The Brilliant Fighting Master
29 Three Movements In One
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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29 Three Movements In One

Taking the girl with him, it was impossible for Jiang Chen to escape. He knew he couldn't delay, since when the other men from the Tribe of Thunder arrived, there was no chance of him returning alive.

He had to kill the two men as soon as possible.

He had beaten Jiang Feng and Meng Fei before, both of whom were in the peak of the preliminary stage, so he thought it would be easy to beat these two.

However, when they started to fight, he felt a lot of pressure.

It was not only because he was fighting two people at the same time, but these two were experienced warriors who couldn't compare to youngsters like Meng Fei and Jiang Feng.

They didn't have splendid martial arts techniques, but thanks to experience, their attacks were fatal and precise.

Jiang Chen was instantly in a disadvantageous position. His movements weren't good enough to deal with them.

The guy with the axe had a mountain-cutting hatchet. It was longer than a sword and subdued Jiang Chen perfectly. His movements were quite simple, only basic moves like hewing, hacking, and chopping.

They were far less exquisite and adjustable than Jiang Chen's movements, but were very effective.

They say the Knife Mania of the Sacred Zone acknowledged Wu Ming as his master. Wu Ming didn't teach him any knife movements, but only let him chop firewood. He spent ten years chopping firewood. Through this method, he achieved the supreme knifesmanship. So that's how these things work.

Jiang Chen became absent-minded for a while. The knife man sliced towards him diagonally with much force. If Jiang Chen hadn't dodged in time, he would have been cleaved in two at the waist.


Jiang Chen felt anxious at such a life-or-death moment.

Damn. I was so reluctant when my grandpa wanted me to take Wind and Cloud as my bodyguards. And now I am fighting like sh*t. They will definitely make fun of me when I go back.

Jiang Chen gnashed his teeth. His will to fight awakened. He didn't limit himself to dodging and scheming anymore, but became more active.

And it worked! The two tribal men couldn't see through his gorgeous sword methods.

During the fight, Jiang Chen noticed more and more people were coming out of the forest and gathering.

He found it more and more difficult to breathe. His heart was pumping unusually fast. Then he felt very hot, as if his meridians had started to melt.

This feeling was familiar to Jiang Chen. The same thing happened to him when his holy pulse had been recovered!

His second holy pulse was awakening!

It meant Jiang Chen's Tai Ji Wan would be more powerful.


Jiang Chen's state seemed to have upgraded greatly in an instant. He threw his sword out. The spiral energy it generated jabbed through the axe.

The axe man looked at his axe, and touched his chest unbelievably. There was a bleeding hole.


His companion's death irritated the knife man. He threw himself at Jiang Chen like a crazy person.

But he had more flaws. Jiang Chen decapitated him easily with only one attack.


Wind and Cloud were hiding in a tree. They were about to offer some help to Jiang Chen, but to their surprise, the fight ended dramatically.

"It's really surprising that his state has been improved at this moment."

"That's the value of taking adventures."

Benefiting from the second holy pulse, Jiang Chen was already in the completed preliminary stage!

Jiang Chen was gasping for breath, a bit exhausted. He could hear the battle cries of the Tribe of Thunder, so he rushed to leave with the girl.

However, it had taken him too long to finish the battle. Besides, the other side of the forest had low ground and was full of water. When he stepped in the water, there was a loud splash.

It didn't take long before the people of the Tribe of Thunder caught up to Jiang Chen and the girl. The first thing that reached them was an arrow.

However, someone shouted and the tribal men stopped shooting.

At the same time, two people happened to pass by in the nearby forest.


One of them was Jin Jie. She was greatly surprised when she saw Jiang Chen surrounded by the Tribe of Thunder.

At first she wasn't sure that the guy was really Jiang Chen. She only recognized him when she got closer.

A man of the Tribe of Thunder approached her. He thought she was Jiang Chen's companion, so he attacked her relentlessly.

"Go to hell!"

