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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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52 Cheating


Jiang Chen was glad instead of scared. He wanted to irritate Zhang Shichao.

All energy had a source. Zhang Shichao had consumed all his genuine yuan in order to exert such a powerful knife movement, and he was about to reach his limit after a random attack.

This attack of his marked his decline.

It was exactly the opportunity Jiang Chen was waiting for.

"The third movement of the Rainbow Sword Method: the arc of rainbow!"

His attack surprised everyone.

At that moment, Zhang Shichao looked like a beast with eight tails. He had nowhere to hide.

He recalled Jiang Chen's previous behaviors and thought he was very unpredictable.

"Ha, are you trying to irritate me? That's a big mistake!"

Zhang Shichao wasn't foolish. He knew what Jiang Chen was thinking. He wasn't afraid at all. Although his knife movement was about to end, he was still able to fight Jiang Chen back.

"Although you've mastered the spirit of the sword, the state is also important. Do you think you're already matchless?!" Zhang Shichao shouted at Jiang Chen. At the same time, the eight flame knives gathered and attacked Jiang Chen together while he was charging.

Jiang Chen's sword movement looked elegant. The swordsman and the sword formed an image with great artistic conception.

But under the attack of Zhang's powerful genuine yuan, it was like a delicate paper flower close to a roaring flame and couldn't withstand a single blow.


Without any signal, Jiang Chen broke out. He converted all of his genuine yuan into spiral form.

His aggression massively increased instantly. The ray emitted by his sword overrode the flame.

Exactly at that moment, the flame knife struck down!

With a blare, the power generated by the collision between the sword and the knife destroyed everything. A giant crater appeared where they were standing. The flame was soaring up. The sword rays were moving as fast as a horse.

Wen Xin closed her eyes and brandished her sword forward.

One of the sword's rays had dashed towards her together with flame. If she hadn't reacted in time, she would have been wounded.

There was a high risk of even watching a fight between two men in the Gathering Yuan State, but what concerned Wen Xin more was the result.

She and the others took a deep breath when they looked at the two.

Zhang Shichao, who everyone had assumed would win the fight, was lying on his back on the ground and couldn't move at all. His spiritual knife was stuck in a cracked stone forty feet away. It was completely dark and had lost the characteristics of a spiritual weapon.

In comparison, Jiang Chen was still standing in the same place. He looked almost as if he hadn't been affected, except that his hair was a bit messy.

The Redcloud Sword in his hand was emitting a red ray that was as bright as a flame.

"As I said, we don't know yet who the prey is," Jiang Chen sneered.

As soon as the spiral genuine yuan was manipulated, Zhang Shichao had already lost his chance to win. Besides, Jiang Chen had mastered the spirit of the sword.

He walked up to Zhang, intending to kill the latter with the Redcloud Sword.

Zhang Shichao's eyes were filled with fear, as well as reluctance. He thought he wouldn't have lost if he had just been more careful.

But that "if" was a matter of life and death.

Zhang Shichao knew Jiang Chen wasn't a guy who postured. He would cut his throat open without any hesitation, but at that moment, an arrow whooshed through the sky and flew towards Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had to leave Zhang Shichao aside and dodge it immediately.

Then he saw someone that seemed familiar to him, but he couldn't recall where he had seen the youngster, who was riding a beast.

None of the candidates at the trial ground had come with a mount. This meant he must have subdued this beast after entering.

"It has been a long time since we met, Jiang Chen."

It was Ning Ping, who wanted to kill Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen recalled who he was after hearing his voice.

He had seen him in the Black Dragon City, when he was standing with Ning Haotian.

"Who are you?!" Zhang Shichao couldn't handle the situation. He was breathing rapidly since he had come so close to death.

"If I hadn't shot that arrow, you would have died. Since we have the same goal, which is to kill Jiang Chen, let's work together." Ning Ping talked about his assassination plans recklessly. He didn't care at all that Jiang Chen was present.

"How did he offend the Black Dragon City?" It was to Wen Xin's surprise that the guy from the Hundred Thousand Mountains was so troublesome, but anyway, she thought she should come forward. So she said, "Two versus one, that's unfair."

From the strength Jiang Chen had shown, Wen Xin thought he deserved her help. They had a great chance of winning if it was two versus two.

"Princess, this is between the Black Dragon City and Jiang Chen. You'd better stay out of this," Ning Ping said coldly.

"Are you threatening me?" Wen Xin wasn't an average woman. She didn't buy this at all.

"Even if you're a princess, that doesn't matter here."

Ning Ping waved his hand. Around ten guys riding beasts appeared by the creek. They seemed ready for dispatch.

"This is cheating!" Wen Xin got nervous.

This was normal. Powerful forces would arrange for many people to enter the trial ground and help their most important disciple.

"What the Natural Law School values is a disciple's potential to develop. Wealth and influence are essential conditions to serve this purpose," Ning Ping said.

"I can work with you, but I want to kill him with my own hands!" Zhang Shichao felt lucky when he realized what was happening, but at the same time, he made a request.

One special thing about the Eternal Flame List was that if anyone on the list was beaten, he would be removed from the list instead of dropping down.

If he wanted to return to the list, he had to challenge someone on the list.

Zhang Shichao's ranking on the Eternal Flame List was number 483. At that moment Jiang Chen took that ranking.

But if Jiang Chen died at the trial ground, it would be a different story.

That's why Zhang Shichao was so eager to kill him. At that time he felt confident, since Ning Ping's team was there.

Their rival was superior in number and gear. Jiang Chen and Wen Xin looked at each other and chose to escape. "So, run!"

A chase began. It was not only the first killing but also the one on the greatest scale at the trial ground.

The elders on the airships certainly paid attention to it.

"What Jiang Chen is facing is the most difficult situation in the history of the trial. If he is still alive in two days, let's accept him as our disciple ahead of time."

An elder with grey hair who was already over fifty said.

Although the Natural Law School insisted on recruiting unyielding disciples, they knew everyone had a limit.

In Jiang Chen's case, it would be too much to require him to make it through the whole trial alive.

This elder treasured Jiang Chen's talent, so he didn't want him to die.

The elders beside him didn't oppose him and kept their silence, but another elder said, "Elder Cloudcrane, I don't think this is a good idea. People will talk if they hear about it."

Elder Cloudcrane was irritated, not because someone had opposed him, but because of what that elder had just said.

As he recalled, last year that elder had recruited a disciple with talent ahead of time. He and the others hadn't opposed at that time, so he actually owed them a favor.

But at that moment he was talking nonsense. Of course Elder Cloudcrane was angry with him.

Elder Li isn't someone who doesn't return the favor, and we have no bad blood between us. Is he hiding something from us?

Elder Cloudcrane kept dwelling on the matter. Suddenly, something occurred to him.

Elder Li and the other elders had greatly supported Ning Haotian. They wanted him to be the next leader.

That Ning Ping was also from the Nings. And he seemed to be Ning Haotian's cousin!

Jiang Chen? Is he that Ning Chen who was robbed of the holy pulse?

Elder Cloudcrane swiftly understood the situation. No wonder Elder Li didn't want Jiang Chen to join the Natural Law School!


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