The Brilliant Fighting Master
70 Promoted to Senior Disciple
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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70 Promoted to Senior Disciple

Then came a scream. Liu Song fell reluctantly. He had made his subordinates pay the price before he died, one dead and one injured.

The atmosphere was charged with tension when the throng saw Liu Song was dead.

"Bring me the cane!" However, Jiang Chen didn't want to let Zheng Ping go. He asked for the cane of the Hall of Penal Law.

It was called the snake cane, since it looked like a snake in one's hand. In fact, it was made from snakeskin and had been soaked in a special liquid medicine. It was hard to even hold the cane.

Zheng Ping turned pale and shouted angrily, "Jiang Chen, are you going to carry out the caning sentence here?!"

There were so many people watching. If he was caned here, he would feel too humiliated to stay in the school.

Jiang Chen sneered. Ding Bai was also standing in silence. Of course, it was no problem for Mo Xu.

Zheng Ping tasted the feeling of desperation in an instant.

But it surprised them all when Jiang Chen put down the cane and went back to his house.

About fifteen minutes later, Jiang Chen carried Meng Hao outside while the throng was curiously watching.

Meng Hao had woken up after Jiang Chen's treatment.

Jiang Chen wanted to show him how Zheng Ping was caned!

Zheng Ping flew into a rage when he realized Jiang Chen's intention. He felt an absolutely irreconcilable hatred towards Jiang Chen.

But Jiang Chen didn't care. He picked the snake cane up.

"What are you waiting for?!" Jiang Chen shouted.

"Let's wait and see!" Zheng Ping gnashed his teeth and turned around helplessly.


Without any hesitation, Jiang Chen started to cane Zheng Ping.

Zheng Ping almost shouted because of the sharp pain. He was trembling, and people saw there was blood from where he'd been hit.

"Are you pretending to be tough?" Jiang Chen sneered and didn't stop the caning.

The blare of the cane was no weaker than firecrackers. Soon Zheng Ping lost his balance and continued trembling.

However, it was still far away from one hundred strikes.

Zheng Ping's heart sank. His forehead was covered in sweat.

He would have begged for mercy if there were not so many people around, but people were watching. He had to hold up.

After the tenth caning, Zheng Ping half knelt down with a scream.

Many people turned around to avoid seeing this tragic scene.


Jiang Chen gave a hint to Liu Song's subordinates with his eyes. They understood his intention. With some hesitation, they came up to Zheng Ping to grab his arms so that he could stand up.

And Jiang Chen went on with the caning.

Zheng Ping almost couldn't hold on anymore. He started to curse Jiang Chen and his family. But after cursing, he started to cry and beg for mercy.

Meng Hao understood Jiang Chen was taking revenge for him. Although he didn't know the whole story, he felt so grateful that his pains were not really a big deal for him anymore.

After thirty hits, Zheng Ping was almost unconscious.

"I am tired. It's your turn. Don't be lazy. And you, go and find some water to pour on his head."

Jiang Chen was still unwilling to let Zheng Ping go. People were shocked by his order.

"This guy is cruel," the disciples were thinking to themselves.

Suddenly Jiang Chen glanced at the onlookers. Many of the disciples looked down unconsciously, even including some senior disciples.

"Who else wants to help me teach that guy a lesson? Bring it on!" Jiang Chen shouted. Then he left Zheng Ping behind and carried Meng Hao back to continue the treatment.

So Zheng Ping's caning sentence went on. Liu Song's men were not as cruel as Jiang Chen, but they didn't dare go easy on Zheng Ping, either.

When the one hundred canings finally finished, Zheng Ping was already half dead. He was carried away in the end.

Liu Song's dead body was taken care of by the Hall of Penal Law.

The blood on the ground reminded the disciples of what had happened that day. Everyone left with conflicted feelings.

No one had expected Jiang Chen, who was deemed unpromising, to have such a stunning performance when he was framed.

Of course, he wouldn't have succeeded without Mo Xu's help.

Everyone was wondering how Jiang Chen had come to know Mo Xu.

After everyone left, Wen Xin and Mo Xu went into Jiang Chen's house.

Wen Xin didn't speak to him until he had finished treating Meng Hao.

"Princess, you are my friend from today on. Meng Hao would have died without your help."

Jiang Chen looked serious. Then he said to Meng Hao, "Meng Hao, the princess appointed her maid to take care of you after you got injured. Otherwise you could have died."

"Thank you, princess!" Meng Hao said seriously.

"Not at all." Wen Xin waved her hand. She didn't think she had done anything great. Then she glanced at Jiang Chen and said incredulously, "You didn't regard me as a friend before?"

"Eh…" Jiang Chen scratched his head as though he didn't know how to respond.

At that moment, Mo Xu coughed to attract Jiang Chen's attention.

Jiang Chen nodded at Wen Xin and followed Mo Xu to the garden.

"Thank you for your help today, Elder Mo!" Jiang Chen said.

"You are welcome. The Hall of Penal Law went too far. They do need to be punished."

Mo Xu smiled and said, "My young friend, are you satisfied with the result?"

Jiang Chen nodded. His anger had been completely erased.

Mo Xu rubbed his hands together and was ready to talk frankly.

"Elder, you've helped me a lot. I am so grateful to you. I saw you were troubled by the tactical formation. I would like to help you resolve the problem!"

"Great. Great!"

Mo Xu was glad to see he knew so well the ways of the world. He didn't even need to persuade Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen, how much do you know about tactical formations?"

Since he had agreed, next Mo Xu needed to know his level.

Jiang Chen hesitated, since he didn't know how to define his level.

What did the people of the Sacred Zone call him? The first tactical formation master of the Sacred Zone?

Of course, he wouldn't tell Mo Xu this title. In the end he said humbly, "I'm very skilled."

"…" Mo Xu looked at Jiang Chen, trying to figure out what he meant.

"He must be confident enough to resolve the problem of the great formation of the mountain protection, but too shy to tell me," Mo Xu thought to himself.

In this regard, Mo Xu was right.

"But, Elder Mo, is the great formation of the mountain protection crucial?" Jiang Chen smiled.

"Sure," Mo Xu answered immediately.

"If I fix it, will that be a great contribution?"


"Is it worth a million contributions?" Jiang Chen asked.

The other elders must have been surprised by him, but Mo Xu thought for a while and said, "Of course it's worth that."

Jiang Chen smiled with satisfaction.

Three days later, Jiang Chen was promoted to senior disciple. The news shocked the whole Natural Law School.

Jiang Chen was promoted to senior after only two weeks of junior life. He must have had a great deal of money.

But, this possibility could be ruled out.

Jiang Chen was from the Hundred Thousand Mountains. He definitely didn't have a million rose gold coins.

No one knew the real reason. People only knew it was Elder Mo Xu who promoted him, so some thought he could be Elder Mo's illegitimate son.

If he wasn't, why would Elder Mo take care of Jiang Chen like this?


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