The Brilliant Fighting Master
54 Spiritual Armour
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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54 Spiritual Armour

Once he made it into the tactical formation, Zhang Shichao was attacked by flying swords.


Zhang Shichao was given a good scare. To his knowledge, there was no way he would have come into contact with flying swords.

The flying swords were out of control. They were flying everywhere. Nobody's eyes could follow them.

Suddenly, five flying swords started to attack from different directions.

Zhang Shichao was worth his title of top 500 on the Eternal Flame List. At this crucial moment, he horizontally put his knife at waist height, transformed into a figure of fire, and started to whirl.

A fire pillar soared up. There was a crisp sound when the flying swords hit against it.

"Slashing at the Mountain!" Jiang Chen suddenly jumped into the air holding the knife in his left hand and struck down.

The strike looked ordinary, but had a terrifying power. The lasting chime of the knife sounded like a beast's roar.

"Gosh, what knife movement is this?"

"He has mastered the full spirit of the sword, but how is his knife movement so powerful?!"

"What an incredible youngster!"

The elders of the Natural Law School were all shocked. Overlooking from the air, they could see it the best. With Jiang Chen as the center, the area around him had been turned into his knife's domain, which no one could approach.

Zhang Shichao would definitely die under his knife.

He also realized that, and he recalled what Jiang Chen had said when they arrived at the trial grounds.

In the end, I am the prey. This was the final thought of Zhang Shichao. When the knife hit him, the fire pillar disappeared. And in this way, he died.

The attack also left a striking three hundred foot long knife trail on the ground. Everything the trail passed through was cut into two.

"Retreat! This is a tactical formation!"

Ning Ping got scared. Even he didn't know what exactly he was most afraid of, the flying swords or the powerful knife.

"Too late!"

Jiang Chen took actively attacked with flying swords surrounding him. He dashed towards Ning Ping's subordinates.

He had to kill them, since they were armed with bows.

With some screams, the dead people fell off their horses one by one.

The others found the opportunity to retreat while their companions were dying. When the fifth died, they made it out of the tactical formation completely.

But Jiang Chen took out his spiritual bow and shot them at great speed when they hadn't even had the time to give a sigh of relief.

He used the second flame arrow to aim at Ning Ping.

"Where did he get the spiritual bow and spiritual arrow? Is he really from the Hundred Thousand Mountains?!" Elder Li started to curse. Even though it was a class-one spiritual bow and arrow, average people couldn't afford them.

A flame arrow was a consumable product, but it was as expensive as a class-one spiritual sword, since it had great power to kill.

Jiang Chen had once killed the vice leader of the Bloody Hand Gang with an arrow. That guy was in the beginning of the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State. People could imagine how powerful the arrow must have been.

However, although the other arrows reached their targets, the flame arrow failed.

The arrow gave off terrific power when it was a couple feet away from Ning Ping. Infinite flames fell onto him and his animal, but only his animal screamed. Ning Ping walked out of the flame intact.

Jiang Chen didn't notice until then that he was in black armor, which had flowing lights on it. It was spiritual armor!

The flame arrow had hit an invisible light wall. It was the defense power of the spiritual armour.

Ning Ping looked sullen. He had suffered a great loss in a short time.

He finally realized Jiang Chen was far more difficult to kill than he had originally imagined.

"Jiang Chen, this tactical formation can't move. Let's see how long you can stay here."

Ning Ping had made up his mind. He would wait until Jiang Chen left his formation. Until then, he didn't mind waiting outside.

As a disciple of the Black Dragon City, he knew all about tactical formations.

The biggest problem of a temporary tactical formation was the consumption of energy.

Once the energy was used up, the formation would lose its power.

"Watch him carefully. Don't let him take the tactic pennants away," Ning Ping ordered.

He had suffered such a great loss. Of course he wanted Jiang Chen to pay the price.

"Ning Ping, that arrow also consumed a lot of your spiritual armor, didn't it?" Jiang Chen said in a cold voice.

