The Brilliant Fighting Master
82 The Best Fist Technique
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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82 The Best Fist Technique

"Wen Xin, you've made a big mistake by choosing Jiang Chen. Yesterday on the Peak of the Heavenly King, do you know how many people were discussing how to sanction him?"

Tian Lan stopped for a while to observe Wen Xin's expression, then said suddenly, "Let me tell you. There were five disciples in the Mental Wander State among them!"

"Mental Wander State? Disciples in the Mental Wander State are also Ning Haotian's supporters?" Wen Xin was surprised. Disciples in the Mental Wander State had a high status in the Natural Law School. It was astonishing that they were willing to be the followers of others.

"Naturally. Once Ning Haotian becomes the leader, those guys will become grand supreme elders," Tian Lan said proudly.

Wen Xin was upset. She said, "Why didn't they come to deal with Jiang Chen?"

"Are you kidding? It's unnecessary for them to take personal actions to deal with someone in the Gathering Yuan State. It would be a joke if they did so. Li Song is enough to beat him." Tian Lan burst into laughter at Wen Xin's ignorance.

Wen Xin didn't know how to answer. She looked up at Jiang Chen, worried.

"Have you fallen for that guy? That would be a stupid move!" Tian Lan shouted in an exaggerated manner when she saw Wen Xin's pale complexion, as if she had realized something big.

"There's friendship besides romance," Wen Xin replied in a cold voice.

Tian Lan smiled and said, "But you'll lose him soon. Do you know why the Peak of the Heavenly King sent Li Song here? Because he is the strongest person among those in the Gathering Yuan State. Besides, he's also the strongest in sky fights."

"Are you going to kill him?" Wen Xin raised her eyebrows when she sensed the killing intent in Tian Lan's words.

Tian Lan didn't speak. The disdain on her face answered Wen Xin's question.

But suddenly, Wen Xin's seriousness disappeared and she burst into smiles, as if the whole conversation had never happened.

"Why are you smiling?" Tian Lan shouted.

"Thank you for your information, my good sister," Wen Xin said.

Tian Lan was dumbfounded. She said in anger, "What can you do with this information? Jiang Chen will die. That's for sure."

"You're wrong. Jiang Chen killed Zhang Shichao at the trial ground by himself, neither by poison nor by tricks. He was in the peak of the preliminary stage then."

Wen Xin grinned and went on, "Now Jiang Chen is in the beginning of the late stage. Do you still think Li Song is going to win?"


It had never occurred to Tian Lan that Jiang Chen could have enhanced his state at such a fast speed in such a short time.

Forty airships were arranged in four rows. Jiang Chen and Li Song were standing on two different ships, face to face.

Sky fights were for the brave.

A strong wind was blowing in the high altitude.

If they weren't careful, one could fall and have his body smashed into pieces.

There were gaps between the airships, so they couldn't behave in the same way as they were on the ground. They had to be more careful.

Those who weren't mentally strong enough would be paralyzed by the height.

Li Song had experienced several sky fights and had won each of them. That was where his confidence came from. He thought this would be a battle where he could take advantage of his strong points.

"Jiang Chen, you'll kneel down to beg for my mercy soon!" Li Song said.

"You think so?" Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and didn't think it was a big deal.

Li Song was irritated by his gesture, but he didn't rush, since he wanted to enjoy the fight slowly and thoroughly.

When Apprentice Brother Ning returns and learns I've eradicated the thorn in his side, he will definitely award the Deity Elixir to me. Then I will be able to break through to the Mental Wander State!

That was why he had been trying so hard to have this fight in the meeting held on the Peak of the Heavenly King the day before.

"I'll show you the power of the best fist technique of the Natural Law School."

Li Song raised both of his arms. A transparent ball of air appeared between his palms, twining around his fingers. Containing huge amounts of power, it emitted the sounds of wind and thunder.

With Li Song as the center, the cyclone was getting stronger and stronger. He lifted up a tall air current with both of his arms.

"Fist of Wind and Thunder!"

He jumped up from a high altitude and threw his palms down from above. The attack was as powerful as a strike of lightning. The huge burst of energy bombarded the ship below him.

The airship that Jiang Chen was on couldn't bear such a big force. It burst apart from middle.

