The Brilliant Fighting Master
76 A Thirty-Seventy Spli
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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76 A Thirty-Seventy Spli

The Medicine Elder was the most excited, but not just because of the effect of the Revival Elixir. There was something more important.

"Leave me and Jiang Chen alone for a moment," the Medicine Elder said.

It took Xiao Xiao some time to realize the elder was speaking to the two staff of the chamber of commerce and her. She left the room in low spirits.

The steward and Wen Meng looked at each other. They didn't dare go against the Medicine Elder's wishes. They closed the door when they walked out of the room.

Meng Hao was nervous to see this. He didn't know what the Medicine Elder was up to.

"What's your name?" the Medicine Elder asked.

"Jiang Chen."

"Did you refine these Revival Elixirs?"

"Yes. I'm the only one who knows the recipe." Jiang Chen roughly knew what the elder was going to say, so he told him directly even before he asked.

The Medicine Elder tried to hold his excitement after the confirmation. He sat down opposite of Jiang Chen.

He tried to stay calm. Then he said slowly, "Jiang Chen, the Revival Elixir has a brilliant recovery effect. What's more, it takes effect quickly. This kind of panacea will get popular in the Fire Field. If you can share the recipe with the school, you'll be rewarded handsomely."

Once the Revival Elixir went into the market, it surely would become a life-saving panacea that everyone wanted.

Most importantly, Jiang Chen was the only one who knew the recipe.

Once the Natural Law School got ahold of the recipe, it would greatly benefit. Even its status in the Fire Field would be improved.

So far, so good. For the moment he was satisfied with the communication between the elder and him.

"How much will the school pay me?" Jiang Chen had already thought about it. His final decision would depend on the school's attitude.

"What do you want?" the Medicine Elder said.

"Elder, we both know the Revival Elixir will sweep across the Fire Field. Even if you promise me billions of contributions or rose gold coins, I'm sure I'll be able to earn this amount in a few years. Then, the Natural Law School can keep selling it for decades or even hundreds of years," Jiang Chen said.

The Medicine Elder knew he was talking to a smart guy.

"Exactly. Do you mean you want to get a part of the sale?" the Medicine Elder said.

"Yes. I want thirty percent. My offer is in good faith, as I'm a member of the school," Jiang Chen said.

The Medicine Elder frowned upon it. Thirty percent sounded too small. It didn't seem very fair for Jiang Chen.

But in fact, it wasn't that simple. The world of business was complicated.

For example, if Jiang Chen didn't give the panaceas to the school, he would have to rely totally on himself.

However, even if he kept refining without rest, he could, at most, refine about a thousand panaceas a day.

This was too few to even supply the disciples of the Natural Law School, let alone to sell them among the whole Fire Field.

Even if he hired helpers, he would have to worry about whether they would memorize the recipe in secret, and there would be problems with the distributional channel.

With the influence and the fame of the Natural Law School, the panaceas could be sold to all parts of the Fire Field easily. But if Jiang Chen did it by himself, the process would be much more complicated and there would be potential risks.

Although at the moment Jiang Chen only asked for thirty percent, he would make a great fortune in a few years without having to sort out the problems he was concerned about.

Jiang Chen's request certainly wasn't too much. After all, the Revival Elixir was an unexpected present for the Natural Law School.

The Medicine Elder had even expected that Jiang Chen would ask for a fifty-fifty split, but he only asked for thirty percent and said it was in good faith. Of course the Medicine Elder wouldn't bargain more.

"In addition, I've another small request. I hope the Natural Law School could ensure my family's safety."

"The disciples' families are always under our protection." The Medicine Elder didn't understand why he had made this request.

"I mean, I hope the school could protect my family even if disciples of the Natural Law School attack them. This doesn't have to be a permanent protection. It will be fine if you can guarantee it for ten years."

"No problem."

This wasn't an excessive request at all, so the elder agreed without hesitation.

"But you have to make sure you are the only one who has the recipe!"

"Of course," Jiang Chen said.

If this were a buyout, the Medicine Elder would definitely verify whether he was really the only one with the recipe. But since this was a thirty-seventy split, he could ease up.

"There is one more thing…"

"One more?" the Medicine Elder was surprised.

Jiang Chen smiled and said, "What we've been talking about is between the school and me. But now I want to talk about us."

"Us?" the Medicine Elder didn't understand what he meant.

"The Medicine Elder is a grand supreme elder, and you're also one of those few who are not supporting Ning Haotian. So I hope, Elder, that you could support me," Jiang Chen said.

Even Meng Hao was shocked by Jiang Chen's words.

The Medicine Elder kept silent for a while and then burst into smiles. He said, "Are you the Jiang Chen who is an enemy of the Black Dragon City?"


"I'm talking with you on behalf of the school, but you want my support for the leader's election. Don't you think that's unfair?" the elder said.

"Elder, you think this panacea is gorgeous. But it's only a class-two. Its forty or fifty percent recovery ability only applies to a guy in the middle stage of the Gathering Yuan State."

Then Jiang Chen stood up, placing both of his hands on the table, and said seriously, "What if I tell you I have panaceas for the Mental Wander State with a recovery ability of 40% and 50%, or even for the Reaching Heaven State?!"

The Medicine Elder was visibly shocked.

He stood up immediately and grasped Jiang Chen's arm tightly. He said excitedly, "Are you serious?"

"If I was lying, I wouldn't get your support, would I?" Jiang Chen smiled.

The Medicine Elder believed him and sat down again.

A school was different from a dynasty. A change in leadership normally wouldn't bring a reign of terror.

However, it could influence one's status in the school greatly.

The Medicine Elder was responsible for affairs regarding panaceas, which gave him an indispensable importance in the school. As a result, he didn't have to support Ning Haotian in order to maintain his status. It was all right for him to stay neutral.

But, it was impossible for him to support Jiang Chen just because of the Revival Elixir.

However, what Jiang Chen had said to him was really a great shock.

"Jiang Chen, you haven't even made it onto the Talent List. Neither are you a key disciple. It's still too early to think about leadership succession. Let's talk about it when you get onto the Talent List. What do you think?

"Now, let's settle the deal of the Revival Elixir first."

Jiang Chen knew the elder had actually agreed, but the request had come so suddenly that he preferred to take it with a grain of salt.

Once he became a key disciple, the Medicine Elder would be of great help to him.

"That's all right. But, elder, today I am selling three kinds of panaceas. The other two kinds are no worse than the Revival Elixir," Jiang Chen smiled.

"Are you serious?!"

The Medicine Elder was shocked again. He hurried to open the other two boxes.

With Jiang Chen's introduction, the Medicine Elder showed a great interest in the Black Yuan Elixir and the Sky Yuan Elixir.

He was especially interested in the Sky Yuan Elixir. An elixir that could purify the disciples' genuine yuan? That would mean a lot to the Natural Law School!

"If there is no problem, I want a thirty-seventy split for these as well, just like the business of the Revival Elixir," Jiang Chen said.

"Fine!" the Medicine Elder agreed immediately, afraid that Jiang Chen would change his mind.

Then the elder took each of the panaceas and left to report to the leader of the school.

"Jiang Chen, why did you only ask for a thirty-seventy split? I think they would have even accepted a forty-sixty or fifty-fifty split," Meng Hao said.

"If my family, the Southwind Ridge, were on an equal footing with the Natural Law School, it would be the Natural Law School who gets the thirty percent," Jiang Chen smiled.

Meng Hao crashed into realization. At the same time, it occurred to him that despite Jiang Chen's wisdom and sophistication, he was actually younger than himself.

Comparisons were unpleasant.


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