The Brilliant Fighting Master
62 The Contribution
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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62 The Contribution

The Natural Law School was located in the southern part of the Province of Widepool, among the mountains.

As one of the top ten sects in the Fire Field, the school didn't only own some buildings at the foot of the mountain. Instead, they had a whole city built in the mountains.

They had removed the mountains that were in their way. They changed the landform so that rivers would pass by all parts of the school.

If one saw the city from an airship, they would be shocked by the wonders they saw.

There were palaces everywhere in the mountains, and the mountains were connected with each other. There was greenery on the peaks. Hundred-year-old trees towered into the clouds. Great waterfalls poured down like majestic silver dragons.

If it was foggy, some of the buildings in the mountains were hidden and others were visible, like a view of heaven.

Jiang Chen and Meng Hao were also shocked by this view when they arrived there.

By showing the token he had received, Jiang Chen picked up his uniform, the key to his place, and a brochure with many rules listed on it.

The elder who gave these things to Jiang Chen warned him of the strict nature of the Natural Law School and suggested that he keep the rules in mind in order to avoid trouble.

When he arrived there, Jiang Chen found his residence was a large house with a courtyard. It was more than big enough for two people to live in.

"It's said that senior disciples of the Natural Law School will be allocated an entire mountain, on which there are palaces. Besides that, they are allowed to build their own alchemist rooms or herbal gardens and keep many spiritual beasts," Meng Hao said.

Jiang Chen was only a junior disciple at the moment, which was the lowest level in any sect or school.

Even so, countless numbers of people dreamed of becoming junior disciples of the Natural Law School.

In this way, Jiang Chen officially became a member of the Natural Law School.

He browsed the rules immediately in order to blend into the school as soon as possible. He obtained a rough idea about how the Natural Law School worked through its rules.

First, he paid attention to the rights of the junior disciples. The school would hand out panaceas and liquid of purifying to the disciples every month. The disciples were free to choose yellow level methods or martial techniques to practice.

But it was weird that the junior disciples didn't have any duties.

They didn't have to attend morning classes. There weren't any evaluations. They were almost completely free.

But there was one thing. Junior disciples would be evicted from the school if they couldn't be promoted to senior disciple in two years.

Looks the Natural Law School observes the junior disciples further. It's important to become a senior disciple.

Jiang Chen started to understand the requirements to become a senior disciple when he realized this.

Contribution of one million.

A line in the brochure caught his eye.


Jiang Chen frowned and kept reading, and he figured out what it was.

The Natural Law School was an independent world. They used "contributions" as their currency.

The disciples could even exchange gold for contributions. The exchange rate was one to one. There were chambers of commerce started by disciples or elders of the school, and there were even auction houses.

You can buy food with contribution.

Meng Hao was reading with Jiang Chen. He had realized what contributions were as well. He said, "So if you're rich, you can become a senior disciple immediately by paying the one million?"

Jiang Chen recalled what Ning Ping had said at the trial ground. Resources were one of the things the Natural Law School valued.

"And it's not average gold coins to exchange for contributions. It's rose gold coins. It would be tens of millions of rose gold coins if you wanted to exchange. It could be observed at the trial ground that the Natural Law School intended to make their disciples compete with each other and eliminate the weak ones.

"But in this way, the disciples will form groups and it will result in disunity of the whole school." Meng Hao couldn't understand it.

"What's the use in being a unit? Flocks of sheep are units, but they can only flee when facing a wolf. What the Natural Law School want are wolves!"

"Besides exchanging, I guess you can earn contributions, too," Meng Hao said questioningly.

"Exactly. You can fulfill tasks assigned by the school. The Natural Law School isn't that ruthless. They won't starve their disciples. You can perform routine tasks to earn them."

These routine tasks included hard labor at the waterwheels, which were not average waterwheels. They were powered by genuine yuan.

Or, one could cut bamboos in the mountains. There was a very special kind of bamboo there. It looked like average bamboo, but it was super tenacious. Average people were unable to cut it at all.

This bamboo could be fed to spiritual beasts. Not only could they be exchanged for contributions, but many junior disciples would purchase them.

"Well, let's earn our food first," Jiang Chen said.

Meng Hao stood opposite to him seriously and said, "Jiang Chen, let me handle it. I am here thanks to you. I have to work to pay you back. Leave these routine tasks to me. You don't have to waste your energy on this kind of things."

"But…" Jiang Chen didn't know how to respond.

"I'm doing this for myself, too. The sooner you become a senior, the quicker I can join the Swordquest School, right?" Meng Hao added, since he was afraid Jiang Chen would say no.

"All right. I'll take a look at other tasks and try to save up enough contributions as soon as possible."

Jiang Chen didn't expect cutting bamboos could be risky, so he didn't refuse.

The two separated. Jiang Chen went to the Profound Theory Palace.

This was where most junior disciples gathered. They were there claiming either tasks or disciples' benefits, so the Profound Theory Palace was always full of people.

It was eye-opening for Jiang Chen there.

Since, the Natural Law School was one of the top ten sects of the Fire Field, naturally, there were not only disciples from the Xia Dynasty, but also many foreign disciples.

Jiang Chen saw what exotic charm was there.

Suddenly, he saw Hong Youjun in the palace. She was wearing the disciples' uniform and looked stunning.

Jiang Chen was about to greet her, but to his surprise, she looked to the ground embarrassedly when she found Jiang Chen had seen her. She hurried to walk in another direction.

Jiang Chen was confused. He recalled he had invited Hong Youjun to come to the Natural Law School with him when he had stayed in the Hong Mansion, but she had refused with the excuse that she had some affairs to deal with.

At that moment he sensed she was keeping him at bay intentionally.

Hong Youjun was struggling. Her father had told her not to interact with Jiang Chen at the Natural Law School.

She didn't understand why at that moment, since Jiang Chen was their guest.

"It's not that we are being ungrateful. Jiang Chen has shown great kindness to us. We will pay him back in the future. But I don't want you to get into trouble. He killed Ning Ping and his father is imprisoned in the Black Dragon Pool. The Nings will take their revenge for sure. If you are with him, I'm afraid you'll be implicated in the trouble."

Hong Youjun didn't believe her father at the beginning, but after she arrived there, she had to admit what her father had said was reasonable.

In the Natural Law School, not only she, but everyone else, was avoiding Jiang Chen.

Ning Haotian was a key disciple of the Natural Law School at that time. There was a strong possibility that he would succeed as the school's next leader.

By then, he had the endorsement of more than half of the elders.

Of course, a school wasn't a family. Even though Jiang Chen and Ning Haotian were against each other, the remarkable way that they could not get along was rare.

However, the hatred between them was absolutely irreconcilable.

The holy pulse in Ning Haotian's body had been owned by Jiang Chen once. Nothing good would happen if they saw each other.

The elders regarded Jiang Chen as a thorn in their side, since he had blackened Ning Haotian's name.

As a result, the disciples would certainly avoid interacting with him.

Jiang Chen noticed that the disciples in the palace were gossiping about him behind his back. He felt uncomfortable with the way they looked at him.


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