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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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81 Sky Figh

One day, Jiang Chen was practicing on the Redcloud Peak. He had enhanced his state again by achieving the beginning of the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State.

The whole process was easy and smooth for him. It had been less than one month since he came back from the Transdragon Pool and he had been advancing by leaps and bounds.

"I've taken full advantage of the Transdragon Pool. I won't be able to advance so fast from the late stage to the Mental Wander State," Jiang Chen thought with some pity.

With his age, state, and martial arts technique level, Jiang Chen was the best of the best, even among senior disciples.

However, as a disciple of the Natural Law School, as long as he hadn't achieved the Mental Wander State, he wouldn't be regarded as fully developed.

I should leave this place to experience some adventures and fulfill some tasks before attempting another breakthrough.

Jiang Chen was about to prepare for a trip after making up his mind, but suddenly he heard some shouts from outside.

"Jiang Chen, come and fight with us!"

The guy was shouting so loudly that it could be heard from every corner of the Redcloud Peak. Jiang Chen left the room and saw Meng Hao, Jiang Lu, and some others were gathering near the square. They were looking up at the sky.

A few airships were lined up with many people standing on them, like an army that was ready for attack. They'd put huge pressure on those of the Redcloud Peak.

They were led by a big, tall youngster. He looked pretty arrogant, sizing up the people below from high up.

"Good. Looks like you're not a coward! Come up and let's have a fight!" he said when he saw Jiang Chen shown up.

Jiang Chen looked at him as if he were an idiot. "You don't deserve a fight with me," he said when he had made sure he didn't know that guy,

"That's interesting! I am ranked number 451 on the Eternal Flame List, way ahead of you!" the youngster shouted in a cold voice.

Jiang Chen was amused by what he had said. He became one of the top 500 of the Eternal Flame List after killing Zhang Shichao.

But he was ashamed to tell people about it.

He was a proud person. It was humiliating for him to be ranked so low.

However, this guy was announcing his rank in such an arrogant way, which was beyond Jiang Chen's understanding.

Wen Xin came up to him and said, "His name is Li Song. He is from the Peak of the Heavenly King."

Li Song was a senior disciple as well, but he had abandoned his own peak and preferred to live as a dependent on the Peak of the Heavenly King.

At that time, he was there to teach Jiang Chen a lesson on behalf of Ning Haotian.

His state was the peak of the late stage. The fact that he was able to get onto the Eternal Flame List meant he was powerful enough, either skilled at martial arts techniques or having mastered some gorgeous secret methods.

Jiang Chen was intrigued when he learned they were from the Peak of the Heavenly King. He jumped onto the airship and was about to approach Li Song, but to his surprise, Wen Xin jumped on as well.

Jiang Chen was about to ask her why, but saw Wen Xin was looking at the disciples behind Li Song. Among them there was a girl, who was looking at Wen Xin as well.

Judging from the aggressiveness of their looks, Jiang Chen vaguely guessed there was something going on between those two.

When the airship ascended to a certain height, Jiang Chen realized the disciples on the other airships were only looking on and only those on Li Song's ship were ready to fight against him.

"You're here on behalf of Ning Haotian?" Jiang Chen said.

Li Song and the others were stunned. Then they flew into a rage one by one.

"How dare you say Apprentice Brother Ning's name directly!"

In these people's eyes, of course Jiang Chen wasn't a match for Ning Haotian.

One was like a dragon. The other was only a snake.

But it seemed Jiang Chen hadn't realized such an obvious fact, which offered them a good reason to beat him.

"In my opinion, you aren't good enough at all to rank in the top 500 of the Eternal Flame List. Who knows how you killed Zhang Shichao at the trial ground? By poison? By tricks? Anything is possible!"

Intending to make Jiang Chen realize the gap between him and Ning Haotian, Li Song said coldly, "Fight with me if you really have the guts."

"I accept. How do you want to do it?" Jiang Chen said.

