The Brilliant Fighting Master
40 Turning the Tide
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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40 Turning the Tide

A man in the peak of the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State had died directly by Jiang Chen's hand!

This was the power of a tactical formation. What Jiang Chen had organized was a formation of flying swords, which was one of the best formations they could have used in their situation.

The energy source of the formation was the combined genuine yuan of Jiang Tianxiong, the Second Elder, Wind, and Cloud.

As the center of the formation, Jiang Chen's strength was already far greater than the peak of the preliminary stage.

Zhang Tianzhi looked at the corpse of Meng Long, seething with anger. "Damn. I told you not to act on impulse. Why didn't you listen to me?" He was quite anxious, since a man in the peak of the late stage had died for nothing.

"Jin Xiong, don't act on impulse!" Zhang Tianzhi immediately turned to another man in the peak of the late stage and said.

Jin Xiong didn't care at all. He was relieved that the vice leader had died. He Xing was like a crazy dog that was out of control. Maybe one day, he would even usurp his leader position.

To his surprise, Jiang Chen said to him, "Leader Jin, has your daughter been out for a long time?"

"What did you say?"

His daughter was away on an adventure. However, she had never written to him as they'd agreed.

He had thought it was because his daughter was being playful. After all, it was her character, but he started to feel nervous when Jiang Chen asked him this.

"Was her bodyguard old?" Jiang Chen said again.

"What are you implying?" Jin Xiong shouted angrily.

"They are dead," Jiang Chen said coldly.


Jin Xiong's veins were bulging and his fists were tightly clenched.

"Don't be fooled by him! There is a tactical formation where he is standing!"

Zhang Tianzhi hurried to warn him. He had observed carefully. "Shoot him!" he ordered.

All of his people lined up and started to shoot arrows. The arrow rain targeted almost every part of Jiang Chen's body.

However, when the arrow rain entered the tactical formation, the six flying swords started to vibrate at a high frequency in front of Jiang Chen, forming a flawless shield. All the arrows were deflected as a result.

"Again!" Zhang Tianzhi knew Jiang Chen was consuming his energy drastically in order to display such a powerful strength.

Once all of his energy was used up, he would definitely die.

They started the second round of shooting.

However, suddenly there was battle cry coming from behind, as if there were millions of warriors coming.

What was most surprising was that they heard the roars of beasts.

"Leader, this is bad. The Jiangs are attacking with a herd of beasts!"

"Sh*t! How do they still have reinforcements?"

Being attacked from both sides, Zhang Tianzhi turned extremely pale.

The ravenous beasts had already come close.

The three forces didn't have time to shoot, but kept retreating.

However, they retreated into the formation of the flying swords. The six flying swords were taking their lives like six ghosts.

The gorgeous part of the flying swords was that after leaving a person's hand, they could kill the enemy from a surprisingly clever angle.

They were even more dangerous under the direction of Jiang Chen's Redcloud Sword.

"There is no way out. Kill Jiang Chen at any cost. He is the center of the formation!" Zhang Tianzhi had been trying his best to avoid casualties, but at the same time, he had missed the best timing. At that moment, he finally came to his senses and rushed into the formation of the flying swords first.

Jin Xiong and the others in the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State went with him.

Jiang Chen was confronting ten-odd enemies in the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State.

The good news was that although they had more people, his enemies couldn't attack at the same time. Each time only five people could attack.

Two flying swords were flying around Jiang Chen to help him defend against the enemies. The other four were aiming to kill.

"Three movements in one!

"Fire clouds all over the sky!

"The arc of rainbow!"

Jiang Chen started his movements like he was crazed. He had to stay alert at every minute in order to win when facing a group attack.

Four people had been killed in the formation during the desperate battle.

However, the flying swords also showed signs of fatigue.

In the main hall, Jiang Tianxiong and the others knew their genuine yuan would be used up soon. Even though they took in large amounts of panaceas, they couldn't keep up with Jiang Chen's consumption of energy.

