The Brilliant Fighting Master
37 The Unique Movemen
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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37 The Unique Movemen

The guys of the Bloody Hand Gang were fine with the order, but the Fiery Lion Gang felt that He Xing had gone too far.

A guy around twenty-five or twenty-six years old with a giant sword on his back that was as long as his height came up to He Xing. He looked aghast.

"He Xing, it's not a clever move. If others know what happened here, the Jiangs will definitely resist desperately."

"Meng Ding, how dare you call my name directly? You think you are on par with me, the vice leader of the Bloody Hand Gang, just because your father is the leader of the Fiery Lion Gang?"

He Xing didn't listen to him. Instead, he was staring at Meng Ding ferociously.

"No, no, Leader He." Meng Ding was startled by him.

"Ha, that's fine. Don't worry. The Jiangs don't have any other options." He Xing burst into laughter.


A cold voice suddenly interrupted He Xing's laugh.

The others were astonished. They were curious to see who had the nerve to talk back to He Xing.

"Come out!"

He Xing looked over to the forest in the distance. He was in the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State, so he was able to see there was someone there.


An arrow crossed the sky, an answer to him.


He Xing was confident that he could dodge this arrow, or even grasp it, since it came from so far away and he had taken precautions against attacks.

However, he became speechless immediately, since the arrow was traveling at a speed beyond his imagination.

When the arrow neared him, there was fire whirling around its tip, and a swirl was generated as a result.

He Xing was shot. His whole body was burning. The heat wave was so strong and threatening that he was burnt to death before he could even scream.

At the same time, the other people in the forest also started to shoot arrows towards the members of the Bloody Hand Gang.

The Jiangs' warriors in the herbal mountain were inspired at once. The arrival of the reinforcements brought them hope, so they picked up their weapons immediately and dashed towards the captives.


Meng Ding of the Fiery Lion Gang wasn't prepared for the sudden attack. He was afraid that he would have the same ending as He Xing, so he retreated before identifying who the people in the forest were.

"Looks like there aren't many people," someone beside him said.

"Less than twenty!"

"Fight back!" ordered Meng Ding.

So the Fiery Lion Gang started to fight back.

"Follow me!"

Different from the mine, the two groups of people here were carrying shields, and they were chest-height rectangular steel shields.

They eliminated the threat of the arrows.

There were only fifty-odd people on Jiang Chen's side, the ones he had brought here and the ones from the herbal mountain.

If Jiang Chen hadn't killed He Xing with his flaming arrow, they would definitely have lost the battle.

Meng Ding was behaving like an experienced warrior. Holding a shield in his left hand and a sword in his right hand, he was moving agilely while bent over.

He was in the peak of the middle stage of the Gathering Yuan State and was almost matchless thanks to the excellent weapons he was equipped with. Each of his attacks could kill or injure someone.

At least, until Jiang Chen came up to him. The Redcloud Sword broke his steel shield easily.

"A spiritual sword?"

Meng Ding looked from the smooth cut in the shield to the Redcloud Sword in Jiang Chen's hand and was deeply attracted to it.

"Did you kill He Xing with a simple arrow?"


"Was that arrow you shot at me also a spiritual arrow? Or was there only one?"

"No, you don't deserve my arrow." Jiang Chen intended to irritate him, but he was also telling the truth.


Meng Ding didn't get angry, but sneered, "Then you made a crucial mistake. I am actually more dangerous than He Xing."

He didn't say why he was more dangerous, but he tried to prove it with action.

He threw away his shield and firmly grasped the handle of his giant sword. He was holding the terrifying giant sword horizontally in front of his chest.

His sword emitted an overbearing energy. The fallen leaves and twigs around him were all blown away.

"Has he mastered the sword point?"

Jiang Chen was surprised. Giant swords are different from normal swords, which are characterized by great speed and variation. They are more like knives and axes, which are swift and violent.

