The Brilliant Fighting Master
80 The Peak of the Heavenly King
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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80 The Peak of the Heavenly King

The disciple whose name was Bai Xuan wasn't surprised to hear that. He obviously knew who Jiang Chen was and was deliberately making things difficult for him.

"I agree. The Natural Law School should put stricter rules upon their disciples. Some of them are really poorly educated."

Jiang Chen kept looking at Bai Xuan and the disciples with him and spoke in the same harsh manner. "Education? I'm only telling the truth. Does that go against a good education?"

Bai Xuan sneered. He pointed at Jiang Lu, Jiang Feng, and the others, and started to laugh, "See what kind of people you've brought here? Let me show you what taste is."

Then, he clapped his hands lightly and six men walked up from behind him. None of them were disciples of the school and they were all in the same uniform.

"These are my attendants," Bai Xuan said proudly.

Jiang Lu and the others were shocked. The six men were good-looking and wearing fancy clothes, but they were only attendants!

The Jiang's disciples curled up their lips. They were secretly blaming themselves for the shame they had brought upon Jiang Chen.

"So what? You found some good-looking men and gave them some good clothes. Is that a sign of nobleness?" Jiang Chen said humorously.

"Don't play dumb with me. Don't you see? My attendants are obviously better than your disciples," Bai Xuan said in a cold voice.

"I don't see what's so great about them," Jiang Chen said.

"You just don't want to admit it. Stone, show them the sword I awarded to you," Bai Xuan said.

"Yes, young master."

A handsome youngster took one step forward and drew half of his sword out of its sheath. The blade was shining with cold radiance.

"It's a spiritual weapon!"

A surprise that she was unable to hide registered on Jiang Lu's face. Even an attendant possessed a spiritual sword?

The youngster who was called Stone was enjoying the beaten look of the Jiang's disciples. He raised his chin arrogantly.

"Now do you know how scrubby you are? Disciples of the Jiang's, don't overestimate yourselves just because you are here in the Natural Law School. You won't have a future following this guy," Bai Xuan shouted.

The pedestrians looked over at them and started to gossip.

"How great it is to have a class-one spiritual weapon! What a coincidence! We're here to buy spiritual weapons, too." Jiang Chen wasn't embarrassed at all. He grinned instead.

He looked to the middle-aged man behind the stall and said, "Give me that scimitar."

Jiang Lu looked in the direction he was pointing in and found it was exactly the scimitar that she wanted!

"Ha, that's a class-three spiritual weapon. How can you afford it?" Bai Xuan thought Jiang Chen was only talking big. That gave him all the more desire to put Jiang Chen to shame.

Jiang Lu turned pale when she heard that was a class-three spiritual weapon. She secretly pulled on Jiang Chen's clothes.

The middle-aged man behind the stall hesitated for a while, but gave the spiritual knife to Jiang Chen in the end.

Jiang Chen touched the blade and nodded with satisfaction. He said, "It's a good knife. I'll take it."

He didn't even ask for the price. Only disciples from powerful forces would behave in such an unrestrained manner.

"Five hundred thousand contributions," the middle-aged man said.

Bai Xuan was surprised by this answer. He opened his eyes wide and stared at Jiang Chen. He didn't want to miss any interesting expressions of his.

"How will he react now?" Bai Xuan thought to himself.

"Fine." Jiang Chen was calm. He handed his disciple token over.

Even the middle-aged man of the chamber of commerce was surprised. But once he confirmed Jiang Chen had enough contributions in his disciple token, he started to treat Jiang Chen with more respect.

"Client, you have a good eye. This knife is called Chillymoon Knife…" he started to introduce the knife with enthusiasm.

"Cut it."

Jiang Chen didn't bother to listen to it. He looked over to Jiang Feng and others and said, "You should upgrade your weapons, too. Come pick one."

Jiang Jian and Jiang Feng were too excited to speak. When they made sure that Jiang Chen wasn't joking, they all cheered and crowded around the stall.