Li Song had been goading Jiang Chen into fighting with him. He hadn't expected Jiang Chen to accept the challenge so easily. Jiang Chen's acceptance made him feel surprised, as well as excited.

He didn't think Jiang Chen was difficult to deal with. In his opinion, the biggest problem was whether Jiang Chen would accept the challenge.

"Good. Let's have a sky fight!"

Sky fight!

The onlookers burst into an uproar when they heard these two words.

Wen Xin turned pale and looked over to Jiang Chen worriedly.

Of course Jiang Chen knew about sky fights.

An airship would take the two opponents to a high altitude. Then they would have a life-and-death fight with the airship as the ring.

If one of them fell off and died, the other wouldn't be blamed for his death.

"Do you dare to do this?" Li Song provoked him.

"Why not?" Jiang Chen smiled and asked.

It reminded Wen Xin of the first time she met Jiang Chen. That confidence and calmness was really attractive.

"Good. Let's start!"

Li Song was looking at Jiang Chen as if he were a dead man.

The air ships flew towards Jiang Chen and Li Song on the latter's order. Each pair of the ships had ten yards of space between them and the ship below them so that a staircase leading to the upper sky was formed.

"Here is your controlling flag."

Li Song gave Jiang Chen a small flag and jumped onto the airships one by one. It didn't take him long to get very high.

When he arrived at the highest ship, the ships below flew up so that the stair could continue.

Li Song kept on climbing without hesitation. Soon his figure became vague. The height looked scary. Anyone who fell down from that height would be smashed into pieces.

After confirming the controlling flag was working fine, Jiang Chen jumped onto the airships as well to catch up with Li Song.

"Watch out!" Wen Xin said. Her voice was so low that she doubted whether Jiang Chen had heard her.

Suddenly, a girl jumped onto her airship and stopped before Wen Xin, sizing her up with an unreadable expression.

That was the girl who had made eye contact with Wen Xin.

She was a very pretty girl, about the same age as Wen Xin. She was wearing the junior disciples' uniform.

Her features weren't as delicate as Wen Xin's and she was less glamorous, but she had a nice figure, busty and well-shaped.

"My younger sister, you really have a poor taste," although she was beaming, her tone was full of sarcasm.

"And you are stupid. That's even worse. Ning Haotian's fiancée is the king's daughter. We're only the duke's daughters. You'll endanger yourself," Wen Xin said coldly.

"The mission was assigned by the dynasty. Why should I worry about it? Besides, men are all the same. Although Ning Haotian has a fiancée, he tried to pursue Li Xue'er, but she ignored him." The girl smiled disapprovingly. She was young and attractive. Her every smile was eye-catching.

The Natural Law School was located in the territory of the Xia Dynasty, but the dynasty felt threatened by its power.

They both knew they couldn't fight against each other due to the current situation of the Fire Field.

However, the dynasty was unwilling to see the school getting stronger and stronger.

Besides, most of the disciples of the school were from the Chu State, which made the Natural Law School even more threatening, so the dynasty had sent many spies to the school.

Even so, the dynasty still didn't feel secure enough, so they sent princesses from all regions to get into the school and stay close to its promising disciples who could become key disciples one day, or even leaders.

Once they succeeded, the dynasty would be able to keep informed of the secret information of the school.

This girl was Princess Tian Lan. She had targeted Ning Haotian as a potential disciple. It was a smart choice, but it was also difficult, since Ning Haotian was a tough guy.

Princess Tian Lan thought Wen Xin was staying with Jiang Chen because she had also targeted him as a dark horse.

Wen Xin and Tian Lan had chosen two opposite paths.

Ning Haotian had the potential to become a key member of the Natural Law School, but it would be extremely difficult to get close to him.

Jiang Chen was isolated in the school. It was easy for Wen Xin to gain his trust, but what were the chances for him to become a key member?

Therefore, Tian Lan turned up her nose at Wen Xin's choice.


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