The Brilliant Fighting Master
68 Expelled from the School
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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68 Expelled from the School

Jiang Chen walked towards Liu Song and the others, who had turned as white as sheets. He said in a cold voice, "I told you you'd better kill me, otherwise I would kill you."

Then his sword flew at them like a rainbow.

He attacked Liu Song's five subordinates first. The sword was moving as fast as a shooting star. The Redcloud Sword lashed them like a long whip.

The five disciples of the Hall of Penal Law had no way to fight back at all.

If they still remembered how they'd treated Jiang Chen at the Hall of Penal Law, they would have found Jiang Chen was attacking exactly the same parts where they'd beaten him, but of course, with more strength.

The five soon fell to the ground. One of them was even spitting blood.

"Now it's your turn." Jiang Chen walked towards Liu Song.

Liu Song was shocked when he made eye contact with Jiang Chen. Although he was in a higher state than Jiang Chen, he knew how advanced Jiang Chen's swordsmanship realm was and how he had killed Ning Ping although the latter was in his Silver Dragon Armor.

After that, Jiang Chen enhanced to the beginning of the middle stage.

Liu Song, who had lost his iron chain, knew without a doubt that he was no match for Jiang Chen.

He was also frightened, because Jiang Chen's intent to kill wasn't just a bluff.

Then he recalled how Jiang Chen had bet his life on proving his innocence. As a result, Jiang Chen couldn't be accused even if he killed Liu Song. This idea chilled him with fear. He couldn't help trembling.

By then, Jiang Chen had raised his sword and was about to kill this man.


But a figure landed between Liu Song and Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen instantly felt a mass of air crashing into him. He was forced to take many steps back.

"Elder." Liu Song was greatly relieved when he saw who it was.

It was an old man more than fifty years old. His face was full of wrinkles, but he looked quite majestic. His sharp eyes seemed able to pierce through darkness.

It was Elder Li from the Hall of Penal Law.

Someone recognized him and people started to talk, since this Elder Li had given Ning Haotian the most support. At the same time, he was Liu Song's uncle.

Elder Li gave Jiang Chen a fierce stare and shouted in a low but deep voice, "Do you intend to kill a sibling, disciple?!"

"I am in the middle of a fair trial, and I intend to prove my innocence at the cost of my life. As an elder of the Hall of Penal Law, don't you know that?" Jiang Chen didn't yield, either, questioning Elder Li instead.

"You should stop when the trial result is clear enough. But you intended to kill. The Natural Law School doesn't want people killing for fun." Elder Li had laid a severe accusation against Jiang Chen. He knew how to do this perfectly as an elder of the Hall of Penal Law.

Jiang Chen burst into laughter due to his anger. He had broadened his knowledge of how shameless a guy could be.

"Stick to the facts, Elder. The trial has ended. Jiang Chen has proved his innocence," Wen Xin hurried to say.

Instantly, everyone looked over to her, including Elder Li.

Hong Youjun, who was standing beside her, felt a lot of pressure. She hurried to take some steps aside, trying to stay away from Wen Xin.

"Innocence? He only won the trial. It's not time to decide his innocence."

Elder Li stood with his hands clasped behind his back. He glanced at Jiang Chen and said, "Listen to me, there was sufficient evidence to convict Jiang Chen, but he tried to take advantage of the loopholes of our law. He doesn't show any respect to the school and nothing can extenuate his appalling behavior. He is expelled from the school from today!"

Everyone was shocked.

Jiang Chen had received such a result out of the fair trial.

As a rule of thumb, if disciples who were wrongly accused won the fair trial, the school would pay attention to them and the elder and the leader of the Hall of Penal Law had to investigate the case and find out the truth under pressure from the school.

As a result, such disciples would have nothing to worry about once they won the trial.

However, Jiang Chen had just won the trial, and the elder of the Hall of Penal Law asked for neither details nor witnesses. He hadn't even confronted the accused with the accuser. Without doing any of this, he had expelled Jiang Chen from the Natural Law School directly!

