The Brilliant Fighting Master
67 The Fair Trial
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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67 The Fair Trial

It was Jiang Chen who brought Meng Hao to the Natural Law School and promised him a bright future. But he had ended up like this… Jiang Chen was filled with guilt and fury.

Suddenly, he heard many footsteps.

"Jiang Chen, you went too far. How dare you leave the Lost Soul without permission!" That was Liu Song. He came with the others immediately when he heard the news. They came in a threatening manner, followed by many speculators.

Jiang Chen walked out with a blank expression. He said in a cold voice, "I left because I couldn't accept the decision of the Hall of Penal Law. I want to appeal against your verdict for a fair trial."

Li Song stood dumbfounded when he heard this.

The other disciples also expressed confusion when they heard 'fair trial.'

"You pleaded guilty by leaving your fingerprint on the indictment. Now you are asking for a fair trial?" Liu Song shouted.

"I am new here. You caught me on my first day. I was unaware of the rules. Then I spent some days reading the rules of the school and learned that not even the disciples of the Hall of Penal Law could decide by themselves who was guilty and who was not."

"So you know appealing for a fair trial means a fight with us?" Liu Song said.

As disciples of the Hall of Penal Law, if Jiang Chen appealed for a fair trial, of course they would be in charge of it.

"Yes. And I will prove my innocence at all cost, even at the cost of my life!" Jiang Chen said.

The disciples burst into uproar. They hadn't expected Jiang Chen to have the nerve to talk like this.

To prove his innocence at the cost of his life meant he wouldn't give up on the trial for as long as he was alive.

Liu Song frowned. He thought Jiang Chen was bluffing. He said, "Do you think I will retract my verdict because of what you just said? How ridiculous! Now listen to me, I accept a fair trial!"

The disciples went crazy. They knew there would be a good show.

Some nosy disciples started to spread the news. As a result, more and more people came to look on.

Liu Song and other disciples of the Hall of Penal Law had charged Jiang Chen with a violation of school rules and pronounced him guilty. He was sentenced to one month's solitary confinement at the Lost Soul and deduction of disciples' benefits.

Jiang Chen hadn't accepted the decision and appealed for a fair trial, even at the cost of his life.

If Jiang Chen won, his affair would be taken seriously. The elders and the leader of the Hall of Penal Law would investigate it personally, and it would gain the attention of the disciples. If there was any hint of injustice, it would be cleared up sooner or later.

The thing was, could Jiang Chen actually win?

Jiang Chen would have to deal with Liu Song and his five subordinates, six people in all. Liu Song was in the beginning of the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State, and the other five were in the three phases of the middle stage.

It was six to one. Jiang Chen obviously was inferior in terms of numbers. He had almost no chance of winning.

But the disciples of the Natural Law School knew how great Jiang Chen's swordsmanship realm was, so no one knew what would happen.

However, it would be difficult for Jiang Chen to exert the swordsmanship realm while facing Liu Song and the other five.

New disciples might not understand the reason, but whoever had seen the disciples of the Hall of Penal Law fighting understood why.

Wen Xin came as soon as she heard the news of the fair trial.

She ran into Hong Youjun on the way, so the two came together. Although they didn't agree with each other on the matter of Jiang Chen, they were still friends.

"Jiang Chen appealed for a fair trial because he didn't realize how powerful the iron chains of the Hall of Penal Law are. We have to tell him immediately," Wen Xin said nervously.

She had seen Jiang Chen fighting at the trial ground. Theoretically, she should have confidence in Jiang Chen, but she knew how powerful the disciples of the Hall of Penal Law were.

"It's too late." Hong Youjun made a sympathetic expression. After all, she had joined the Natural Law School thanks to Jiang Chen's help.

Wen Xin looked over and felt helpless. Liu Song and the other five were standing around Jiang Chen, each holding an iron chain.

The trial had started!

"Jiang Chen, if you fail, your punishment will be doubled and reinstated. But since you want to continue the trial at all costs, I'll allow this," Liu Song said.

Ning Haotian was powerful in the school, but even he couldn't kill a disciple openly.

At that moment, Liu Song had his chance. As long as he could kill Jiang Chen in front of everybody, Ning Haotian would naturally think highly of him.

Excited at the idea, his killing intent became stronger and stronger.

"Deploy the tactical formation!"

As soon as he gave the order, the other five surrounded Jiang Chen. They were holding long iron chains in both hands and swinging them rhythmically with their right hands.

The atmosphere was charged with tension when the disciples saw this.

"It's coming!" someone couldn't help shouting excitedly.

It turned out that the disciples of the Hall of Penal Law used their iron chains to deploy a tactical formation of joint attack, with six people as a team, to deal with resistant disciples.

The most famous story of the iron chains was when six disciples in the peak of the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State had tried to arrest a key disciple who had just achieved the Mental Wander State.

That key disciple got overconfident after having achieved the Mental Wander State and paid no attention at all to the Hall of Penal Law.

In the end, the six disciples of the Hall of Penal Law trussed him up with the iron chains and took him away.

Since then, the iron chains of the Hall of Penal Law had gained a special significance in the Natural Law School.

Just then, the six chains were twisting in their hands, like six vipers that were about to give fatal attacks.


Liu Song's arm flailed and his iron chain was thrown over to Jiang Chen.

The iron chain was as thick as a finger, but it moved fast, even faster than an average man's sword.

People didn't know that Jiang Chen was fully aware of the power of these iron chains.

He was careful, giving an all-out attack by throwing the Redcloud Sword over. However, when the blade hit against the iron chain, the latter didn't break. It only flew off after a fierce hit.

At the same time, the other five iron chains flew at Jiang Chen from different angles.

Jiang Chen tried to dodge, but he was hit on the back and lost his balance, almost falling to the ground.

"Jiang Chen, do you think these are average iron chains? They are made of black crystals, materials used for class-two spiritual weapons. Besides that, they have class-one ware patterns on them, so they are equivalent to class-two spiritual weapons!" Liu Song burst into laughter. He raised his arm above his shoulder. The iron chain was whirling rapidly over his head.

It gave out a golden radiance when it was whirling at a certain speed.

He and the other five were swinging their iron chains. The six golden iron chains contained a tremendous power.

"Kill him!" Liu Song threw his iron chain as soon as he gave the order.

The six iron chains connected to each other over Jiang Chen's head and formed a giant net, hanging over him.

It looked like a giant mountain was bearing down on him. His body looked so fragile under the iron chains.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen, who was seemingly awaiting his doom, put the Redcloud Sword in his left hand and jumped up despite the falling iron chains.

"The Lost Soul!"

He used his sword as a knife and slashed at the iron chains. It was the knife movement he had created not long ago.

The whooshing sound of the sword was like the wind at the Lost Soul, wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves, sounding extremely miserable.

Many disciples were given a scare and turned pale. Some even covered their ears because they couldn't bear the sound.

"Slash!" Jiang Chen shouted with fury and the Redcloud Sword hit against the iron chains.

Pah! It sounded like a powder keg was exploding. The disciples were forced to step back from the strong wind the impact created.

When they finally got their balance back, they heard a cracking sound.

They looked over in disbelief and found the six iron chains had broken into parts, falling onto the ground around Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen looked fine, only gasping for breath.

"Now, what other tricks do you have?" Jiang Chen looked over to the six guys.


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