The old man with Jin Jie threw his palm out and sent the tribal man flying without touching him. The latter was killed by only one palm attack.

Jin Jie didn't pay too much attention at all. She looked very excited, especially when she made sure Jiang Chen had nowhere to escape.

But to her surprise, the old man took a look at the two trees behind them and said to her, "Young lady, he is under protection. He won't die."

Jin Jie was very disappointed. She intended to leave, but suddenly stopped. Some viciousness showed in her eyes.

"Could you hold his bodyguards?"

"Young lady wants him to die?" the old man asked. The word die wasn't a taboo for him. He mentioned it in a casual manner.

"Not at all. I want him to have more vivid memories about this adventure. That's all. If he dies, it means he's not good enough. Aren't I right?" Jin Jie smiled coldly.

"Understood, young lady." The old man disappeared instantly.

In their tree, Wind and Cloud knew it was time to act when they saw Jiang Chen was surrounded by people from the Tribe of Thunder.

But at this moment, these two saw someone unexpectedly and shouted, "Who is there?"

The old man was jumping from one tree to another and soon reached the same height as them. He said furiously, "Who are you? Why are you following my young lady?"

Wind and Cloud exchanged a glance with each other and said, "Senior, it's a misunderstanding. We are not following you."

They called him senior because of his age, not because of his state. These three were all in the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State.

"Don't you dare quibble with me!" The old man didn't buy their explanation at all.

"You old bastard, don't meddle with us. We don't have time to play with you."

Cloud had an irritable temper. He saw Jiang Chen was in danger, so he jumped out of the tree directly.

"Don't even think about leaving here without a fight!"

The old man threw himself over to Cloud, soaring like an eagle.

"Watch out!" Wind hurried to warn him.

Cloud had to stop and clung to the tree. He said with anger, "What the hell do you want?"

"Senior, do you have any problem with the Jiang Mansion? Do you want our child to die?"

While Wind was speaking, he made eye contact with Cloud, signalling to him to rescue the child while Wind held the old man there.

However the old man didn't intend to fight with them at all. He was just prolonging the fight. His state was one level higher than Wind and Cloud's.

"Hey, Jiang Chen. What can you do now?"

Jin Jie was to the side, sneering silently when she saw Wind and Cloud trapped in the fight and unable to offer rescue to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen noticed the fight there, finding it funny and annoying at the same time. This is the life-and-death fight that I have been expecting, but it didn't have to be so difficult!

There were twelve tribal men surrounding him, all in the Gathering Yuan State.

And he had to protect the girl.

The only good news was that the Tribe of Thunder didn't intend to use their bows.

Do they want to catch me alive in order to torture me?

This was his only chance. Otherwise, if someone shot an arrow at him from a distance, he would definitely die.

The fight started with a furious shout of the tribal warrior.

Jiang Chen had to keep retreating in the face of four or five men's attacks.

Fortunately the girl was clever enough. She didn't stay there to burden him, but hid somewhere.

Fortunately I've mastered the sword point. Otherwise, not even my sword could hold out with so many people's attacks.

Thanks to the sword point, Jiang Chen was able to continue the fight. But he had to make many efforts and soon got injured.

"Three movements in one!"

Jiang Chen gnashed his teeth and exerted the first movement of the Rainbow Sword Method.

Its name meant exerting three movements in an instant, catching the opponent off guard.

But Jiang Chen hadn't grasped the technique thoroughly enough. It was deactivated by a man of the Tribe of Thunder who was holding a giant sword in both hands. Jiang Chen was injured in his abdomen and was bleeding.

"Ha. How silly of him to use a sword movement that he was unfamiliar with at such a crucial moment!" Jin Jie was amused. She wished she could clap her hands.

"Three movements in one!"

To everyone's surprise, Jiang Chen hadn't learned his lesson. Instead, he continued to exert this movement.

Three white rays shot out in a triangular form. This time the move wasn't deactivated. But it didn't work, either.


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