Many disciples were irritated. They had nothing to do with Jiang Chen, but if the Hall of Penal Law did whatever they wanted with no respect to the law, the injustice could happen to them one day as well.

Liu Song gave an arrogant smile. He had known what would happen before he started the fight.

He was curious to see Jiang Chen's expression, but he didn't see any fear on Jiang Chen's face. Instead, he looked quite normal.

Even Elder Li was surprised. He had expected Jiang Chen to shout out in fear or complain against the injustice.

He wouldn't care a bit if this happened.

Everything was under his control. It was impossible for this junior disciple to escalate the case.

He recalled how he had lost face before Cloudcrane at the trial ground. At that moment he was making Jiang Chen the scapegoat for it.

"There is a plaque hanging in the Hall of Penal Law. It reads Justice and Impartiality, inscribed by the former leader of the school. As far as I see, Elder Li, you are really just and impartial," Jiang Chen said sarcastically.

The other disciples looked at each other, speechless.

Was this Jiang Chen crazy? Was it not enough to be expelled from the school? Did he want to lose his life, too?

Elder Li hadn't expected Jiang Chen would have said such a thing in the presence of so many people. His face turned white and then black, and then white again.

"How dare you insult the elder! He should be decapitated!" Li Song said immediately.

Elder Li snorted. He waved his sleeve. Then a power like a furious wave crashed into Jiang Chen. This was an attack of the Mental Wander State. Jiang Chen had no way to defend himself.

Many people shut their eyes, unwilling to see the next scene.

"Wow, wow, wow! How majestic!"

At that moment, a voice suddenly appeared. Like a breeze, the voice defused the power that was about to demolish Jiang Chen.

Then Mo Xu appeared beside Jiang Chen, staring at Elder Li.

Elder Li was shocked when he saw who it was. He went up nervously and said, "Elder Mo."

"This disciple won the fair trial, but you expelled him from the school without doing anything. What an authority the Hall of Penal Law has! Ask your leader to come here!" Mo Xu shouted.

Elder Li was drenched in sweat, yet he insisted on quibbling. He said, "Elder Mo, Jiang Chen slapped Zheng Ping at the Profound Theory Palace. We have many witnesses."

"Zheng Ping is a senior disciple, but this little guy is only a junior. Why did he slap a senior? Didn't you even investigate it?" Mo Xu asked.

Elder Li was speechless.

Just then, Wen Xin pushed through the throng. She said, "I can testify for Jiang Chen. It was Zheng Ping who provoked and insulted Jiang Chen first."

"See? A witness is right there, and you didn't even want to ask about it." Mo Xu looked angrier.

At first, he had intended to help Jiang Chen so that Jiang Chen would owe him a favor. Then it would be reasonable for him to ask Jiang Chen to help with the tactical formation. But when he realized the whole story, he was irritated by the Hall of Penal Law as well.

Elder Li didn't have the nerve to offend a grand supreme elder, so he tried to pass the blame. He shouted at Liu Song, "You six, why did you arrest him without investigation?"

Before Liu Song could respond, Jiang Chen grinned and said, "I asked him the same question. But this Liu Song only said he was the law and then took me to the Hall of Penal Law directly."

Liu Song turned pale immediately.

"The Hall of Penal Law is indulging its disciples to this extent?" Mo Xu asked.

"Elder Mo, how do you want to deal with this affair?" Elder Li asked nervously.

"Jiang Chen bet his life on proving his innocence. Now it has been confirmed to be a false accusation. So these six… It should be Jiang Chen who decides their fate. You interrupted the fair trial with your authority as an elder. You are dismissed from your post. No. To be more precise, you are expelled from the Natural Law School," Mo Xu said.

Elder Li was dumbfounded. He began to tremble.

Liu Song was shocked, too. He knelt down and started to cry. He said, "Elder Mo, Jiang Chen, please forgive us. We were only following the orders of Apprentice Brother Zheng Ping."


The other five also knelt down before Jiang Chen, groveling to him, regardless of their injuries.


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