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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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86 Gao Yue

There were thousands of disciples in the Natural Law School. It was difficult for the school to guarantee the safety of all its disciples' families.

In fact, there had been accidents before, in which some disciples' families had been attacked.

After the occurrence of those accidents, the Natural Law School had figured out some perfect solutions. They found the attackers and harshly killed them.

In this way, they deterred people of the Fire Field from committing such crimes.

But of course, this wasn't the only way to realize the protection.

The Natural Law School also provided a spiritual spell for each disciple's family. When any catastrophe happened, the elders of the school would show up in time if the spiritual spell was destroyed.

This was how they protected average disciples. As for those promising disciples, the Natural Law School would attach more importance to their family's protection.

They would deploy spiritual tactical formations in those disciples' houses.

These formations didn't aim to kill enemies or defend against their attacks, but they were able to sense the fluctuation of the spirits of the universe and immediately detect the intrusion of anyone in the Mental Wander State.

If the intruder in the Mental Wander State started to attack, the spiritual formation would teleport the school's elders right away.

No one dared take reckless actions under such protections.

Jiang Chen, I want you to feel my pain!

Li Qin showed up in the Hundred Thousand Mountains. She was going insane due to her brother's death.

She recalled her childhood, when her brother was the only one she could rely on, and vice versa. They had been extremely close to each other.

However, Jiang Chen had taken her brother's life ruthlessly and made her world collapse.

When it came to what Li Song had done, she didn't think anything was wrong.

That was her, who thought the whole world owed her something and didn't understand her.

I loved Li Song so much. Why did you kill him, Jiang Chen? Why weren't you the one who died? She was tormented by resentment.

She was approaching the Southwind Ridge. Her killing intent was getting stronger and stronger.

Jiang Chen didn't have any siblings. His father was imprisoned at the Black Dragon Pool. Only his mother was at home.

Jiang Chen, I want you to experience the same pain!

That was what Li Qin was planning. To kill Jiang Chen's mother!


Suddenly, Li Qin sensed something and stared at the Southwind Ridge in disbelief.

Why?! There are five spiritual formations around this small Southwind Ridge? And there are formations inside formations?

Li Qin was a key disciple. Of course she knew the school's protection measures.

The five spiritual formations shrouded the Southwind Ridge perfectly. Any attack from an intruder would bring five elders of the Natural Law School.

Jiang Chen isn't a key disciple. Why would he receive such treatment?

Li Qin didn't understand it. Then she recalled the formation of the Redcloud Peak. She thought to herself, "Could he really be the illegitimate son of Mo Xu?"

She hated that grand supreme elder, since he had stopped her master and her from attacking the Redcloud Peak.

But I won't be stopped.

If it were anyone else, they wouldn't have any solutions in such a situation.

But Li Qin was a key disciple. She knew spiritual formations well.

She held her breath and laid her streamer aside. Then she landed and walked into the Southwind Ridge on foot.

At the same time, she had her disciple token ready in her hand.

In this way, she wouldn't be noticed by the spiritual formations. She had found out this secret by accident.

The whole Southwind Ridge was under construction. Thanks to Jiang Chen, the Jiangs were developing like they had been a decade ago.

Li Qin saw puppets walking across the forest, carrying giant piles of wood on their shoulders.

Everyone was beaming.


Li Qin began to feel colder and colder. She went to the main mansion of the mountain town and told them she was a disciple of the Natural Law School. She claimed she had brought a message from Jiang Chen.

Jiang Wentian received her in person. He felt suspicious in the beginning, since Jiang Chen had always wrote to them and never sent any messengers.

However, he dispelled his doubts after seeing Li Qin's feather dress and disciple token.

"Lord Jiang, Jiang Chen has a message for his mother."

Li Qin perfectly concealed her killing intent and glanced at Jiang Wentian secretly. This was Jiang Chen's grandpa, but her hatred wouldn't be sated unless she killed his mother.

She only had one chance. She had to take it seriously.

"Oh, Gao Yue is in the east courtyard. I'll send someone to lead you there," Jiang Wentian said.

Li Qin was surprised when she saw Gao Yue in the courtyard. She had thought Jiang Chen's mother would be no more than another rude mountain woman, but Gao Yue was actually an elegant beauty. She looked stunning even with light make-up.

"Are you Jiang Chen's apprentice sister? Glad to see you. What's his message for me?"

Gao Yue was elated to know Jiang Chen had sent a messenger to her. She grinned until her teeth were showing.

Li Qin stopped disguising herself. She said very slowly, "Jiang Chen killed my brother!"

The air in the courtyard immediately thickened.


The Wind Move Guards rushed into the room from outside, their swords ready in hand.


Gao Yue waved her hand and shouted, "Stay outside. You, too, Cher."

"Lady!" Of course the maid and the guards were unwilling to follow this order.

"You aren't a match for her. Stay outside for now," Gao Yue said.

Her tone was gentle, but resolute enough to make people obey her. Cher and the guards stared at Li Qin, then walked out of the main hall reluctantly.

Li Qin didn't bother to stop them. Gao Yue was her only target.

"Do you want to kill me to take revenge?"

Gao Yue started to size up Li Qin again. The warmth and kindness she had held for Li Qin were gone. At that moment, her eyes were piercing.

Li Qin was surprised to see Gao Yue had stayed so calm. Besides, she was such an elegant lady. Li Qin couldn't help feeling jealous of Jiang Chen, for he had such a great mother.

The anger, jealousy, and hatred distorted Li Qin's pretty face.

"Exactly. He killed my brother!"

"Well, your brother must have deserved to die."

To her surprise, Gao Yue ignored her emotions completely and said coldly, "I know my son well. If he kills someone, the guy must have provoked him first."

Gao Yue was affirmative, even without asking about the details, regardless of whether it was right and wrong.

Li Qin had behaved in the same manner regarding her brother's death.

By then, she understood how irritating such reaction was.

Because she was about to go crazy… She clenched her fingers tightly. Her joints emitted a brittle sound. She gnashed her teeth and said, "Go to hell!"

"I want to ask you one thing first. Did you do anything to my son?" Gao Yue asked, ignoring her aggressiveness.

"I'll kill him, for sure!"

The streamer was back in Li Qin's hand. She looked at Gao Yue as if she were looking at a dead person, "But before that, I'll kill you."

Due to the spiritual formations, this had to be a knockout.

"Demon Killer's Holy Wind!"

Gao Yue was only five yards away from her. She would definitely die from this attack.


Those who were staying outside the main hall heard a booming noise. The roof was pierced by a magnificent power.

At the same time, the door was broken as well. A figure flew out. She fell onto the ground, kept tumbling, and finally stopped over ten yards away when she hit the flower bed.

Those of the east courtyard hurried to run over. But as soon as they got close, they were dumbfounded to see the streamer on the ground.

To their surprise, it was Li Qin lying there.

Her bones were all broken and she kept spitting blood. She looked back to the door of the main hall reluctantly with her last gasp.

"Whoever wants to hurt my son will die!" Gao Yue walked out. Her hair and her long cuffs were fluttering in the breeze. She looked extraordinarily refined, but her pretty face seemed ice-cold.

A tiny red lotus showed up on her forehead, between the eyebrows.

Gao Yue was not an average woman anymore.

Even Elder An, Li Qin's master, wasn't a match for her.

"How… how…"

Li Qin closed her eyes desperately, having no idea what was happening.


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