The Brilliant Fighting Master
84 Compensation!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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84 Compensation!

What Li Qin had been facing was only the simple defensive function of the tactical formation. The real power could only be switched on by Jiang Chen.

Since it could cause many casualties, Jiang Chen didn't want to switch it on and hurt innocent bystanders.

But since Li Qin was going too far, he wouldn't be so civil to her either.

He switched on the grand formation completely. Endless fog sprang up among the whole peak, making the landscape hazy.

Li Qin was drowned in the fog. She had experienced the power of the formation, but anger had readied her mind for battle, so she kept attacking.

"Demon Killer's Holy Wind!"

Li Qin waved the streamer in her hand to call up a strong wind that was powerful enough to break everything. The wind was preparing to sweep everything into the air.

Those who were acquainted with Li Qin knew it was her unique movement. It was extremely powerful, and had even destroyed an entire mountain once.

However, the wind was devoured by the fog when it approached the Redcloud Peak.


Jiang Chen's cold voice came from the tactical formation, then a demon lord showed up from the fog. Its mountain-like body was formed by black flames. Its head was a ferocious skull. It was holding a sword in one hand and a knife in the other.

As soon as the demon lord showed up, the whole world felt an infinite pressure, especially Li Qin, who was the closest to the demon lord. No matter whether she was in the Mental Wander State or not, she was small and insignificant before the demon lord.

She was still waving her streamer, but the strong wind with huge destructive power was only a tickle for the demon lord.

And the demon lord raised its knife.


When Li Qin was already at death's doorstep, a golden light flew across the sky and landed beside her, with whose help she dodged the knife's attack.

"Elder An!"

The crowd immediately recognized who it was. She was Li Qin's master.

Although she wasn't a grand supreme elder, she wasn't so far away from it either. All in all, she was already in the Reaching Heaven State. With an age of more than fifty years, she still looked like a thirty-year-old woman.

"Remove the tactical formation!" Elder An rushed into the formation and shouted at Jiang Chen.

"Elder, you've arrived just in time! Is that a coincidence? Or, maybe, you turned a blind eye to her behavior, and didn't bother to interfere until her life was endangered? Now you want me to remove the formation? Isn't that absurd? This woman intruded on my Redcloud Peak. I must kill her!"

The crowd also heard Jiang Chen and witnessed his craziness.

He didn't even pay attention to an elder!

This Elder An was much more powerful than Li Qin.

"How dare you! Do you think your formation is unbeatable?" Elder An squinted at him. Her eyes were piercing.

"Master, I wanna kill him. I must kill him!" Li Qin shouted.

"You're her master. No wonder…"

After knowing her identity, he didn't hesitate to make an all-out attack.

Two more demon lords showed up from the formation, one with a bow, the other with a spear.

"Kill!" Jiang Chen gave another order.

A fight between a disciple of the Gathering Yuan State and an elder of the Reaching Heaven State had never happened before in the Natural Law School. No one would ever believe it.

Jiang Chen, of course, knew he wasn't able to kill the elder. His target was only Li Qin.

He wanted this woman to know that in this world, not only her brother's life was priceless.

The demon lord with the bow put three arrows onto his string and shot them. The arrows changed into three lights in the sky.

"Watch out!"

Elder An threw her palm out. The whole area was shaking. A palm from the Reaching Heaven State could split a river!

However, her palm only stopped two arrows. The third arrow was flying towards Li Qin.

Li Qin panicked. Fortunately, she had her streamer in hand and was able to dodge in time.

But the other two demon lords came toward her from both sides.

"Ah!" With a scream, Li Qin's body was pierced through by the giant sword. The demon lord raised the sword and her body up into the sky.

"No!" Elder An shouted when seeing this. She was ready to help, but the demon lord with the spear stopped her.

In this manner, everyone was watching the demon lord waving its giant knife, preparing to decapitate Li Qin.

"Enough, Jiang Chen."

