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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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50 The Weak

Su Qian was also watching Jiang Chen. She was quite satisfied with herself for the good result she had achieved.

At the moment Jiang Chen was looking at the rare stone and thinking to himself, "They test the genuine yuan one has achieved from practice to judge one's method class. The higher one's method class is, the more difficult it is, and the stronger the rare stone will react. Then they can decide how great one's talent is."

All talent test tools worked in the same way. They decided one's talent by some measurement.

Jiang Chen knew he had to try his best, since he only had this one chance. If he didn't satisfy the requirement, he would have no more opportunities.

So he put his hand onto the rare stone and put his best effort forth.

To everyone's surprise, the rare stone started to shake. The light beam surged up like water rushed over a broken dam.

One hundred zhangs was just a start. Under that horrible strength, the light beam reached two hundred zhangs, and then three hundred zhangs… It didn't stop until it reached five hundred zhangs.

The crowd was stunned silent for a good while. They raised their heads up to look toward the end of the light beam. It was so silent that even the drop of a pin could be heard.

Those from the Natural Law School on the airship also had to raise their heads in order to see the end of the light beam.

"Gosh! Who is this? What's his ranking on the Eternal Flame List?!"

"Should be in the top 500."

"No. Definitely in the top 300!"

A lively discussion started among the crowd. Jiang Chen immediately grasped the attention of the whole world.

Su Qian had a frozen smile on her face. She felt something indescribable.

The elders of the Natural Law School smiled again. They were looking at Jiang Chen in the way one would appreciate a gem.

"It's impossible!" Yang Jiangwei was dumbfounded at the result as well.

Theoretically, he should be happy that people from Ninedragons had beaten those from the capital. That was true, but only if he and Jiang Chen hadn't already become enemies.

"Oh? No wonder Aunt is wary of him."

Ning Ping was shocked, too. For some unknown reason, he became excited by the prospect of killing this man.

Suddenly, Zhang Shichao came up to Jiang Chen with a sullen face.

"What's your name?" He asked Jiang Chen rudely.

"My name is 'I don't have to answer ill-mannered people's questions,'" Jiang Chen said.

Hong Youjun and Wen Xin overheard him. They recalled how Jiang Chen had treated them.

"Where is this guy from?" Wen Xin asked out of curiosity.

"He's from the Hundred Thousand Mountains," Hong Youjun said. Jiang Chen had been staying in the Hong Mansion those days, so she had gotten to know him to some extent.

"Seriously?" Wen Xin was surprised. She was full of doubts. His temperament didn't make it seem like he was someone from the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

At this moment Zhang Shichao said something that dumbfounded the whole world.

"Quit the recruitment test. Stay out of the trial."

He was speaking in an orderly tone that didn't allow any refusal.

"Oh?" Jiang Chen was looking at him as if he were an idiot.

"I don't like others being better than me. If you take part in the trial, I will definitely kill you!" Zhang Shichao said coldly.

A maniac!

People who had heard about his style of acting were assured at this moment. He would kill people for a trivial reason.

Some people looked over to the airship. The elders of the Natural Law School didn't intend to step in. They were satisfied, even, with Zhang Shichao's behavior.

"You'll kill me? Why don't you go up to heaven instead?" Jiang Chen sneered at him.

If one threatens in a perfect manner, with perfect threatening tones and facial expressions, but the threatened one scoffs at him instead of being intimidated, he will become a joke.

Zhang Shichao's sullen face looked terrible, but suddenly, he burst into laughter and said, "Great. I'll see you at the trial ground."

Ning Ping felt strange when he saw this scene. "Looks like I won't have to do anything."

He knew perfectly what kind of person Zhang Shichao was. Jiang Chen's provocation might have saved face, but it was actually very stupid.

Zhang Shichao would absolutely hunt Jiang Chen down like a crazy dog at the trial ground.

Jiang Chen only had a slim chance of survival.

"We don't know who the prey is yet," Jiang Chen said.

"Let's wait and see!"

Zhang Shichao knew Jiang Chen wouldn't be intimidated by words, so he was eager to fight with him in order to show him how cruel he truly was!

The rare stone test finally ended. Less than one-tenth of the candidates were eliminated.

The requirement of twenty zhangs was certainly not a big deal. Some people thought fifty zhangs would be a more appropriate requirement for the Natural Law School.

"You can make your decision now. You'll head for the trial ground to have a five-day fight. You'll fight for the flags of the natural law. Those who attain five different flags will be qualified for the Natural Law School.

"Keep in mind that once you enter the trial ground, you are not the owner of your life any more. If anyone dies and the force that supports him or her tries to take revenge, they will become enemies of the Natural Law School.

"You have until the incense stick burns out to decide. Those who decide to go, come aboard!"

One of the elders was speaking from the airship. His wasn't speaking in a loud voice, but everyone could hear him perfectly.

By the time the incense stick burnt out, almost no one had chickened out.

Eight air ships landed in the square.

The candidates in the square went aboard very quickly.

The airships left in the wake of envious looks from bystanders in the square, and soon disappeared from sight.

The trial ground was a long mountain range. After arriving there, the airships landed in different places in a random manner so that the candidates could get off.

"The trial begins now!

"The flags of the natural law have been placed all around the trial ground. You can become a disciple of the Natural Law School after collecting five flags of different colors."

After everyone got off the airships, the elders also headed for different locations to observe the candidates' performances in the next five days.

All the candidates got off in random order. There were ten-odd persons in every place.

Jiang Chen found Su Qian happened to have landed at the same place as he had, yet they had been on different ships.

The other nine were strangers to him.

They were very vigilant. Especially when they recognized Jiang Chen and recalled what Zhang Shichao had said, they left where they had landed as soon as possible.

Su Qian was nervous, too. She knew she wasn't good enough and it was very dangerous for her at the trial ground.

She had to find Shen Huan as soon as possible.

She had already known Shen Huan in Ninedragons. He said he could help her join the Natural Law School, since Su Qian had a great talent, but her strength wasn't good enough at that time.

She could succeed if she could get five flags smoothly with his help.

At that moment, a brilliant fire surged up not far away. It could be clearly observed even in the daylight.

Su Qian was relieved. That was Shen Huan's signal. She was about to head there.


However, Zhang Shichao's arrogant laugh sounded somewhere near.

"Jiang Chen! Jiang Chen! Hurry up, hurry and run away! The storm is coming!"

His voice was like a great bell. The sound wave came like a wild wind, shaking the whole forest.

It brought people great distress. Su Qian gave a pitying look to Jiang Chen and said, "This is what you get for showing off."

"The weak," Jiang Chen said.


"Your gloat came from Zhang Shichao's power. You don't know how to differentiate right from wrong. People like you will never be strong," Jiang Chen shook his head. He didn't even give her a look.

Su Qian was unwilling to submit. She sneered suddenly, "Better than you, who is about to die."

"Are you sure?"

Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously and headed for where Zhang Shichao was.

Su Qian didn't even have the time to react, he was already out of her sight.

Su Qian was curious. She wanted to follow him to see what was happening there, but in the end she headed for where the fire was.


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