Soon, each of them received a spiritual weapon.

Except Jiang Lu's class-three knife, the others all chose class-one and class-two weapons. It cost 1,730,000 contributions in all.

Jiang Chen didn't even blink. He handed his disciple token over again.

In the end, Bai Xuan was the one who became interesting to look at. Like others, he was so shocked that he couldn't even speak when he saw Jiang Chen had paid so many contributions.

They were all wondering where Jiang Chen had made so many contributions.

"It's your turn to tell me what nobleness is."

Jiang Chen looked over to Bai Xuan, who was totally dumbfounded, and asked him with great interest.

"You… you're only keeping up appearances. You must have spent all of your savings on these things!"

Bai Xuan refused to believe that Jiang Chen could be richer than him, so he assumed he was being tricked.

Jiang Lu started to worry about Jiang Chen. She felt like the spiritual weapon in her hand was a hot potato.

At that moment, Meng Hao came running from the other side of the street. Wen Meng and the steward of the Skywind Chamber of Commerce were also running with him.

"Jiang Chen, I've asked the Skywind Chamber of Commerce. They told me that they had some state-of-the-art fighting puppets. The Martial Arts Technique Department is using the same type," Meng Hao said.

"Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, you can go to the Skywind Chamber of Commerce directly if you need anything." Wen Meng wasn't that blue anymore. She had a bright smile.

"Exactly, Jiang Chen. You're a VIP guest now." The steward glanced at the spiritual weapons in Jiang Lu and the others' hands and wished they had bought these things from him.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, "Doesn't matter. I've bought them because my family likes them. We are actually heading for the Skywind Chamber of Commerce now. Let's go."

The conversation, in a way, responded to Bai Xuan. He felt like he had received a slap on the face.

VIP guest?!

How could Jiang Chen be the VIP guest of the Skywind Chamber of Commerce?

It was an important status on the Peak of Gem. One would in no way become VIP without transactions worth millions of contributions.

And Jiang Chen's tone sounded like he had just bought some gadgets from a stall, which he didn't bother to mention.

Bai Xuan thought of what he had said and felt like a beggar had been showing off his wealth before an emperor.

Stone was standing there with his class-one spiritual weapon. His arrogance was gone. Instead, he looked embarrassed.

Bai Xuan soon felt others' looks, as if they were calling him an idiot. He felt ashamed and walked out of the market without saying a word. Then he got on his airship and left.

It was certain that he wouldn't show off his wealth so easily anymore.

As for Jiang Chen, he purchased a great amount of things after arriving at the Skywind Chamber of Commerce. His mustardseed ring was almost full.

With these resources, the Jiangs' disciples' practicing conditions wouldn't be inferior to those of more powerful forces in the next several months.

He had been in the limelight all day. With the contributions he had spent at the stall, he had spent almost 5 million contributions altogether.

The whole Natural Law School was shocked. No one could figure out where he had received so many contributions.

Wasn't the Hundred Thousand Mountains a barren place?

People of the Peak of the Heavenly King lost their cool as Jiang Chen was becoming a hot discussion topic.

Ning Haotian was on an adventure outside when Jiang Chen came to the Natural Law School.

Before he left, his subordinates had promised him that they would make Jiang Chen pay the price.

They weren't talking about the holy pulse, since it was a taboo topic around Ning Haotian.

They were talking about Ning Ping's death.

Ning Ping was Ning Haotian's cousin who was killed by Jiang Chen. It would be an unbearable shame if Ning Haotian didn't get revenge for him.

That was why as soon as Jiang Chen came, he was sent to the Lost Soul by Zheng Ping.

They thought they had subdued him, but things had developed in an unexpected way. Jiang Chen had not only become a senior disciple, but also entered the Transdragon Pool and impressed everyone on the Peak of Gem.

When Ning Haotian came back, the disciples of the Peak of the Heavenly King would be unable to justify the story to him.

"We have to teach him a lesson!" The disciples there had reached a consensus.


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