The Brilliant Fighting Master
87 Hunting Lodges
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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87 Hunting Lodges

The people of the Jiang Mansion had never seen Gao Yue like this. They were all struck dumb, speechless.

"Lady Gao!"

At that moment, five elders of the Natural Law School showed up out of nowhere and came to the east courtyard in a hurry.

"Lady Gao, Li Qin lost her head because of her brother's death. Please don't kill her!" an elder said.

Li Qin was a key disciple. The Natural Law School had spent numerous resources on her. Of course these elders didn't want her to die.

"My son is in the Natural Law School and you are the elders there. Don't you find yourselves hypocritical?" Gao Yue said in a cold voice.

Li Qin was not far away from death. She would die soon if she didn't receive any treatment, but the Natural Law School surely knew how to cure her.

The five elders looked at each other. They were surprised that Gao Yue had spoken in such a direct way. They knew they were in the wrong, so they had no reason to get irritated.

"Lady, don't worry. We'll save Li Qin's life, but we'll also report her crimes to the school. She'll be punished accordingly."

An elder fed Li Qin a panacea while speaking.

Before leaving, the elders looked at the flaming lotus on Gao Yue's forehead, as if they were pondering over something.

Suddenly an elder recalled something. He immediately turned pale and started quivering. He looked at Gao Yue with fear.

"Goodbye." That elder almost ran away, afraid Gao Yue would say something unexpected.

The other four elders were puzzled and didn't understand why.

The five elders had come here to protect the Jiang Mansion, but in the end, they had saved the intruder, only because she was a key disciple.

Outside the main hall of the east courtyard, the servants and the guards didn't dare walk up to Gao Yue when facing her changed appearance.

It had never occurred to them Gao Yue could be so powerful.

At the same time, they were confused.

Why hadn't she ever attempted to save her husband from the Black Dragon City?

She hadn't fought back either when the three forces were besieging the Southwind Ridge. Instead, she had hid in the rear hall with the other ladies.

The Southwind Ridge could have disappeared that day if Jiang Chen hadn't showed up in time.

It didn't take them long to realize why.

Gao Yue's stunning appearance was fading. Her hair turned gray little by little.

Her skin was aging at a rapid speed. The moisture on her face was gone, numerous wrinkles crawling onto it.

She couldn't even stand straight, hunching her back.

A beauty in her thirties suddenly became twenty years older.

It was due to the poison in her system.

That was why the death warrant flower was regarded as the most terrifying poison.

No matter how powerful one is, once they exerted their power, their lifespan would be shortened. Powerful people could die from depression in this way.

Gao Yue had paid a severe price to beat Li Qin in a second.

That was also why she couldn't save her husband. The Black Dragon City didn't even have to send anyone in the Reaching Heaven State, since a few guys in the Mental Wander State would have been enough to kill her.

I don't think… I can live until my son gets married and has his son. Brother Qingyu, I miss you a lot.

Gao Yue felt extremely fatigued. She wobbled about and finally fell onto the ground, losing consciousness.

"Lady!" The servants and guards panicked. They rushed to Gao Yue as quickly as they could.

At the same time, Jiang Chen was chitchatting with Meng Hao and Wen Xin on his airship on a sunny day.

Then Jiang Chen turned pale abruptly and felt a sudden palpitation.

He ran to the side of the ship to look towards where the Hundred Thousand Mountains was located, regardless of the other two's puzzled faces.

"Did something happen to Mom?"

Then he looked in the direction where the Black Dragon City was located. "Or Dad?"

Jiang Chen recalled how he had felt the last time he heard a rumor about his father spread by the Black Dragon City. He wouldn't like to experience it again.

I have to achieve the Mental Wander State as soon as possible! This idea occurred to him again.

The airship had left the territory of the Xia Dynasty. Villages and cities could barely be seen below. Only rivers and mountains or vast plains were visible.

Three days later, after flying over a mountain, Jiang Chen finally saw a big city in the distance.

"Here we are."

Wen Xin observed the terrain and said, "Let's hide the airship here. Don't drive it into the city."

"Why is that?" Meng Hao asked curiously.

"The Vermilion Bird City is in chaos. There are no orders at all. We don't have the company of anyone in the Mental Wander State. If we drive the airship in there, we'll be lambs amongst wolves," Wen Xin said.

"But you two are disciples of the Natural Law School. No one should dare provoke you."

Wen Xin sneered, "Some people only kill disciples of the top ten sects and schools. Besides, Jiang Chen wouldn't like us to expose our identities."

Meng Hao looked over to Jiang Chen. He had already taken off the uniform of the Natural Law School and changed into a neat black outfit, carrying a long knife at his waist.


Meng Hao didn't argue. The three of them hid the airship and walked towards the city.

"Besides the legend of the treasure, what else does the Vermilion Bird City have to attract so many people to go on adventures here?" Jiang Chen asked.

Wen Xin, who had made the proposal, didn't hesitate to answer him. She said, "The mountain we just flew over was where the citizens of the Vermilion Bird State went hunting. There are five hunting lodges in that mountain. But according to the ancient books of the Vermillion Bird State, there should be six. The sixth has never been found.

"Besides that, there are many monsters and beasts of prey in the mountain, which makes it suitable for life-and-death combat exercises.

"Not far away from the Vermillion Bird City, there's a giant mine underneath the ground. You can find rare minerals there, but you'll need a map to go down. Otherwise, you'll get lost."

Jiang Chen and Meng Hao were surprised that Wen Xin knew so much about this place.

"It's easy to be informed. Just ask around. You didn't know because you haven't come across anything regarding the place," Wen Xin said.

Jiang Chen was from the Hundred Thousand Mountains, while Meng Hao was from a small city nearby. They knew little about the world outside the Xia Dynasty.

"Shall we go into the mountains or look for treasure in the mine?" Meng Hao asked.

Wen Xin didn't speak. She looked over to Jiang Chen. He was the one who made the decision.

"Let's go into the Vermillion Bird City first."

The three of them had seen the city. The high city walls were built with hard bluestones. However, as time went by, there were numerous cracks on the surface of the wall and the stone had turned gray.

Despite this, they didn't look old or shabby. Instead, they created an atmosphere of primitive simplicity.

Some people were standing under the gate to charge entry to the city.

They were not soldiers, nor were they in any uniform. The only common feature they had was their untidy look.

Especially when they saw Wen Xin, they crowded around her with a strange laugh.

"Beauty, where are you from?"

They sized up Wen Xin's slim body in an indecent manner and didn't pay any attention to Jiang Chen or Meng Hao.


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