It was a cruel attack. Li Song's killing intent was obvious.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen had reacted in time and jumped onto the ship next to him.

Li Song landed on a ship that showed up below him just in time. It was a steady landing.

"The game is on!"

Li Song gave a sly laugh and threw another Fist of Wind and Thunder over. All of the airships around Jiang Chen were pushed away.

Soon, like a lonely canoe in a vast expanse of water, Jiang Chen was stranded, helpless.

Tian Lan eased up when she saw this scene. She looked over to Wen Xin and said, "Now do you understand why we've sent Li Song here? Even if Jiang Chen were a hundred times stronger, he would have no way to survive after falling from this height."

"Wouldn't he?" Wen Xin hadn't lost her confidence in Jiang Chen.

In the sky, Li Song attacked again before Jiang Chen could call the airship back.

This time, he drove the airship right towards Jiang Chen and was accumulating strength for the next attack at the same time.

Jiang Chen even had time to mock him when facing such a powerful attack.

"The so-called best fist technique is only a mix of secret methods and martial arts techniques. All in all, you haven't even mastered the fist point of the fist methods. I'm surprised you have the nerve to brag about yourself."

This was a sore subject for Li Song.

Jiang Chen had detected his strengths when he threw his fist over.

He had used a secret method that could change his genuine yuan to start the cyclone. This method and Tai Ji Wan worked in a similar way. At the same time, he had practiced a fist method that could work with this secret method.

It was a rare combination.

In most cases, secret methods didn't go with martial techniques so perfectly, unless some master had created a well-matched secret method and martial arts technique.

Otherwise, the ones practicing had to choose methods by themselves.

For instance, Jiang Chen had chosen Tai Ji Wan for his sword method, which wasn't a very smart choice, since Tai Ji Wan could improve any martial technique and wasn't specially created for sword methods.

"It's enough to kill you!"

Li Song, who claimed to have the best fist technique, was mocked by Jiang Chen for not having mastered the fist point. His shame turned to anger. The ball of air between his palms had reached its peak power, shrouding both of his arms.

"Demon Fist of Wind and Thunder!"

A demon lord showed up when he launched his attack.

A strong wind was whirling above Jiang Chen. The airships that were about to fly towards him were all broken. The one under his feet was motionless.

"Go to hell!"

Li Song put his hands together. Bang! The air ship started to crack, but Jiang Chen reacted at this moment.

He threw the Redcloud Sword toward Li Song. Then he jumped up with a class-three spiritual knife in his hand. It was Jiang Lu's new knife, which he had borrowed from her.

"The Lost Soul!"

Even deities and ghosts would turn pale upon seeing this attack.

The cyclone surrounding Jiang Chen disappeared. The terrible knife targeted Li Song directly.

"That's impossible!"

This was the first time Li Song had seen Jiang Chen's attack. He was surprised by its power and impact.

Li Song's airship was smashed into pieces, and he was blasted into the air.

Thanks to his experience, an idea came into his mind. He tried to use the controlling flag to find an airship to catch him, but to his surprise, Jiang Chen landed beside him, stepping on the Redcloud Sword. He grabbed the controlling flag from Li Song and kicked him away.

Li Song was struck dumb, but fortunately, he didn't fall down.

He found himself lying on the airship where Jiang Chen had been standing, while Jiang Chen had switched places and was on his ship.


However, this new situation wasn't any better. He had destroyed the ship and was about to crash.

"I told you, you didn't deserve a fight with me. You shouldn't have courted your death," Jiang Chen smiled.

"Don't… don't do that! Please! Call the ship here!" Both of the controlling flags were in Jiang Chen's hand. Li Song was already at the end of his rope.

Jiang Chen didn't reply. His eyes were filled with coldness.

"My sister won't excuse you if you kill me! She is in the Mental Wander State and is one of the top 100 of the Eternal Flame List! She is also on the Talent List!" Li Song started to threaten him.

"The thing is, would I have been the one to kill you? You destroyed your ship. You challenged me to have this sky fight."

What Jiang Chen said took away Li Song's hope.


The airship was too badly damaged. It couldn't keep on flying. At an extremely fast speed, it started to fall.

Li Song, feeling weightless, could do nothing but scream.


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