The Brilliant Fighting Master
35 The Herbal Mountain
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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35 The Herbal Mountain

"How long can you hold out with only one spiritual bow? How many arrows do you have left?"

"Not enough to kill you all, but which of you will choose to take my arrows with your lives?" Jiang Chen asked.

The Qingcheng Sect's disciples were silent behind the rocks. They tried to fight back with their own bows, but it turned out Jiang Chen was too far away.

However, Jiang Chen's spiritual bow could reach their location.

"This is no good for any of us if the stalemate continues," Cao Song said after a while.


"Let's fix this quickly. No one will use bows. What do you think?"

Jiang Chen said with disdain, "And I'll let you take advantage of your superior numbers?"

"You can't ask my people to commit suicide just because you have less people."

Jiang Chen thought for a while and asked, "What do you mean we don't use our bows?"

"It's easy."

Cao Song ordered everyone to throw their arrows. At the same time, a disciple of theirs was assigned to stand in front of the rocks.

"Now you can ask your men to check whether we have any arrows left. If you find any, you can shoot this disciple."

The disciple didn't expect this to be his task. He felt weak at the knees, but he didn't dare go back behind the rocks for his fear of Cao Song.

"You don't have any bows?" Jiang Chen looked at the arrows on the ground and asked Huoniu and others.

"They occupied the arsenal. No one has a bow except the sentries."

"No wonder they dare to throw their arrows."

They threw the arrows at a tricky place that wasn't easy for Jiang Chen to approach and pick them up.

Huoniu appointed a warrior to check the enemies. He ran to the other side, checked carefully and shouted to their side, "No arrows."

This guy was clever. He didn't call Jiang Chen's name so that his identity wouldn't be exposed.

"Now what?"

"And now?" Jiang Chen asked Cao Song.

"It's your turn to throw the arrows!"

Huoniu shook his head immediately. He said, "Child, this will kill us."

"No, it won't. None of you will die today." Jiang Chen handed the bow to Huoniu and walked over.

"Let's have a fair fight then. As long as you beat me, you'll get the mine."

"Why is that?"

"Because I am Jiang Chen."

The Qingcheng Sect's disciples were shocked. Cao Song stood up behind the rocks and said, "You are Child Chen. I didn't expect you to run errands at such a young age."

"Cut the bullsh*t."

"You want a fight? I'll fight with you."

Without giving him any chance to choose, Cao Song came up to him.

"You are in the middle stage of the Gathering Yuan State. Our child is in the preliminary stage of the Gathering Yuan State. You can't bully him like this," Huoniu shouted angrily.

"It's not my business. You are in an inferior position. It's my mercy to allow you a one-on-one fight," Cao Song said.

"Do you think you're superior?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Is that not the case? As your people have said, you are only in the preliminary stage of the Gathering Yuan State. None of them have come forward. Looks like you are going to sacrifice yourself. How great you are!"

"I am not going to sacrifice myself," Jiang Chen smiled lightly.

"Oh?" Cao Song didn't see what else he could do.

"I'll kill you all," Jiang Chen said.

The Qingcheng Sect's disciples burst into laughter. One of the disciples in the completed preliminary stage of the Gathering Yuan State came forward.

He came up to Jiang Chen arrogantly and said, "How will you kill me? Even I can take you down."

"Like this!"

At the same time as Jiang Chen said these two words, he brandished his Redcloud Sword quickly.

After a flash, that disciple covered his neck with his hands and fell down painfully.

"It's a spiritual sword. He has a spiritual sword. Quick! All together, attack him!" Cao Song became excited. His eyes were full of longing. He was dying for the sword.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Huoniu shot three arrows in a row to make the excited disciples calm down.

Cao Song gnashed his teeth while looking at the corpses on the ground. He gestured for the others to step back.

"I'll throw your head into your house after you die, to make your family take a close look at you." Cao Song was out to kill. His joking manner was already gone.

"Really?" Jiang Chen sneered. In the swift and fierce air produced by the sword, he stood unshakable, like a god of war.

"Take my sword!"

Cao Song drew his sword out of its sheath. His sword was moving extremely quickly.

Different from the Bloody Slaughterer, Cao Song was quite skilled at sword methods. With his added advantage of a higher state, he was pointing his sword at Jiang Chen's throat immediately.

Jiang Chen stepped back in a hurry. He wasn't as quick as Cao Song due to the limitation of his state.

He manipulated his spiral genuine yuan immediately. The Redcloud Sword in his left hand hit against Cao Song's sword. The latter gave out a cracking sound.


Cao Song knew there was something wrong. Jiang Chen's eyes were shining, as if he were plotting something.

His sword moves fast. It will be dangerous for me if I try to compete with him in speed. I should kill him before he figures out a countermeasure!

The fight with the Tribe of Thunder helped Jiang Chen gain experience.

Jiang Chen knew it was an opportunity when he saw Cao Song's look.

"The third movement of the Rainbow Sword Method—Arc of Rainbow!"

This sword movement and the Redcloud Sword were a perfect match. A ray in the shape of the crescent moon rose like a rainbow. It covered a vast space.

How did he exert such a powerful sword movement?

Cao Song's expression changed. He could feel the power of this movement.

He took a look at Jiang Chen, suddenly opened his eyes widely and shouted, "This is bad! He has mastered the early form of the spirit of the sword. Quick! Pick up your arrows!"

He finally understood what Jiang Chen had meant. He had misjudged the latter.

But it wasn't his fault, who could imagine the existence of such a terrifying youngster as Jiang Chen in the Hundred Thousand Mountains?

It was already too late. All of the arrows on the ground were swept away by the ray the sword emitted, and they were all destroyed.

Cao Song looked back. Then, he could see nothing. This wasn't only an emotional blow, but also a physical attack.

His chest was almost broken. It turned out those arrows had been destroyed incidentally and Jiang Chen's real target was him.

"That can't be..." It was baffling for Cao Song to be killed by a guy in the completed preliminary stage of the Gathering Yuan State.

"Apprentice brother!"

The other disciple in the middle stage of the Gathering Yuan State was a woman. She jumped up with fury on seeing Cao Song's death.

However, Huoniu seized his chance and shot an arrow through her chest.

The Qingcheng Sect's disciples were panicked and at a loss immediately.

Then, some people made an unwise choice. They intended to flee, but they were held up and killed by Jiang Chen.

The others got so scared that they disarmed themselves and knelt down to surrender.

Huoniu and others realized that they had won, running up to Jiang Chen excitedly.

"Child Chen, you are so powerful!" Huoniu gave the spiritual bow back to Jiang Chen with admiration in his eyes.

Jiang Chen nodded and ordered them, "Tie them up."

After disarming all of the Qingcheng Sect's disciples, Jiang Chen came up to one of them.

"I only need one person to answer my questions. If there is any hesitation, I'll pierce him with my sword," Jiang Chen said.

The disciple nodded.

"What were you planning to do after occupying the mine?"

The disciple didn't hesitate and answered him immediately. "Go to the mountain town to take down the Jiang Mansion."

"The other three forces are waiting for you guys?"

"No. The Fiery Lion Gang and the Bloody Hand Gang are responsible for occupying the herbal mountain."

"What a great plan! One more question. How many people are there at the herbal mountain?"

"At least twice as many as us. The vice leader of the Bloody Hand Gang is also there. He is in the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State."

Jiang Chen continued to ask for more important information before he ordered them to be imprisoned.


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