The Brilliant Fighting Master
32 Spiritual Sword
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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32 Spiritual Sword

"Thank you." Jiang Chen's reaction was quite plain. He didn't seem very excited.

Li Lie wondered whether he knew what a class-two panacea meant.

However, if he knew that Jiang Chen used to deal with class-nine panaceas like they were nothing…

After bidding farewell to Murong Feng and Li Lie, Jiang Chen put the panacea into his pocket and started to check the slaughterer's belongings.

He found more things than he had had expected. This slaughterer must have taken all of his property with him when he was exiled.

Among the items were a bow and four yellow small pennants, which Jiang Chen thought looked quite nice.

The bow was of a standard size, about five feet long. What was special about it were the strange patterns on it. The top and bottom of the pattern's design were symmetrical.

This meant it wasn't an average bow, but a ware pattern!

A ware pattern, also called spiritual pattern, wasn't simply the pattern on copperware. It was a magical method that could lock the universe's strength into a weapon, endowing the weapon with horrifying power.

For example, what this bow had was the pattern of bows. With its help, the arrow could reach an incredible distance without losing any of its penetrating power.

Of course, not every weapon could be carved with a ware pattern. The weapon had to be made from the right materials.

The bow in Jiang Chen's hand was made from blood wood that was more than a thousand years old. Its string was made from tendons of a powerful monster.

It was a pity that the ware pattern of this bow was already very obscure, which meant that this bow had been used up or ruined.

If the bow hadn't been destroyed, that guy would have shot me before I even saw him.

Jiang Chen felt both lucky and scared. He reminded himself to be more careful in the future.

Besides the bow, there were also three arrows.

There is the pattern of fire on the arrows. The pattern of fire and the pattern of bows are a common combination. This guy must have picked them up somewhere by chance.

He made this assumption since the ware pattern on the arrows was also very obscure.

Food will rot if it's kept for too long, for the same reason that ware patterns weaken with time.

But they are not destroyed.

Jiang Chen was glad, since he could fix them easily!

The four small yellow pennants were also a surprise for him.

Tactic pennants!

Tactical formations can't be created from nothing. They require two things.

One is the foundation of a tactical formation, like construction materials are needed to build houses. Tactic pennants are the foundation of tactical formations.

The other is energy. A tactical formation can generate massive amounts of power, but this power has to be driven by energy.

Yuan stone was commonly used as a source of energy, but there wasn't any in the package.

"t couldn't just be a coincidence that this guy found these things in the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

He was being chased by the Swordquest School. However, it was strange that he was hiding in the Hundred Thousand Mountains. Although the mountains made a good hiding place, they weren't any safer than the people he was being chased by.

The primitive tribes and beasts of prey were difficult to deal with, too.

Jiang Chen went back to the headless corpse and checked again, but he couldn't find anything else.

Then, he took the guy's clothes off and found something on his underwear.

There was a rough map drawn on it. As a native of the Hundred Thousand Mountains, Jiang Chen immediately recognized the places on the map.

This is what he got for killing a family? I'll take a look there.

Although other people would have been there before him, he believed he could find something different.

It wasn't like others could repair the bow, but he could.

Two days later, he arrived at the location marked on the map, and he was dumbfounded. A cave was supposed to be there, but it had collapsed. It was easy to tell that someone had done this intentionally.


Jiang Chen thought it was a pity. When he could find no way out, Wind and Cloud suddenly appeared.

He had already guessed that these two were still protecting him in the dark, but he didn't understand why they had showed up at this moment.

"Child Chen, something happened in the Jiang Mansion. We have to hurry back!"

It turned out that Cloud had received some news when he took the girl back. The Southwind Ridge was being besieged by three powerful forces from the mountains.

"Why is that?" Jiang Chen frowned. He began to feel more and more anxious.

"Child Chen, the rumor says that the Taoist Priest Skywind died in war. The Black Dragon City…" Wind couldn't continue. There was sympathy in his eyes.

"The Black Dragon City prosecuted my father?"

Wind and Cloud nodded.

Jiang Chen had always wondered whether he identified with his current role or not. The moment he heard the news, he had his answer.

He was undoubtedly standing on solid ground, but he felt like he was falling down. He couldn't see anything. His entire face was twisted with anger and sorrow.


Jiang Chen roared while brandishing his sword blindly.

He had thought he still had time. He had thought he could rescue his father from the Black Dragon City once he was strong enough.

He had promised Gao Yue.

But at this moment, everything was shattered, and he started to feel how fragile he was.

Wind and Cloud were silently standing aside with their heads down.

Don't panic. Don't panic. I still have to protect my mother!

Jiang Chen suddenly recalled that Gao Yue had been poisoned. If she fought with anyone, he would have no time to detoxify her.

"Your states are higher than mine. If you go back first you can be of great help. I'll arrive later!" Jiang Chen said.

Wind and Cloud were still hesitant.

"This is an order. If I find out you are still following me, I'll blame you two for whatever happens to the Jiangs!"

Wind and Cloud finally left.

Jiang Chen didn't waste any time either. He was going back. But, he stopped after only a few steps and went up to the cave, frowning.

The entrance was obstructed by gravel and there was nothing, but Jiang Chen was listening carefully.

He heard a vague sound coming from the collapsed cave when he was brandishing the sword out of anger just now.

When he was listening calmly, he realized that it was the chime of a sword.

There is a sword, a spiritual sword!

Many legendary weapons had spirits. They would resonate when geniuses with marvelous attainments of martial arts techniques were nearby.

Jiang Chen had mastered the early form of the spirit of the sword. This was very rare in the Hundred Thousand Mountains, so the spiritual sword in the cave was attracted to him.

Yet this cave had collapsed. It was not only difficult, but also dangerous for him to clear up the gravel alone.

It's time to gather holy awareness.

Average people could only gather holy awareness when they reached the Mental Wander State, since by then their soul would be strong enough. However, Jiang Chen could already achieve it.

This was one of the benefits of having a strong mind.

Holy awareness could make one aware of any sign of disturbance around them, and they would be able to see things that were invisible to the naked eye.

Jiang Chen was sitting on the ground, his eyes gently closed.

There were many ways to gather holy awareness which were compiled into books, but they weren't called method books. Most of them were called scriptures.

He started to recollect the content of the Scripture of Ascending Pagoda. It was among the top three scriptures dedicated to gathering holy awareness.

He imagined that his soul had become a little man and was in a nine-story pagoda. The more stories he ascended, the stronger and purer his soul would be.

One story after another, until he reached the top.

Jiang Chen didn't hesitate to jump up from his sitting position. He instantly felt the same pleasure that eagles felt when they flew in the sky and that fishes felt when they swam in the water.

All vague things around him became clear. It didn't take long for him to see himself sitting on the ground.

Then he moved towards the cave. His body went through the rocks without difficulty.


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