing Wen Xin until he returned to his country.

Wen Xin hadn't expected to meet him again there, which was bad luck.

Deagle, of course, wouldn't let this rare chance slip away. He said, "Princess, we haven't met for a long time. You won't leave in such a hurry, will you?"

Wen Xin didn't reply. A discontented voice appeared behind him, "Brother, why are you being so persistent if she doesn't show you any respect? You're a prince, while she is only the daughter of a duke!"

The girl who spoke had an exotic appearance, slim, almost as tall as Jiang Chen. She had a dark skin color, which looked very healthy, arched eyebrows and almond eyes. Her rosy lips looked like fresh cherries. She was pretty.

Most importantly, she had a well-shaped figure. A very attractive girl.

"Cut it, Dorchid."

Deagle stared at his sister and looked over to Wen Xin. Then he said something interesting.

"A few days ago, a landslide happened in the mine outside the Vermillion Bird City. A passage appeared underneath the ground. It's said that this passage leads to a relic. Princess, would you like to take a look?"


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