The Brilliant Fighting Master
53 The Cream of the Crop
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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53 The Cream of the Crop

It was widely known that the Black Dragon City had robbed Jiang Chen of his holy pulse. Unlike the Nings, most people felt angry about what had been done.

But what could they do? Ning Haotian was growing up fast. Besides, they were related to the royal family. No one dared to condemn their crime, and the victim, at the time, had only been a trivial force in the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

If the Windblade hadn't shown his astonishing strength when he was seeking justice in the Black Dragon City, maybe no one would have heard about what had happened.

If Jiang Chen joined the Natural Law School, people would be reminded of what Ning Haotian had done, and this would be an unfavorable factor for him if he wanted to compete for the leader's position.

Elder Li was expecting to have a bright future after Ning Haotian became leader. Of course he wouldn't allow Jiang Chen to pass the trial so easily.

Elder Cloudcrane had been unhappy with what the Black Dragon City had done for a long time. The moment when he saw Jiang Chen with his own eyes, he was impressed by the latter's performance.

"This Jiang Chen is from the Southwind Ridge of the Hundred Thousand Mountains. He's the guy whose holy pulse was robbed by Ning Haotian," Elder Cloudcrane said.

The other elders didn't know about that. They started a lively discussion when they heard.

Elder Li was displeased to hear him mentioning it. He said, frowning, "Elder Cloudcrane, watch your mouth! The Windblade made a transaction with his son's holy pulse with the Nings and intended to blackmail them. That's why he was imprisoned."

This was the story told by the Black Dragon City. No matter how shameless they were, they needed a cover-up.

According to the Black Dragon City, the Windblade had offered his son's holy pulse for sale and ended up making a scene due to a disagreement on the price.

This story didn't sound convincing, it was even a bit ridiculous.

But what Elder Cloudcrane was worried about was that with the influence of the Black Dragon City and Ning Haotian's development, within a few years people would really accept this story and forget the truth.

"Elder Li, do you really believe this story? I am surprised," Elder Cloudcrane said sarcastically.

Two people who had had few interactions in life were arguing over Jiang Chen.

How strange!

Elder Li didn't want to keep arguing over whether it was true or false. He set his eyes on Jiang Chen, who was fleeing, and said, "I don't think Jiang Chen is good enough, so he can't pass the trial ahead of time. That's the rule."

All the elders had to reach a consensus in order to make a decision.

"Fine. Last year you felt satisfied with a girl who was far worse than Jiang Chen, but you recruited her as your disciple anyway. I didn't say anything at that time since I tried to save face for you. But now I think it's necessary to inform the leader of the story and ask him to investigate whether there were any dirty tricks in it."

Elder Li was shocked. That girl's family had bribed him, and he had also slept with the girl.

"Cloudcrane, do you really want to make an enemy of me because of Jiang Chen?!"

"You're the one setting yourself against me!" Elder Cloudcrane shouted at him.

"Great. When Ning Haotian succeeds the current leader, I'll tell him what happened today very precisely. Let's see how you will survive then."

"You are talking like he is already the leader. Even if he is, if he can't tell right from wrong, is the Natural Law School still the Natural Law School?"

"You said it. I'll keep that in mind."

"You'd better write it down!"

The other elders tried to mediate between them, but their relationship had been broken, since this wasn't a matter of hatred, but a matter of principle.

"When Jiang Chen dies, you'll not only receive no benefit, but also have offended Ning Haotian. You'll regret it then!" Elder Li said coldly.

As for Jiang Chen, he didn't know there were people arguing over him in the air. He was running with Wen Xin at full speed.

"Princess, thank you for your help. I didn't expect that."

"I've done nothing yet. You don't need to thank me. I don't think what they're doing is fair, that's all." Wen Xin said, "What's your plan?"

Jiang Chen looked back. Ning Ping, Zhang Shichao, and the others were coming closer and closer.

"As you said, you've done nothing yet. And they're only targeting me—" Jiang Chen said.

"You want me to leave?" Wen Xin interrupted him.

Wen Xin shook her head and said, "If we can find Hong Youjun, we might have a chance."

"I don't think so. I fought with her before. She isn't powerful enough to help us," Jiang Chen said.

"So what can you do if you're alone?"

"At least I can run faster."

"Fine!" Wen Xin flew into a rage when she heard Jiang Chen saw her as a burden. She stopped and said, "I'll leave you alone."

Jiang Chen didn't stop. He turned around a corner and continued to flee.

"He said that intentionally!" Wen Xin suddenly realized, but Jiang Chen was already out of sight.

So she randomly chose a direction to move in.

As Jiang Chen expected, Ning Ping and Zhang Shichao didn't care about Wen Xin at all.

"Jiang Chen, can just your two legs outrun us?"

Those who riding instead of walking caught up to him soon.

"Looks like there will be a slaughter."

A sense of coldness flashed in Jiang Chen's eyes. He stopped and took out four tactic pennants from his mustardseed ring.

The elders' facial expressions changed upon seeing this.

"Is he deploying a tactical formation?" Elder Li couldn't believe it.

"Ha, great. He is so surprising," Elder Cloudcrane was pleasantly surprised.

Elder Li pulled a long face. If everyone had infinite time, everyone could be a master. But the problem was that everyone had to make efforts to enhance their states and practice martial arts techniques at the same time.

They didn't have spare time to spend on other things, otherwise they would only become a Jack of all trades and master of none.

Jiang Chen had mastered the full spirit of the sword. This must have taken him a lot of time, but he was in a good state as well. He was definitely the cream of the crop, a genuine genius.

But that was not enough. At the moment Jiang Chen showed that he could deploy tactical formations, too!

How did he do it?

Tactical formations were as complicated and mysterious as refining panaceas. Only those unable to enhance their states any more would spend time in studying them.

Where did he get so many pure yang stones? That was what Elder Li was wondering. The energy source of Jiang Chen's formation was pure yang stones.

At first glance, those pure yang stones were quite valuable. Average people couldn't have attained them.

Of course, he didn't know Jiang Chen's home had a whole strain of pure yang minerals to tap into.

While Jiang Chen was deploying his tactical formation, Ning Ping and Zhang Shichao had caught up to him. Ning Ping's subordinates surrounded Jiang Chen completely.

"Won't you keep running?" Zhang Shichao showed a grim smile.

"You suffered defeat at my hands. How do you have the nerve to say this to me?" Jiang Chen asked.

"What did you say?! That was only because I fell into your trap. Do you really think you can beat me?" Zhang Shichao said angrily.

"Really? I'll give you another chance then. Bring it on if you have the nerve," Jiang Chen sneered, ignoring Ning Ping and the others.


Zhang Shichao didn't give it a second thought. Even the elders in the air didn't expect he could deploy tactical formations, let alone young Zhang Shichao.

"This time I won't use my sword. I'll beat you with a knife."

It seemed Jiang Chen wanted more. He put away the Redcloud Sword and took out an ordinary long knife.

Zhang Shichao pulled a long face. He wanted to rip Jiang Chen apart.

"Go to hell!"

Zhang Shichao charged into the formation with long strides.


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