The Brilliant Fighting Master
83 The Grand Formation of the Crack of Doom
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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83 The Grand Formation of the Crack of Doom

Li Song fell straight down. He still had time to think, since he was falling from an extreme height, but for the same reason, it intensified the terror.

Li Song thought of the moment when he would hit the ground and started to regret volunteering to come.

"Save him!"

Tian Lian and some others were anxious to see him falling. Someone drove an airship towards Li Song, trying to catch him.

The ship arrived below him, but wasn't able to save him. His body pierced through the deck and the bottom of the ship directly and kept falling.

They had intended to save him, but killed him instead.

After such an intense crash, Li Song's bones were all broken. His flesh was muddy. When he finally fell onto the ground, his body was more liquid than solid.

Li Song died this way.

It was an unexpected result for those from the Peak of the Heavenly King. They looked at each other helplessly. All of their tricks had been exhausted.

Suddenly, someone left quietly.

Wen Xin came to herself from the shock and noticed that the man had been from the Peak of the Heavenly King. She realized that the guy could be unfavorable to Jiang Chen, so she hurried to wave at him, still in the sky.

She said to Jiang Chen after he landed, "That guy must have gone to inform Li Song's sister, Li Qin, of his death!"

Jiang Chen had heard of this name."Li Qin, number ten on the Talent List?" He said in a puzzled manner after seeing Wen Xin's nod, "If the opponent dies from falling in a sky fight, I shouldn't be held accountable, should I?"

"But her brother died. If she revenges him and kills you, even though the school punishes her severely, you'll already be dead!" Wen Xin said anxiously.

Jiang Chen tumbled to the realization and returned to the Redcloud Peak with Wen Xin.

"She is in the Mental Wander State. No one can stop her if she comes to deal with you. Inform the elders of an emergency! Hurry up!" Wen Xin said.

"That's unnecessary. The elders must have heard the news. They will come if they want to. If they don't want to, it won't work even if I ask for their help." Jiang Chen shook his head seriously, but there was no fear on his face.

Outside the Redcloud Peak, those from the Peak of the Heavenly King were still around. Although Li Song's death was a heavy blow for them, they weren't going to let Jiang Chen go.

They were plotting to kill him by another's hand!

As a key disciple and the tenth on the Talent List, Li Qin had a high status. Even if she killed Jiang Chen, who didn't have any background, in front of everybody, she would only receive a nominal punishment.

"Keep watching. Don't let those of the Redcloud Peak inform the elders," someone said.

The spectators became excited when they saw things were getting more severe. It didn't have anything to do with them. They only expected it to become more interesting.

Soon, Li Qin arrived.

Her arrival was a surprise for everyone. Without an airship, she flew over by herself. With a long, glowing blue tail behind her, she looked like a shooting star.

She slowed down as she was approaching the Redcloud Peak, so that people could see her face clearly.

Different from average senior disciples, she was wearing a glowing feather dress. She looked pure and clean. Her skin was fair and smooth. With her stunning beauty, she looked like a nymph.

She was holding a streamer in her hand, thanks to which she could fly.

"She really looks different. Her reputation is well-earned," people thought to themselves.

No one dared show any emotions, since Li Qin looked furious.

She landed before those of the Peak of the Heavenly King and said, "Where is my brother?!"

These people looked at each other and pointed to where Li Song had fallen.

Li Qin immediately flew over.

It was a small ditch. People were wondering whether she would be able to find his corpse.

However, Li Qin found her brother's dead body in a short while with the help of her holy awareness. She shouted in anger upon seeing the appalling scene.

Tian Lan and her companions were gloating silently. They thought Jiang Chen would definitely die in Li Qin's hands.

Li Qin didn't belong to the Peak of the Heavenly King. She was powerful by herself.

Li Qin and Li Song were both orphans. They had grown up together and relied on each other. The two were deeply connected.

Who would be able to stop this furious key disciple?

Li Qin soon flew back. Her face was even longer than before.

"Who did that?!" she stared at those of the Peak of the Heavenly King and asked in a stainless-steel voice.

She knew her brother had been hanging out with the wrong crowd, but she hadn't bothered to meddle in it, since she hadn't thought things would go that wrong.

Tian Lan and her companions gave her an explicit answer. They pointed to Jiang Chen.

The spectators also looked over, either sympathetic or gloating.

Wen Xin and Meng Hao turned pale. They both knew how powerful a key disciple of the Talent List was.

Jiang Feng and the others also immediately knew Li Qin was a tough woman when seeing her ability to fly.

At that moment, Jiang Chen flew to where Li Qin was by airship.

"Did you kill my brother?" Li Qin looked at him.

"He died from the fall. He intended to make me fall to my death, but in the end killed himself. It happened during the sky fight. Everyone here can testify for me," Jiang Chen said.

The crowd thought Jiang Chen was an idiot. How could he try to reason with Li Qin at such a crucial moment?

"Great. I'll kill you." Of course Li Qin hadn't listened to him.

"Let me sort this out. Do you mean only I should have died in the sky fight provoked by your brother, who intended to kill me?" Jiang Chen didn't beg for her mercy. Instead, he flew into a rage as well.

Is he a fool, or what?!

The same idea occurred to everyone on the spot.

"Bastard, how could you mention yourself and my brother in the same breath?!" Li Qin said coldly.

"So you're determined to kill me? By abusing your power as the tenth on the Talent List? Key disciple! How arrogant! Come! I'm right here!" Jiang Chen shouted loudly.

Wen Xin and Meng Hao were struck dumb. They thought Jiang Chen must have some wonderful plan. They were surprised to see him behaving in such a straightforward and aggressive way.

His opponent was in the Mental Wander State!

"Go to hell!" Li Qin was about to lose her head. Of course she wouldn't put up with his challenge. She dashed towards Jiang Chen immediately.

A guy in the Gathering Yuan State was absolutely unable to take an attack from someone in the Mental Wander State.

However, Jiang Chen stood up and shouted without any fear, "Kill me if you can!"

At the same time, everyone heard a long chime coming from below the Redcloud Peak, as if an ancient monster were waking up.

Li Qin suddenly slowed down after entering the range of the Redcloud Peak, as if she were stuck in a formless swirl and couldn't get out of it.

"Your brother deserved more than death! Get away! Otherwise you'll be reunited with your brother in the lower world! You intruded on my Redcloud Peak to make violence without authorization. Even though you're a key disciple, I have every right to kill you!"

Jiang Chen was full of confidence. It didn't look like a fight between a Gathering Yuan State and a Mental Wander State at all.

His words surprised everyone at the spot. The most incredible thing was it seemed that Li Xin had really been warded off. Even though Jiang Chen was only mere yards away, she was unable to reach him.

"Give my brother back to me!" Li Qin gnashed her teeth and looked fierce. She was making an all-out effort.

"You can't tell good from bad, can you? Do you think I don't dare to kill you? Fine, as you wish!"

Jiang Chen wasn't a devotee to the Buddha. If someone wanted to harm him, no matter how beautiful they were, that someone had to pay the price.

"The Grand Formation of the Crack of Doom! All out!"

Not long ago, Jiang Chen had purchased a great amount of gear worth millions of contributions. Among his purchases were tactic pennants, yuan stones, and other necessities for tactical formations. He had finished the deployment of the tactical formation after coming back from the Transdragon Pool.

"Who dares intrude on my Redcloud Peak?!"


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