The Brilliant Fighting Master
73 The Peak of Gem
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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73 The Peak of Gem

The Peak of Gem was the shortest peak of all of them, but it also had advantages. It was located on a flat terrain with vast space. There were two crisscrossed streets on the mountainside. Beside the streets were side-by-side palaces, majestic and fabulous.

This was where the chamber of commerce of the Natural Law School was located. The market of the school was also there. It was as big as the markets of the biggest cities.

The Peak of Gem was also the most crowded place in the domain of the senior disciples. The streets were full of people. Airships flew across the sky from time to time.

It took Jiang Chen and Meng Hao an hour to walk to the Peak of Gem.

It wasn't because the mountain path was rugged. In the Natural Law School, flagged roads led to all parts of the school. The roads were so wide and flat that even a carriage could drive in.

The thing was, the Natural Law School was too big. The Peak of Gem wasn't the farthest place from the Redcloud Peak, but it did take a great deal time to walk there.

"I think we need an airship."

Jiang Chen saw the disciples getting off the airship all looked relaxed and elegant.

Those airships were of medium size. Comparing with the Cloudbust that Jiang Chen had taken, they were only small ships, but they flew at similar speeds.


Jiang Chen set his eyes on one of the airships. It looked to be exquisite and in good condition. Those who got off it were all women, beauties with fair skin and excellent temperament.

"That's the ship of the Peak of Ingénue."

Meng Hao went there to grocery shop a lot, so he knew the place pretty well.

"The Peak of Ingénue?"

"Yes. It's as famous as the Peak of Heavenly King. Its owner is a wonderful woman called Li Xue'er. Many female disciples are her followers," Meng Hao said.

Li Xue'er?

Jiang Chen had heard of this name. She was the number three disciple on the Talent List.

At the same time, he noticed those female disciples of the Peak of Ingénue were all proud as peacocks. They disappeared soon from the street corner, ignoring the male disciples' amorous gazes.

"There is a Beauty List in the Fire Field. Li Xue'er is on the list," Meng Hao said.

"Why do they have so many lists? A beauty list… Is there a list for handsome men?" Jiang Chen laughed.

To his surprise, Meng Hao nodded, "Yes, there is one. But it's called the Prince List instead of 'handsome men list.' To get onto the list, they don't just evaluate your appearance. The most important thing is your background. They also consider your reputation. You will only get onto the list if you're excellent in all three of these aspects."

Then Meng Hao recalled something, but wasn't sure whether he should say it or not.

"What? Is that Ning Haotian on the list?" Jiang Chen said in a relaxed manner.

And Meng Hao nodded. But soon he said, "Ning Haotian was on the list. But when you joined the Natural Law School, he was removed from the list."

"Why is that?"

Meng Hao said, "Because of the fame you'd garnered, your holy pulse's robbery regained people's attention. There were many negative comments about him. Of course he couldn't stay on the list."

"When did this happen?" Jiang Chen asked.

"About a month ago."

Jiang Chen tumbled to the realization. He said, "No wonder as soon as I joined the Natural Law School he attacked me like a crazy dog. That's why…"

At this moment, Jiang Chen noticed Meng Hao's embarrassed expression. He put one hand on Meng Hao's shoulder and said, "You don't have to restrain yourself with me. It's all right to talk about the holy pulse."

Meng Hao felt relieved. He hadn't expected Jiang Chen to be so open-minded. However, since his father was still imprisoned under the Black Dragon Pool, Meng Hao was still afraid he would say something wrong.

Then the two went to the famous Skywind Chamber of Commerce.

Although the rules of the Natural Law School were rigid, there were few restrictions for the disciples. They could do whatever they wanted in their allocated peaks. Besides that, they could also start chambers of commerce inside of the school to do business.

Of course, not everyone could start a chamber of commerce. One had to be powerful enough to do it.

Most of the disciples were only street vendors if they wanted to sell things.

It was spacious in the Skywind Chamber of Commerce, but there were no products on display there. Instead, there were many pretty women standing around.

These women would greet the clients actively when they went into the hall of the chamber of commerce. They would inquire the clients' needs first before taking them inside.

The Skywind Chamber of Commerce was famous for such thoughtful services.

In addition, the women working there weren't just average women. They were junior disciples of the Natural Law School. They were working there to earn contributions.

It was a popular job among junior disciples. It was impossible to get this job without connections.

Among the female disciples, a girl called Wen Meng was standing in the corner with a worried look.

She was remembering her past. She was a cherished daughter in her small city. Her parents were very proud of her and even the mayor placed great hope on her. She didn't disappoint them, since she joined the Natural Law School smoothly.

But not until she came to the Natural Law School did she realize how big the world was.

Her talent was nothing in the Natural Law School. The genius of a small city descended to mediocrity.

Wen Meng recognized the reality and started to practice hard. She wanted to be promoted to senior disciple as soon as possible.

However, the requirement of one million contributions was too difficult to satisfy. She had to earn so many contributions within two years that she had to perform tasks or make some kind of achievement.

She could work in the Skywind Chamber of Commerce thanks to her best friend.

Her best friend was a strong woman. She had never slacked off when she was a junior. In less than one year, she was promoted to senior.

Then she came to know an apprentice brother who was also a senior disciple. He was the steward of the Skywind Chamber of Commerce.

That was how Wen Meng got this chance.

She really cherished it, because the commission she got from a transaction here was more than the pay of performing several tasks.

At first Wen Meng was excited. But soon, she found out how cruel the reality was.

The commission was high, but as a newcomer, she could barely get any.

She looked over to one of her colleagues, who was surrounded by many people. This colleague was the only one who was sitting in the room.

It was because she made the most commission among all female disciples working in the Skywind Chamber of Commerce… Her name was Liu Li.

Wen Meng envied her ability, but she couldn't do the same. It was unimaginable for her to talk so casually with strange men and keep an uncertain relationship with them.

"Sister Li, there are new clients coming," someone said.

"By ship or on foot?" Liu Li asked indifferently.

"On foot."

Then Wen Meng found Liu Li was looking at her. She wasn't surprised.

"Wen Meng, they're your clients."

"Okay." Wen Meng sighed silently and walked to the door.

Those who travelled by ships were almost all rich people. There was a great chance of making a high commission.

As to those who came on foot, of course they were not as rich.

Soon Wen Meng saw her clients, two youngsters of the same age. One of them was a senior disciple, the other wasn't even a junior disciple.

"Apprentice Brother, how can I help you?" Wen Meng tried to make her smile look natural.

"I want to sell panaceas."


Wen Meng's smile went a bit stiff after she heard that.

The senior disciples got panaceas every month. Some of them would sell these panaceas to exchange for other stuff.

This kind of business was the most common and made the least commission.

Wen Meng could sense the other female disciples' taunting looks.

"Please follow me, Apprentice Brother."

Anyway, he was a senior disciple. Wen Meng didn't have the nerve to offend him.

She took the two to a small room and served them tea.

She suddenly found the senior disciple was looking at her with great interest. She touched her face, having no idea why he was behaving like that.

"Apprentice Brother, what's your name?"

Suddenly, Wen Meng found she had made a mistake. She hadn't even asked their names.

The senior disciple smiled. Maybe he had seen her through and knew she was new here.

"My name is Jiang Chen. Take it easy. I'm not gonna eat you."

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