"So what? Do you want to come out of the formation to fight with me?" Ning Ping scoffed at him.

"No. I only want to know whether it can handle another arrow."

While he was speaking, Jiang Chen put another flame arrow on his bow. This was the last one he had.

Ning Ping's armor had been able to intercept the arrow because it was in its peak form. But at that moment, it didn't have enough energy to intercept another one.

"Where did you get so many spiritual weapons? Aren't you just a guy from the Hundred Thousand Mountains?"

Ning Ping knew Jiang Chen pretty well. He also knew the Hundred Thousand Mountains and the Southwind Ridge pretty well. He knew that except for the Windblade, no one else there was in the Mental Wander State. In short, it was a poor and weak area.

However, Jiang Chen had more spiritual weapons than him.

Ning Ping was unable to stay calm. His body tensed up. He shouted at his subordinates, "What are you waiting for? His arrow?"

They finally came to themselves, and took out their bows to shoot, but once their arrows entered the formation, they were struck down by the flying swords.

"Go to hell." Jiang Chen loosened his fingers. The spiritual arrow dashed out like a running horse.

Ning Ping gnashed his teeth. He put his hands in front of his chest, and, wisely, didn't run away.

The two were quite close to each other. The flame arrow was travelling at a high speed.

This time the light wall didn't stop the flame arrow. Ning Ping flew in the air as if a bomb had exploded next to him. When he finally landed, he was already ten-odd yards away.


However, Ning Ping stood up quickly. His body was covered with dirt and ashes, but he wasn't injured.

However, his spiritual armor had already turned dark and lost its luster.

"If only I had another arrow," Jiang Chen thought pitifully.

"Although you are great, you're still weak when compared to the Black Dragon City. You guys from the Southwind Ridge are nobody!"

"I'll show you what desperation feels like!"

Ning Ping flew into a rage. He took off his spiritual armor and threw it away. Then he put silver protectors on his hands.


Jiang Chen opened his eyes wide. He saw the protectors on Ning Ping's hands start to grow along his body and turn into silver armor covering his whole body, shinier than the one he had been wearing previously.

What was more important was, this was class-two spiritual armor!

"You want to compete with the Black Dragon City in wealth? How ridiculous!"

After a sneer, Ning Ping walked into the formation directly.

The flying swords hit him, but failed to leave any marks on the spiritual armor.

Usually only powerful people in the Mental Wander State were equipped with such strong spiritual armor.

Since even a youngster like Ning Ping could have one, it was not difficult to imagine how powerful the Black Dragon City was.

"Jiang Chen, you should know that I could have killed you easily, but I didn't want to waste my energy. You forced me to put on this Silver Dragon Armor. Don't blame me for that."

"Ha." To everyone's surprise, Jiang Chen didn't fear him at all. Instead, he started to laugh.

"Why are you laughing?"

Zhang Shichao didn't understand why he was laughing, nor did Ning Ping.

"This spiritual armor is quite powerful. Almost no one in the Gathering Yuan State could defeat it, and it helps to strengthen your genuine yuan. If a guy in the peak of the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State puts it on, he will even be able to contend with a guy in the beginning of the Mental Wander State for a few seconds. However…" Jiang Chen stopped here and smiled mysteriously.

"However?" Ning Ping was curious to know what he wanted to say.

"Look here."

Jiang Chen pointed at his legs and said, "Your spiritual armour will be of no use."

"Won't it?" Ning Ping pretended he didn't believe it, but he was actually worried. Could he have some special spiritual weapons on his legs?

"Because, you'll be extremely clumsy with your spiritual armor. And with the help of my legs, I can… run away!"

Hardly had his voice disappeared when he broke into a run, leaving his tactic pennants behind.

Ning Ping was dumbfounded. He opened his eyes wide and wanted to chase him, but exactly as Jiang Chen said, he couldn't run with the Silver Dragon Armor on!

At the end of his wits, Ning Ping shouted, "I'll pay a handsome reward to whoever kills Jiang Chen!"


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