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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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59 Pass

At the moment when the sword of wind struck down, the whole cliff rumbled. A crack appeared on the ground.

Jiang Chen hurried to run away from the crack, and a great landslide started. The rumble sounded like thunder.

At the same time, Ning Ping fell onto the ground. His body was still intact, but he was only one last breath away from his death.


Ning Ping uttered the word with difficulty. As soon as he opened his mouth, large amounts of blood spurted out.

Many arrows were aimed at Jiang Chen, who had just managed to stand firmly.

Jiang Chen didn't show any mercy, either. He killed all of the subordinates.

When he went back to Ning Ping, the eldest child of the Nings had already died. His eyes were still wide open.

If he hadn't provoked Jiang Chen, with his gear and subordinates, he would have passed the trial of the Natural Law School easily.


Jiang Chen was shot in the chest by an arrow. He fell down instantly, his hands covering the wound.

Su Qian came up to him with a resentful expression, holding a bow in her hand. She was about to put the second arrow onto the string.

"You must hate me a lot," Jiang Chen said.

Su Qian took a look at the arrow in Jiang Chen's chest first and then gave him a cruel smile. She said, "You shouldn't have written that certificate of divorce!"

"I am a hundred times more excellent than I was before. Did you ever regret it?" Jiang Chen said.

Su Qian hadn't expected him to say this. She became absent-minded. It was true. What if she hadn't broken up with him? Jiang Chen had become promising again. His grandfather had achieved the Mental Wander State.

She could become even more credible than before.

"It's already too late! You don't have much time left anyways," Su Qian said coldly.

Then she put the arrow on the bow and aimed at Jiang Chen.

"Not necessarily." To her surprise, Jiang Chen stood up suddenly and grabbed her bow.

"How…" Su Qian turned pale and kept stepping back.

Then her eyes were opened wide in surprise. It turned out Jiang Chen had been faking. He had caught the arrow that targeted his chest and was grasping it in hand so that Su Qian had the wrong impression that she had hit him.

"Jiang Chen… I… I'm not…"

The resentful expression on her face disappeared. She looked delicate and touching once again. The change was so sudden that Jiang Chen didn't know what to say at the moment.

"I really liked you, the Jiang Chen from before."

Jiang Chen let out a sigh and shot the arrow.

The arrow pierced through Su Qian's delicate body. She couldn't accept her unexpected death. Her stunned face froze there forever.

Jiang Chen was exhausted after all this. He only had a little genuine yuan left.

It was difficult for him to even move a finger.

However, he heard footsteps again. Jiang Chen couldn't help forcing himself to smile, thinking about how to deal with it.

Fortunately, it was Wen Xin.

She came because she had heard the noises there. She frowned at the corpses on the ground. When she saw Ning Ping's dead body, she was greatly surprised.

"You killed him?"

Wen Xin looked over to Jiang Chen, who was sitting on the ground, resting. She was assured when she saw him so exhausted.

"Who else could have?" Jiang Chen smiled.


Wen Xin didn't know what to say. Jiang Chen was in the beginning of the preliminary stage, but he had not only killed Jiang Shichao, but also killed Ning Ping and his subordinates. This was noteworthy.

Then she recalled his cheekiness when he was facing danger. At that moment it seemed to her that he had charm and confidence, since he was able to joke even in a life-and-death situation.

"Many people are coming this way. It'll be dangerous for you if they have any malicious intentions. I can help you," Wen Xin came up to him and said very quickly.

"So?" Jiang Chen sensed it was not that simple.

"Instruct my swordsmanship after the trial," Wen Xin said.

"You know how to take advantage of me well. No problem!"

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and stretched his right hand out to her, but he found her expression became very weird. She looked embarrassed, and kept standing there, still.

"Do you want me to crawl down the mountain?" Jiang Chen asked.

Wen Xin crouched down. She took Jiang Chen's hand to put it around her shoulders and helped him stand up.

Jiang Chen didn't weigh much. Wen Xin was tall. It should have been easy, yet she was blushing and walking quite strangely.

Jiang Chen noticed this and found it amusing. On the surface, she was an aloof, pretty girl, but she was actually extremely shy.

He changed his position intentionally. He smiled and sidled up to Wen Xin, then whispered into her ear, "Have you ever been so close to a man?"

His breath washed over her ear. Even her neck started to blush.

She loosened her hold and Jiang Chen fell onto the ground.

"Hey, that was too much!" Jiang Chen looked to be in pain. His eyes were filled with dissatisfaction.

"If you don't stop talking nonsense, I'll leave you here," Wen Xin warned him while she helped him up again.

This time, Jiang Chen behaved himself. They went down the mountain in silence.

But to their surprise, they met someone on the way.

"Wen Xin, you two…"

It was Hong Youjun. She came because she had heard the noises as well. She didn't expect to run into Wen Xin and Jiang Chen, who were so close together.

Seen by an acquaintance in such a situation, Wen Xin wished she could find a cave to hide in. Jiang Chen had learned his lesson. He grasped her shoulder tightly, lest she loosen her hold on him.

"He's injured," Wen Xin explained, and then went on walking.

Hong Youjun went up to Wen Xin and whispered to her, "Wen Xin, he is being chased by Ning Ping and Zhang Shichao."

Although Jiang Chen was kind to her brother, the trial ground was a cruel place, and people had to be realistic.

"Ning Ping is dead. His body is on the mountain," Wen Xin said.

"So is Zhang Shichao," Jiang Chen smiled.

Hong Youjun was even more surprised than Wen Xin, and she was embarrassed by what Jiang Chen had said. He had heard what she said to Wen Xin.

The three of them found a place to stay. Wen Xin immediately helped Jiang Chen sit down so that he could regulate his breath by himself.

This time, it took him the whole day to recover.

When he opened his eyes, he had achieved the beginning of the middle stage of the Gathering Yuan State.

The enhancement that a desperate battle could bring people was huge, and it was even greater when it came to a fighting genius.

In the air, Elder Cloudcrane was relieved when he saw Jiang Chen's state enhancement. At that moment, there was almost no one at the trial ground that could be a match for Jiang Chen.

He was even more joyful when he saw Elder Li's long face.

"Even if he joins the Natural Law School, Ning Haotian won't let him off easy," Elder Li said.

"The Natural Law School doesn't belong to Ning Haotian," Elder Cloudcrane said.


Elder Li left in a fit of rage, maybe because he didn't want to stay there, or maybe because he wanted to inform Ning Haotian as soon as possible.

As for Jiang Chen, as Elder Cloudcrane had observed, there was no equal rival of his at the trial ground after he had achieved the beginning of the middle stage.

On the third day, everyone at the trial ground was informed of the deaths of Zhang Shichao and Ning Ping.

Everyone was busy trying not to even run into Jiang Chen, let alone trying to grab his flags of the natural law.

The trial ended on the fiftieth day, when Jiang Chen had collected five flags successfully. So had Wen Xin and Hong Youjun.

Wen Xin's ability was obviously excellent, so it was natural for her to have achieved it. As for Hong Youjun, she was extremely grateful to Jiang Chen, since she had procured the five flags successfully thanks to him.


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