The Brilliant Fighting Master
71 Top of Both Lists
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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71 Top of Both Lists

It was not until one became a senior disciple that they officially blended into the Natural Law School and received all kinds of benefits from being a member of one of the top ten sects and schools in the Fire Field.

First, they would be allocated a mountain peak with a great landscape and a spiritual atmosphere.

As long as they weren't expelled from the school, the senior disciple would alway own this peak.

Probably thanks to Elder Mo Xu, Jiang Chen received a cloud peak, which was one of the most popular choices among senior disciples.

Cloud peaks were soaring peaks that reached the clouds. The mountain was filled with the spirit of the universe, and the mountain sides were blanketed with greens and flowers.

One could double their results with half of the effort practicing there.

The first thing Jiang Chen did was name his peak.

If everything went smoothly, this place would be his permanent residence in the Nine Heavens Continent.

It didn't take him long to decide. He named it the Redcloud Peak. He was the owner of the Redcloud Sword, its Lord. It was a perfect name for his residence.

The second thing he did was construct a house. He didn't have to do it by himself. There were giant puppets at every peak at the disciples' disposal. They were good at construction.

The construction wasn't a big deal for senior disciples. They could make gorgeous palaces or buildings with the help of the giant puppets, but Jiang Chen took great pains to design the house by himself. Then the puppets did the work by following his architectural plans.

Meng Hao raved about the final work when he saw it.

"Your design has endowed the Redcloud Peak with a great style," Meng Hao said.

"It's where I live. Of course I want to make it comfortable," Jiang Chen smiled.

After naming the peak and getting the house constructed, the next thing to do was much more complicated.

Jiang Chen intended to deploy a tactical formation on the Redcloud Peak. But the school wouldn't help him with it, so he had to pay for it by himself.

And Jiang Chen wanted to build an alchemist room. He had to pay for that as well.

The difficulty Jiang Chen was facing was he couldn't afford it.

"I'll borrow some money from Wen Xin to finish the alchemist room first. Then I can sell self-made panaceas," Jiang Chen thought to himself. So he visited Wen Xin.

Wen Xin, after she understood Jiang Chen's intent, said, "I can lend you the money, but you have to tell me how you've been promoted to a senior. And I want to move to your place."

"You have the whole peak to yourself. Of course there's space for me, right?"

The problem wasn't the space. Among senior disciples there were small groups as well. Some senior disciples allowed junior disciples to live in their peaks with them so that they could form a team.

The thing was, currently only Jiang Chen and Meng Hao, two men, were living on the Redcloud Peak.

"It's not a problem for me, as long as you're not afraid of others' gossip."

"Only idiots would miss such a great chance to practice." Wen Xin gave him a disdainful stare and started to pack immediately.

After Wen Xin moved to the Redcloud Peak, Jiang Chen found he needed more than just an alchemist room—for example, a kitchen.

"No senior disciples should eat in the canteen. As a permanent solution, you should hire some people to cultivate vegetables and raise poultry," Wen Xin said.

"I'll ask my family to send some people here."

Jiang Chen decided to write a letter to the Southwind Ridge to ask the Jiang Mansion to send some people there, including servants and some talented disciples.

Meng Hao was about to speak, but in the end said nothing. As a senior disciple, Jiang Chen had the right to recommend people as junior disciples of the Natural Law School, but the quota was limited. He was afraid that Jiang Chen would save the quota for his family.

"Meng Hao, you have to wait some more time. If I recommend you to take part in the trial now, there is a great chance they'll deliberately make things difficult for you. Anyway, it's the same as practicing here. I can give you some instructions on your swordsmanship. As for martial arts methods, I've got some of those, too. Once I get the alchemist room finished, we'll have enough panaceas as well."

Meng Hao finally eased up when he heard Jiang Chen's plan. "Great!"

The whole Jiang Mansion felt on top of the world when they saw Jiang Chen's letter.

How long had Jiang Chen been in the Natural Law School? And he was already a senior disciple. It was incredible.

"My grandson has surprised me a lot." Jiang Wentian was gratified, especially when he saw the postscript of the letter.

It read, "Grandpa, I've left two secret methods under my bed. One is Tai Ji Wan. It can enhance your strength. The other is the Scripture of Spirit Nurturing. It can strengthen your meridians. Teach the kids of the mansion to practice them. They'll practice as fast as geniuses when they grow up."

Jiang Wentian was excited, but he was puzzled as well. He thought to himself, "Why didn't Jiang Chen tell me earlier?"

Then he figured out why. It was because these two secret methods were super powerful. If Jiang Chen exposed them before he became senior in the Natural Law School, they could bring disasters.

"Once the Second Elder and Tianxiong achieve the Mental Wander State, we can start to exploit the pure yang mineral crystals. The Jiang Mansion will definitely rise!"

Soon, when people of the Jiang Mansion heard the news that they had the chance to go to the Natural Law School, the whole group went crazy.

The disciples that they were going to send were crucial for the Jiang Mansion. The Jiangs had never imagined that one day they would get the chance to go to the Natural Law School to practice.

Jiang Tianxiong called his two sons over and asked them to prepare for the trip.

"Father, we went against Jiang Chen to a great extent. Will he accept us there?"

Jiang Jian and Jiang Feng were both excited and worried. They regretted the old quarrels between them and Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen isn't so narrow-minded. He explicitly mentioned in the letter that he wanted you two to go. Don't worry about it," Jiang Tianxiong said.

Jiang Tianxiong was sincerely convinced by Jiang Chen's performances. He believed the Jiang Mansion would approach the pinnacle of success under his direction.

At the same time, in the east courtyard of the Jiang Mansion…

Gao Yue learned that Jiang Chen had been promoted to senior disciple in the Natural Law School. She felt very proud and mumbled to herself, "I have a great son."

Then she called Fan Tu over. She said to him, "Fan Tu, I'll send you to the Natural Law School."

"Okay." Fan Tu was glad that he could stay with his young lord.

After Jiang Chen settled down in the Redcloud Peak, he learned another thing.

There were two lists among senior disciples. One was the Contribution List. It ranked the top ten disciples with the most contributions.

The other was the Talent List.

Similar to the Eternal Flame List, it ranked the ten best disciples of the Natural Law List. If one could make it on the Talent List, he would be awarded with additional prizes by the school.

Most importantly, if one wanted to be a key disciple, it was necessary to get onto the Talent List. This was almost common sense in the Natural Law School.

The rule was simple. You only needed to beat someone on the list in order to get onto the list.

Jiang Chen was excited to hear this rule, but he gave up the idea when he learned that people on the list were all in the Mental Wander State.

He was confident with his swordsmanship realm, but he wasn't so arrogant as to ignore the huge gaps between the two states.

Then he heard that Ning Haotian was the top spot on both lists!

As the top of the Contribution List and the Talent List, he was the star of their generation.

As a junior disciple, Jiang Chen only knew Ning Haotian was influential. But as a senior disciple, he started to realize why Ning Haotian was so great.

Since he had topped both lists and had a grand supreme elder as his master, the school leader naturally thought highly of Ning Haotian.

He had an overwhelming superiority over the other candidates to be the next school leader.

Ning Haotian's peak also had an astounding name.

'The Peak of the Heavenly King!'

There were great numbers of masters on his peak, and many excellent junior disciples, as well as seniors.

The network formed by these people reached every corner of the school!


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