Nevertheless, the Natural Law School wouldn't allow Jiang Chen to kill a key disciple. The elders showed up one by one, including some grand supreme elders.

One elder exerted some unknown power and brought Li Qin out of the range of the formation.

There was a hole in her chest. She was already at her last gasp, her face extremely pale.

The elder hurried to feed her a panacea and started to treat her.

Elder An left the formation by herself and went to her disciple's side immediately.

A formation able to protect from a person in the Reaching Heaven State was no doubt extremely powerful. But with Jiang Chen's current ability, he was unable to kill her.

"Everyone, this guy is as cruel as it gets. He intended to kill a sibling disciple in front of everyone and harm an elder. Follow me to crack his formation and catch him!"

After confirming Li Qin was already safe, Elder An looked over to the other elders. Her eyes were full of anger.

Most of the elders nodded.

"A grand formation? Could it stop so many elders?" Those of the Redcloud Peak were very worried.

When the elders were about to attack, a ruthless scolding voice appeared.

"You're swearing black is white! Your disciple intruded into others' territory. And you don't allow any counterblow? Let me tell you. In this case, you can't blame anyone, even if your disciple was killed. As for you, you should have taken her away after entering the formation, but you wanted to crack the formation? What? Do you think you can do anything you want just because you are an elder?"

Mo Xu!

He was the oddest grand supreme elder, the one who always went his own way. He didn't pay attention to anyone except the leader of the school.

He was on Jiang Chen's side and had made mincemeat of Elder An in a frank manner. The elders who were about to help her immediately gave up the idea.

Ding Bai, the leader of the Hall of Penal Law, had come along with Mo Xu.

"It will be the job of the Hall of Penal Law to judge whose responsibility it is. You don't get to call upon others to crack the formation for you," Mo Xu said.

Elder An was extremely pale, unable to refute.

"Leader Ding, please make a conclusion," an elder said.

Ding Bai braced himself to say, "Li Song died in a sky fight. Jiang Chen had nothing to do with his death. This is the rule. Li Qin intruded into another disciples' peak to do harm, which is a violation of the rules. But since she lost her head due to the loss of her brother, this time she will only receive a warning. She should in no way recommit the error again."

The leader of the Hall of Penal Law was trying to smooth things over. He didn't want to offend either side.

"Leader Ding, I have something to say," Jiang Chen suddenly said.


Jiang Chen walked out of the formation and said, "Elder An and her disciple intruded into my Redcloud Peak. I had to turn on the formation because of them, and it cost me almost a million yuan stones. I want compensation for this!"

He said this with sufficient reason. The crowd was all struck dumb.

This Jiang Chen had killed Li Qin's brother and nearly killed her with his tactical formation. And now he was asking for compensation for the cost of the formation…

It took people some time to think of the proper word to describe him—unpredictable.

"Eh…" Ding Bai looked over to Elder An, whose face was almost distorted. He wasn't sure what he should do.

"Can an elder do anything at will without paying the price?" Jiang Chen said.

"All right! I'll compensate you for your loss!" Elder An said reluctantly.

"Jiang Chen!" Li Qin suddenly shouted. "I will kill you for sure. No matter what kind of punishment I'll receive, I will kill you for sure! You'd better stay at the Redcloud Peak for your whole life!"

Then she flew towards where her brother's dead body was.

"Leader Ding, Li Qin has lost her head. No offence," Elder An hurried to say. It was unwise for Li Qin to speak like this before so many elders.

No one really believed Li Qin had lost her head. She meant it, but for the moment she was only saying it and wasn't really causing any harm, so no one could do anything about it.

"Go back, everyone! You guys are from the Peak of the Heavenly King? Why do I only see you when there's trouble?" Ding Bai looked over to the guys of the Peak of the Heavenly King and said in a disgruntled manner.

They were pale. This time they had totally lost the battle.

No one knew how angry Ning Haotian would become when he came back and heard all these things.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》