The Brilliant Fighting Master
41 Out of the Mountain
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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41 Out of the Mountain

"Grandpa, please keep this a secret, since the Jiang Mansion isn't powerful enough right now," Jiang Chen said in a low voice.

"Of course. Don't worry about it. I'll handle this in the proper manner."

If people had overheard this conversation, they probably would not know which one of them was the lord of the mansion.

After, Jiang Chen went to the backyard to see Gao Yue. He had to see his mother with his own eyes to ease his worries.

But Gao Yue burst into tears upon seeing him injured. She reproached him, "You stupid kid, why did you come back? Weren't you out in the mountains?"

If Gao Yue had known Jiang Chen had fought in the main hall and had his life threatened, she, too, would have joined the fight.

However, when she heard Jiang Chen had saved the Jiang Mansion practically by himself, she was seriously shocked.

She suddenly recalled his promise to save his father from the Black Dragon City.

She had thought he was just saying it, but at this moment, she almost believed he could realize his goal!

"Son, your father is still alive."

Suddenly, something occurred to her. She took out a jade mandarin duck pendant and said, "There are two of these jade pendants. Your father has one, and I have the other. If one of us dies, the jade pendants will break."

Jiang Chen looked at the jade pendant. It was in perfect condition.

"The rumor must have come from the Black Dragon City. They want to eliminate the Jiang Mansion," Jiang Chen said.

When Jiang Wentian heard the news, he was glad that his son was still alive. But at the same time, he felt guilty. If he hadn't allowed the west courtyard to merge with the east courtyard, Jiang Chen wouldn't have had to work so hard at the annual dinner and expose his talent at a premature time.

He said, "Chen, the Black Dragon City won't allow us to develop as we wish to. We have our foundation here, so we are unable to leave, but you are the most important. With your talent and luck, you'll be greater than your father in ten years."

He stopped for a while and then went on, "So I think… you should leave the Hundred Thousand Mountains and the Xia Dynasty. Go to a small country to gain more experience. Take your time, and one day you will achieve something big."

"No, Grandpa. I'm not going to do that."

Jiang Chen shook his head and said, "The Jiang Mansion will develop at a fast pace. As a result, the Black Dragon City will spy on us more. If I have any great performances, it will bring disaster to the Jiangs. If we only rely on the reputation of the Taoist Priest Skywind, we will be in imminent danger."

Jiang Wentian nodded. What Jiang Chen had said was exactly what he was worrying about.

"Now that you've realized it…

"I have a perfect solution, which will not only allow the Jiangs to continue developing, but also allow me to grow up more quickly." Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously.

"What's that?" Although he thought it impossible, Jiang Wentian believed Jiang Chen wouldn't speak nonsense.

"I will join the Natural Law School!"

These seven words cleared up Jiang Wentian's doubt, but at the same time, he couldn't believe it.

"The Natural Law School? Are you serious? Will they accept you?" He asked three questions in a row. It was obvious how unsure he felt.

Jiang Chen was qualified for the Swordquest School, and it was such a powerful existence that no one in the Hundred Thousand Mountains dared provoke it. However, when he heard "Natural Law School," Jiang Wentian reacted in such an apprehensive manner. It was easy to imagine what kind of place it was.

"If I become a disciple of the Natural Law School, our whole family will be under their protection. The Natural Law School can eliminate the Black Dragon City with only one finger."

That was why the Southwind Ridge wouldn't have to fear the Black Dragon City anymore, they wouldn't have to rely on the reputation of the Taoist Priest Skywind. Neither would they have to keep worrying about their future.

But the problem was, would he really able to join it?

Jiang Wentian still couldn't be convinced, even though Jiang Chen had such a great track record.

It was true he was excellent in the mountains. However, would he still be as excellent in the world beyond the mountains?

But Jiang Chen looked very resolute, and no one could change his mind.

In the next few months, there was a big change in the Hundred Thousand Mountains. The Jiang Mansion merged with the Qingcheng Sect, the Fiery Lion Gang, and the Bloody Hand Gang.

