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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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63 Isolation

Jiang Chen shook his head, noth thinking it a big problem. He walked towards the center of the Profound Theory Palace.

There stood a big column with a dragon carved on it. The carving was true to life, especially its eyes, where were mounted with gems. The radiance emitted from them gave viewers the illusion that they were really looking at them.

Eight pedestals were standing around the column, on which some small characters appeared. They were neither inscribed nor written onto the pedestals, but looked like they were projected and formed by lights.

Jiang Chen approached to take a closer look. They were tasks.

Once a task was fulfilled, the corresponding characters on the pedestal would disappear automatically.

Both the details and the corresponding contribution awards were described. At the same time, the risk was also described, and there were warnings that disciples in low states should think twice before claiming certain tasks.

From a rough look, Jiang Chen saw the degree of difficulty of the tasks were different.

There were, in order of difficulty, average, adventurous, rough, royal, and nightmare.

For average tasks, normally hundreds of contributions would be awarded. A few would award thousands.

Adventurous and rough tasks provided an award of thousands of contributions, royal tasks tens of thousands and nightmare tasks could award as many as hundreds of thousands.

Different degrees of difficulty required a different state. For example, only people in the Mental Wander State could fulfill nightmare tasks.

"Which task are you going to claim?"

Jiang Chen heard a familiar voice. He looked over and found that was Wen Xin.

It seemed this woman hadn't detected the atmosphere in the Profound Theory Palace. She talked to him normally and was reading the task descriptions on the pedestals.

"Just having a look. I'll take it slowly. Anyway, I have two years."

Something occurred to Jiang Chen. He asked curiously, "As a princess, I guess you don't need to earn contributions by performing tasks? You could just buy the identity of senior disciple."

"A million rose gold coins are enough to train a talented guy to achieve the Mental Wander State," Wen Xin looked sideways at him. It was only one look, but Jiang Chen found it very sexy.

Jiang Chen nodded. Even if the Jiang Mansion sold all its property, they wouldn't have a million of anything.

"However, we cannot exchange contributions for rose gold coins. How unfair it is!" Jiang Chen smiled.

"But you can sell the panaceas and spiritual weapons for which you've exchanged your contributions," Wen Xin said.

While they were talking, Meng Hao burst into the Profound Theory Palace and went up to Jiang Chen. He said quickly, "Jiang Chen, no one wants the bamboos I've cut."

"Why?" Jiang Chen vaguely guessed what had happened.

"There were senior disciples acquiring bamboos outside of the bamboo forest. But they refused to acquire mine."

"Can't we also give them to the school?"

"The elders told me that my bamboos had been ruined," Meng Hao said angrily.

Jiang Chen looked over to the disciples staying away from him. He took a deep breath and thought to himself, "Looks they don't want me to survive here."

"Is anything wrong? I have some contributions that I can lend you," Wen Xin said.

Jiang Chen didn't refuse her. Otherwise he wouldn't have any food to eat that day.

To his surprise, three or four people entered the Profound Theory Palace at that moment. Judging from their uniforms, they were senior disciples. The guy walking in the front had drawn the attention of many.

"It's Apprentice Brother Zheng!" someone shouted with an adoring look, but the guy didn't respond to them. He was emotionless and went directly up to Jiang Chen.

However, he only glanced at Jiang Chen, then set his eyes on Wen Xin.

"Princess Wen Xin, don't stay too close to this guy." He pointed at Jiang Chen while speaking.

Instantly, many disciples in the Profound Theory Palace started to gloat, as if they had predicted this scene.

Ten days ago, Jiang Chen had passed the trial of the Natural Law School and killed Ning Ping and Zhang Shichao. The news spread quickly.

Maybe in those ten days during his stay in the Hong Mansion, Jiang Chen hadn't done anything, but at the same time, Ning Haotian had had everything planned, expecting Jiang Chen's arrival.

"Did you just give me an order?" Wen Xin frowned. It took her some time to understand what he meant.

"I'm doing it for your sake," Apprentice Brother Zheng said.

"He will teach me swordsmanship. If I don't stay close to him, who else will teach me? You?" Wen Xin showed her cheeky character perfectly.

"I won't be able to teach you swordsmanship, but this way, you won't lose the opportunity to be promoted to senior disciple," Apprentice Brother Zheng said.

"Are you threatening me?" Wen Xin's eyes were cold. She looked extremely displeased.

Nevertheless, Apprentice Brother Zheng wasn't affected. He thought Wen Xin's confidence came from her identity. He said, "Your princess identity won't help you here in the Natural Law School."

"Well, listen to this. I will absolutely hang out with Jiang Chen." After saying this, she suddenly felt like something was wrong. Actually, her relationship with Jiang Chen wasn't that intimate yet.

Apprentice Brother Zheng curled his lips and looked over to Meng Hao. He said, "If you agree to be my attendant, you'll be promoted to junior disciple in three months."

His intention was obvious by then. He was trying everything he could to isolate Jiang Chen.

Meng Hao was shocked by what he offered. His heart was pounding rapidly, but he didn't hesitate long. He shook his head and said, "I don't want to."

He was an honorable person. That was why Jiang Chen had helped him.

"Are you sure?! Think twice before you say no!" Apprentice Brother Zheng said with emphasis, since he had been refused twice.

"I'm sure," Meng Hao said.

Jiang Chen smiled. Apprentice Brother Zheng had an unreadable expression on his face.

"Great." Apprentice Brother Zheng gnashed his teeth and left.

"Wait!" Jiang Chen suddenly stopped him and said, "Don't you have anything to say to me?"

"You don't deserve it," Apprentice Brother Zheng sneered.

"Let me sort this out. You came up to me and threatened my friends. And you want to walk out of here so easily?" Jiang Chen walked up to him, a smile on his face.

"I'm always direct. What do you want?" Apprentice Brother Zheng said.


Jiang Chen went up to him and slapped him, to everyone's surprise. The slap was so powerful that he was bleeding from his mouth.

"My slaps always hurt like this. What do you want?" Jiang Chen taunted him.

Silence. There was only silence.

No junior disciples dared to slap senior disciples.

But Jiang Chen did.

"Looks like this Jiang Chen isn't a coward. This is getting interesting," people thought to themselves.

"B*stard!" Apprentice Brother Zheng was shocked, too. He rubbed his sore cheek. His eyes were blazing like fire. He threw his fist at Jiang Chen.

However, Jiang Chen dodged easily. He said, "You're only in the completed late stage of the Gathering Yuan State. How dare you behave so arrogantly before me? Don't you know that I just killed a guy in the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State?"

If Ning Haotian wanted to go against him, he wouldn't show any mercy, either.

"You are courting death!" Apprentice Brother Zheng shouted angrily. He started to exert his genuine yuan.

"What are you doing? Are you going to fight in the Profound Theory Palace?!"

At that moment, an old man's voice came from a corner of the palace. A small old man was sitting in an armchair and squinted at them.

"Elder Wu."

He looked like an average old man, but Apprentice Brother Zheng respected him a lot.

"Jiang Chen started it first," Apprentice Brother Zheng said with fury.

"Elder, I slapped him because he didn't watch his tongue. I didn't even use my genuine yuan. I hadn't intended to fight with him at all. Instead, it seemed like he wanted to kill me."

Jiang Chen had the rules in mind. He took advantage of their loopholes.

"Elder—" Apprentice Brother Zheng tried to refute the accusation immediately.

"Enough. Zheng Ping, you provoked Jiang Chen first. It's your fault. As for your hatred, restrain yourself before me," the elder interrupted him impatiently.


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