It wouldn't have been easy for this guy to master the sword point with a giant sword.

Jiang Chen suddenly recalled that his name was Meng Ding. He was also a famous warrior in the Hundred Thousand Mountains. The giant sword was almost his symbol.

If the corpses of the Jiang Mansions' people hadn't been lying on the ground, he wouldn't want to kill this guy. If this Meng Ding could live a few decades more, he probably would be able to create a unique style of swordsmanship.

"Unfortunately, you'll die here today."

Jiang Chen thrust towards him with his Redcloud Sword. The mighty spirit of the sword gushed from it like water rushed over a broken dam. It overwhelmed Meng Ding's insignificant sword point in a second.

"The spirit of the sword…You've mastered the spirit of the sword!"

He sized up Jiang Chen's face carefully. He felt extremely jealous when he was sure that he was only a teenager.

"My state is still one stage higher than yours!"

He was in the peak of the middle stage, while Jiang Chen was in the peak of the preliminary stage, so he didn't understand.

"Go to hell!"

His intent to kill had never been so strong. He was so jealous of Jiang Chen that he had to kill the genius with his own hands and take away his spiritual sword.

He was holding the sword with both hands and struck with great force, intending to cleave Jiang Chen in half.

Jiang Chen took a step back so that the giant sword hit the ground. The ground split instantly. The crack was spreading towards Jiang Chen rapidly, about to devour him.

"This is bad."

Jiang Chen's expression changed. He raised the Redcloud Sword high and pierced it into the ground.

Almost at the same time, fierce rays erupted from the ground and pulsed toward him like furious waves.

The Redcloud Sword was pierced into the crack. The energy generated from the two forces' collision created a huge hole in the ground. Jiang Chen also flew several feet and hurled into a tree.

"Looks like you don't have much practical fighting experience," the soul of the Redcloud Sword said.

Meng Ding's movement looked rash and direct, but they were actually very tricky. He buried the rays emitted by the sword under the ground and made it erupt from under Jiang Chen, catching him unprepared.

"Go to hell!"

Meng Ding jumped into the air and brandished his giant sword by taking advantage of gravity.

He takes good use of the giant sword to manipulate his qi. Along with his powerful sword methods, things are going well for him, and he has mastered the sword point. No wonder he is regarded as a powerful man among the youngsters of the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Meng Ding's giant sword was made from pure iron, so the current Redcloud Sword couldn't break it.

"Ha, before pure strength, especially before me, the early form of the spirit of the sword is of no use!"

Meng Ding was becoming more and more arrogant. The energy generated by the giant sword broke the rocks and trees easily.

Jiang Chen was busy dodging. Meng Ding's moves weren't as fast as Cao Song's, so he was able to dodge them.

"If you're trying to wait until my genuine yuan is used up, that's a big mistake. Don't forget that we have different states," Meng Ding sneered. He was very calm.

It's time to try my unique movement.

If Meng Ding hadn't mastered the sword point, Jiang Chen would have been able to kill him with the use of the early form of the spirit of the sword.

However, it was difficult to do so when he had an advantage over Jiang Chen because of his mastery of the sword point and his higher state.

It would be unwise for him if he tried to confront Meng Ding directly, so Jiang Chen was forced to use the unique movement that he had just figured out.

He was holding the sword handle with both hands as well, but it was unnecessary, considering the size of the Redcloud Sword.

However, he started to spin himself.

A cyclone was produced around Jiang Chen by the heat emitted by the sword and the spiral genuine qi.

The cyclone had strong suction power that kept increasing. The surge of air could have already been observed by the naked eye. It was gathering around him.

A tornado formed from the ground up. The people around were suffering, losing control of their bodies as the tornado kept pulling them in.

Once someone got close to that red surge of air, they were broken like smashed rocks.

"Do you want to kill us all?!"

Meng Ding was surprised at Jiang Chen's movement. He stood there, dumbfounded.

"No, only you!"


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