There was more good news. It had been confirmed to be a rumor that the Taoist Priest Skywind was dead, and it had also been confirmed that the Windblade was still imprisoned in the Black Dragon Pool.


The Natural Law School was among the top ten powerful clans in the Fire Field.

They were only the top ten in the Fire Field, not in the Xia Dynasty, which was just one part of the Fire Field.

The Natural Law School originated in the Xia Dynasty. It was on equal footing with the dynasty.

As a result, the disciples that the Natural Law School recruited were the best youngsters in the whole Fire Field. Of course, it had a high requirements for recruitment.

It would be extremely difficult for someone from the Hundred Thousand Mountains to join.

No wonder Jiang Wentian was so worried.

As for Gao Yue, with her experience and knowledge, she thought it was a great option, and that with Jiang Chen's talent, he had the chance to join it.

A few days later, Jiang Chen made his farewells and left the mountain. His mother was still unwilling to part with him, while his grandpa worried about him. In any case, he left for the Province of Widepool, where the Natural Law School was located.

The Hundred Thousand Mountains belonged to the Xia Dynasty, but they were so remote that the dynasty took no notice of the forces there.

The dynasty collected taxes yearly and paid no more attention to them. If any force refused to pay the tax, it would be removed from the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

The world beyond the Hundred Thousand Mountains was an extremely vast world.

Jiang Chen was going was the Province of Widepool, which had been the capital of the Xia Dynasty. Then, the dynasty had expanded and moved its capital to the north.

Benefiting from its history as the ancient capital, the Province of Widepool's prosperity was only second to the capital. It had as many as five big cities and countless villages, and a population of people in the ten millions.

It would take months to arrive travelling on horseback, so Jiang Chen was going to take an airship.

There was a city called Greenhill beyond the mountains. It was the first city that connected the Hundred Thousand Mountains with the outside world, and also one of the stations where the airship stopped.

An airship was a ship flying in the air, which was the fastest transportation in the Nine Heavens Continent.

The airship Jiang Chen was going to take was called Cloudbuster. Its final destination was the city of Ninedragons, the center of the Province of Widepool. It took off from a fort on the other side of the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

And it would pass by Greenhill.

The Cloudbuster came every two weeks. Fortunately, Jiang Chen caught one in time while he was travelling to the city.

A large vessel was suspended in midair by the city walls. A wooden board connected the entrance with the deck.

Not too many people were on board. There were only ten-odd people, including Jiang Chen.

But to his surprise, there were two acquaintances of his on the ship.

They were Meng Fei's master, Gui Ya, and Su Qian.

Although Jiang Chen had not met Su Qian since he came to this world, her face was very clear in his memory.

Exactly the same as what he remembered, Su Qian was a beauty with fair skin. She had clean skin and an oval face. Her amorous eyes were very attractive.

However, she was wearing very colorful clothes, as if she were afraid that people wouldn't notice her, and when he thought of what she had done, Jiang Chen had no admiration for her at all.

When these two saw Jiang Chen, they had bewildered expressions.

Gui Ya was more afraid of Jiang Chen after their last meeting. She had doubted whether Jiang Chen really had a panacea master, and had refused to believe there was a class-six or class-seven alchemist in the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

But she believed it completely after Jiang Wentian had made a breakthrough.

She was also in the peak of the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State, so she knew the difficulty of breaking through to the Mental Wander State at 50 years old, let alone an old man like Jiang Wentian, who was in his sixties or seventies.

If nothing special happened, after a decade, Jiang Wentian's state would decline gradually, like his physical condition.

But at that time, he had broken through to the Mental Wander State, so he could enjoy a decade more's glory.

This could only be achieved by a panacea master.

Gui Ya felt regretful. If she hadn't offended Jiang Chen, she might have been able to ask him a favor in order to get the same magical panacea to break through her state.

However, she would keep this idea to herself for that moment. At the same time, she warned Meng Fei to stay away from Jiang Chen.


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