The Brilliant Fighting Master
58 Dance in the Wind
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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58 Dance in the Wind

Jiang Chen had neither flame arrows nor tactical formations, and couldn't retreat.

Ning Ping was enjoying the moment, since the situation was favorable for him.

If the elders weren't watching in the air, he might have accosted Su Qian in front of Jiang Chen to get revenge for the disgrace the latter had brought him.

"You've chased me for a whole day, but haven't told me why," Jiang Chen said.

"Simple. It will be dangerous for us if you join the Natural Law School. So we have to kill you," Ning Ping smiled.

"That's all? You robbed me of the holy pulse, and don't even allow me to have a future?" Jiang Chen knew he shouldn't get angry at this moment, but he couldn't help it.

Ning Ping's smile became even more brilliant. He raised his hands in a helpless gesture and said, "Listen to this douchebag. Did you have plans to seek justice? Ha, what fools you and your father are! You had the chance to negotiate with us and earn a great amount of wealth for the Southwind Ridge, but you didn't want to. Instead, you chose a dead end. Now your father is even worse off than he would be dead. And you can't do anything but scream here."

"Scream?" Jiang Chen burst into laughter and grasped the Redcloud Sword tightly.

"What? You don't want to give in? But what else can you do? It's the law of the jungle. It's your fate."

A silver spear appeared in Ning Ping's hand. He looked like a general returning in triumph with his silver spear and silver dragon armor.

"Your head will be the first price the Black Dragon City pays," Jiang Cheng said coldly.

"What a great speech!"

Ning Ping curled his lips and charged forward with his spear. The silver dragon armor on him emitted a powerful energy. He was barreling forward like a chariot.

Even if he discarded the silver spear, he could injure Jiang Chen just by running into him.

Of course, that would only happen if Jiang Chen didn't have the Redcloud Sword.

"Dragon Flight!"

Ning Ping's spear method was quite ordinary, but his advantage was his powerful genuine yuan and silver dragon armor. Even if he was fighting with someone in his state, his opponent would have to dodge him.

But Jiang Chen didn't retreat, still standing on the cliff. That was why Ning Ping was so happy.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Three Movements in One!"

Jiang Chen performed his special movement. The sword ray was amazingly colorful, but the aggression under it was fatal.

"Before pure strength, no matter whether you've mastered the spirit of the sword or the sword point, it will be useless!"

Ning Ping didn't even try to dodge. He pushed toward Jiang Chen forcefully, but soon, he paid the price.

A triangle formed by three swords became visible in front of his chest. One of the swords broke the silver spear, and the other two thrust into his shoulder and chest.

Ning Ping was shocked to see that the silver dragon armor wasn't able to defend him from the sword ray.

His chest was aching, especially his shoulder. The bone connecting his shoulder and arm broke, and he couldn't even move his left hand.

He looked over to the Redcloud Sword Jiang Chen was holding.

The blade had grown bigger with the ray around it. Especially when Jiang Chen injected his genuine yuan into it, like a chemical reaction, the ray suddenly developed into a holy blade that could break anything in the world.

And Jiang Chen wasn't giving away any expression, only his eyes were emitting a light sharper than the sword ray.

Ning Ping panicked and hurried to step back.

I can't beat him? That's impossible.

Ning Ping tried to calm down. When he took a look at Jiang Chen, he found Jiang Chen's hand that was holding the sword was trembling slightly, and there was blood flowing through his fingers.

"As I expected, it's impossible for him to stay uninjured if he confronts me directly."

Ning Ping eased up. Although the silver dragon armor was damaged, he wasn't injured. And Jiang Chen was.

Ning Ping immediately threw away the broken spear and drew his sword out of its sheath.

"I forgot to tell you that my specialty was knife methods," Ning Ping said.

"I will kill you even at the cost of my silver dragon armor!

"Thousands of Knife Waves!"

Ning Ping was acting like a crazy person. The energy emitted by his knife movement was like rolling waves, each wave stronger than the last.

With Jiang Chen's swordsmanship level, he certainly wouldn't be beaten by such a knife movement, but he had to parry. Although he defused most of the strength of the attack, he was still impacted by the great force.

It should be fine.

The two were desperately fighting on the cliff. The scene was tense.

Ning Ping's subordinates were waiting with their bows, ready to shoot when it was necessary.

Su Qian was the most nervous one. Jiang Chen was the stain on her otherwise perfect life. She had to get rid of him.

Jiang Chen received more wounds, but Ning Ping was all right. Only his silver dragon armor was damaged, and only a little.

"Even though the silver dragon armor is totally damaged, as long as Ning Ping stays uninjured, Jiang Chen will definitely die as they continue the fight," Su Qian smiled complacently when she thought of this.

In the air, Elder Li was emotional as well. He thought, "As I expected, he has shown his ace in the hole, and there is certainly a difference in states. No matter how great he is, this difference can't be ignored."

He noticed the long face of Elder Cloudcrane, who was beside him, and smiled complacently. "Cloudcrane, face the reality."

Elder Cloudcrane snorted and refused to speak, but he had to admit that Jiang Chen was in danger.

Jiang Chen was gasping for breath, his body stained with blood. Luckily, he had dodged in time, so his wounds weren't deep.

Besides the wounds, Jiang Chen's genuine yuan was in a far worse state than Ning Ping's as well.

He was in the peak of the preliminary stage of the Gathering Yuan State, while Ning Ping was in the beginning of the late stage. There was a huge difference in their genuine yuan storage.

"Give it up! You look terrible." Ning Ping smiled.

"It's time," Jiang Chen said.

"What?" Ning Ping didn't understand.

Jiang Chen didn't answer. He took a look at the sword trail on the silver dragon armor and suddenly changed his sword movement. He stepped forward.

"Dance in the Wind!"

This movement was the unique movement Jiang Chen had created in the mountain.

In this movement, he integrated all of his advantages together, like the spiral genuine yuan of the Tai Ji Wan and the full spirit of the sword.

Ning Ping was about to chase when he saw Jiang Chen retreating. But as soon as he approached, he was obliged to step back by the power of the Redcloud Sword.

Before he realized what had happened, a whirlwind started around Jiang Chen. Wind pillars formed in an extremely short time. It was so powerful that even Jiang Chen, who was in the center of the whirlwind, was off the ground.

But he didn't lose his balance. Instead, he was brandishing his sword in the whirlwind.

With each strike, the whirlwind became more violent.

The gravel on the ground was sucked up by the whirlwind first. The horses of Ning Ping's subordinates sensed the danger and fell into disorder.

Someone shouted immediately when he realized how dangerous the situation was. "Young Master Ning Ping, come back!"

"Shoot! Shoot!" Ning Ping ordered while retreating.

The arrows were shot. They flew extremely fast under the influence of the whirlwind. However, when they approached the wind pillars, they were smashed into pieces in a second.

"Ning Ping, go to hell!" Jiang Chen was well prepared. With a wave of his sword, the wind pillars shifted into a sword shape and struck at Ning Ping.

Ning Ping knew he had no way to escape, so he tried to dodge with the protection of the silver dragon armor. He covered his head with his hands.

However, when the sword of wind approached, Ning Ping found his silver dragon armor smashed, following the sword trail Jiang Chen had left.

Is that what Jiang Chen wanted, at the cost of his own blood?!

Ning Ping panicked, but it was too late for him to change anything. The sword of wind struck down and engulfed him.


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