After all, Jiang Chen was facing a powerful enemy, and they had a lot of people on their side.

Finally, Jiang Chen was injured and bleeding.

"Son of b*tch, go to hell!" Zhang Tianzhi hated Jiang Chen most. He had suffered a great loss because of this young man.

Fortunately, as long as they had two men in the peak of the late stage, they had a chance of winning.

Pah! Jiang Chen flew to the ground. The swords flying in the air also fell one by one.

"Oh no!"

The Second Elder had intended to leave the main hall to rescue him, but he found he was already out of genuine yuan.

Not only him, but also the others.

The formation of flying swords had achieved great power at the cost of the battle performance of those in the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State.

But Zhang Tianzhi didn't know that, or he would have been laughing loudly.

"Any last words before you die?"

Zhang Tianzhi came up to Jiang Chen and raised his sword. He could pierce Jiang Chen at any moment.

"No." Jiang Chen was a bit insensitive, maybe because he had been dead once before.

"Then, die." Zhang Tianzhi prepared his sword.

"Who dares hurt my grandson?"

Jiang Wentian's angry roar sounded like a thunder at that crucial moment. Zhang Tianzhi was hit by his powerful palm.

From only one palm, Zhang Tianzhi's armor was totally shattered into pieces, his chest dented, and his body showing no sign of life.

Jiang Wentian landed from the air beside Jiang Chen.

The power he emitted showed that he was already in the Mental Wander State!

Jiang Wentian had changed a lot after he broke through to the Mental Wander State successfully. There were less wrinkles on his face, and he looked to be in fine condition.

"All of you go to hell!"

Jiang Wentian looked over to Jin Xiong and the others, who were totally shocked, and attacked them without showing any mercy.

The Mental Wander State versus the Gathering Yuan State was like a butcher against a chicken. It was an easy fight.

All the enemies in the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State were killed in a second.

"Take a close look at the death of your leaders!" Jiang Wentian shouted.

The people busy with fighting looked back and found their core forces had all been killed. They were shell-shocked.

"Gosh, he is in the Mental Wander State!"

"The Jiangs have a guy in the Mental Wander State!"

"Lord, please don't kill me. Please don't kill me!"

Everyone threw their weapons away and knelt down to beg for forgiveness.

"Long live the lord!"

The Jiangs cheered up instantly. They were excited that they had turned the tables.

"The Jiangs will rise in the Hundred Thousand Mountains!"

Jiang Tianxiong walked out of the main hall. His heart was pounding rapidly.

His father had achieved the Mental Wander State and had become a powerful man, second-to-none in the Hundred Thousand Mountains!

And all this could be accredited to Jiang Chen, who was still lying on the ground.

Brother, your son is as excellent as you. Jiang Tianxiong sighed silently in his heart.

"Jiang Chen, you've saved the Jiangs!"

Jiang Wentian helped Jiang Chen up. His cloudy eyes had become very clear. "That pure yang pill was of a holy class! No wonder you were so confident."

Jiang Chen smiled. Of course he was confident with the panaceas he had refined by himself.

However, it was thanks to Jiang Wentian's own efforts over the years that he could have made a successful breakthrough. He had never given up practicing. There were no more problems now that he was in the Mental Wander State.

The Fiery Lion Gang, the Bloody Hand Gang and the Qingcheng Sect had died out. The Jiang Mansion would take over the areas that had been under their control along with their resources.

"Grandpa, I've got more good news for you," Jiang Chen said.

Before the recent events, Jiang Wentian might not have taken them seriously, but at that moment, he paid great attention to Jiang Chen's words.

Jiang Chen whispered in his ear.


The news had come too suddenly. Jiang Wentian thought that if he hadn't broken through to the Mental Wander State, he would have fainted from shock.

"Will the Jiangs rise soon?" questioned Jiang Wentian.

It was the pure yang mineral crystals!

There was a whole stash of the minerals!


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