The Brilliant Fighting Master
24 Defeating Meng Fei
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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24 Defeating Meng Fei

"The disengagement agreement?" said Jiang Chen. "You mean Su Qian? I've had nothing to do with her since I sent her the certificate of divorce."

"How dare you?" Meng Fei said to him coldly.

"I wasn't explaining to you. I was just telling you the truth. Besides, you said terrible things to my mother. I'll pay you back for what you did."

Meng Fei was struck dumb, but then suddenly burst into laughter. He said, "You mean you will fight me?"

"Do you think you are matchless? If I don't beat you, I won't get the prize of three consecutive victories."

"I am not matchless, but it's a piece of cake to beat you. If you don't sign the disengagement agreement, I'll beat you up today."

As long as he defeated Jiang Chen, people would stop saying that his girlfriend was abandoned by Jiang Chen because she was promiscuous, and he would be able to prove that it was Jiang Chen who couldn't match Su Qian.

"Cut the bullsh*t," Jiang Chen said.

"Watch my sword!"

Both Meng Fei's state and sword method were better than Jin Jie's, which made this fight a little bit different.

People could tell that much from his movements.

"Azure Rays Around!"

He was no doubt powerful, since he had the nerve to challenge Jiang Chen on a day like this. As soon as he thrust out his sword, a compelling energy was produced in the ring.

The energy formed into shapes rapidly. Then an azure ray shined over the ring and dazzled everyone in the area.

It was much worse for Jiang Chen, who was standing in the ring.

"He must have a great master."

Murong Feng was commenting on Meng Fei's movement. His skill was very rare in the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Meng Fei didn't try to draw out the Skyquest Sword, which meant he didn't have a talent as good as Jiang Chen's, but he had lots of achievements, and was outstanding among his peers.

However, Jiang Chen was very calm. He closed his eyes since he could see nothing due to the light. Then he raised his sword with his left hand.

All of a sudden, he started to attack, as if he could see with his closed eyes.

After a metallic sound, the azure rays disappeared.

"He deactivated the attack!"

Liu Fei looked shocked. She knew Meng Fei pretty well, so she knew he cheated in this attack.

Azure Rays Around was characterized by shrouding an area with rays. The best solution was to step back and keep a distance from the area.

But Jiang Chen had nowhere to go in the ring.

Nevertheless, Jiang Chen managed to ward it off unexpectedly.

No one noticed the laugh lines appear at the corner of his mouth.

When he was fighting with Meng Fei, he felt as if there were numerous energies surging around him and absorbed by his body. These energies were the spirit of the sword!

He was enhancing himself by fighting with Meng Fei, intending to get the sword point which was already so close to him.

This was the strength of a fighting genius.

Once his enemy failed to beat Jiang Chen with spectacular attacks and had the chance to fight back, he would grow up rapidly.

It was in line with Meng Fei's expectation that Jiang Chen wouldn't be beaten by only one movement. He then stated the second attack.

"Flying upon the Azure Clouds!"

The azure rays changed into a burst of energy as sharp as a real sword, and they dashed over toward Jiang Chen like an angry wave.

But Jiang Chen dodged it perfectly.

It wasn't easy to dodge an enemy's movement. You had to see through the enemy's intention and start to move at the moment when he started to attack.

Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to dodge it and would get severely injured.

That is, Jiang Chen had seen through the movement of Meng Fei, who mastered the sword point, and had prevented it.

At the same time, Jiang Chen thrust out his sword as well.

His movement was simple and fierce as always. The tip of the sword produced a burst of sharp and fatal energy.

"Thousands of Azure Rays!"

Meng Fei would never dodge the attack of Jiang Chen, whose state was lower than his, so he started to manipulate his sword to confront Jiang Chen.

His movement was similar to his first movement. Thousands of azure rays surged suddenly and forced people to close their eyes. The tip of the sword was like a viper lurking in high grass, fully prepared and seeking the chance to give the enemy a fatal attack.


However, Jiang Chen's sword once again warded off his sword.

"Damn! How did you see it?"

It had been twice. And the azure rays were much more brilliant this time. But they were of no use against Jiang Chen.

"I can sense it even with my eyes closed," Jiang Chen sneered.


Meng Fei roared at Jiang Chen. When he started to attack this time he sensed Jiang Chen's weakness, so he was confident that this move would defeat him.

But it seemed Jiang Chen was blessed by God, since he managed to halt Meng Fei's movement every time.

What drew Meng Fei's attention was the fact that Jiang Chen's swordsmanship skills were enhancing as the fight went on!

At first he thought it was an illusion. But a while later, he was shocked by the intangible sound Jiang Chen's sword let out when the latter was attacking.

"He is trying to master the sword point through fighting me!"

Meng Fei got furious when he realized that Jiang Chen was using him as a stepping stone.

"Go to hell…"

But hardly did Meng Fei finish his words, when the long sword in Jiang Chen's hand started to let out a reverberating sound.

The sword point!

Looks like the fight will be over soon.

Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously. The sword in his hand started to shine like a shooting star.

How terrible it is! It's time to use that move!

Meng Fei took a deep breath and started to brandish the long sword in his hand.

"Azure Dragon Subduing Demon!"

As soon as he started this movement, people could sense that he was forcing himself, as if he were holding his breath.

"This isn't good. Meng Fei hasn't mastered this movement completely. He shouldn't use it in a practical fight." Liu Fei was worried. She was the one who knew Meng Fei best among the people on the spot. She knew that her apprentice brother was desperate.

Not only her, but many powerful people with abundant fighting experiences also sensed that Meng Fei was in danger.

He and Jiang Chen were both in danger.

Forcing himself to exert a movement that he couldn't control might produce a miracle, but it could cause terrible consequences as well.

However, Jiang Chen didn't allow either of those situations to happen. He started his movement quickly.

The tip of his sword hit the Meng Fei's blade. The latter, who was still preparing, withered like a pierced balloon. He was spitting blood when he fell heavily onto the ground.

It was going too far to beat someone up like this in a competition, but Meng Fei had asked for it.

"Looks like the genius of the Hundred Thousand Mountains isn't so great either," Jiang Chen taunted him.

"I'll give you a chance to apologize to my mother. Otherwise…"

Jiang Chen held his sword to Meng Fei's throat as he was speaking.

Meng Fei raised his head stubbornly, squinted at Jiang Chen, and said with pride, "Kill me if you dare! Don't make me despise you."

"You don't think I dare?"

Meng Fei felt regret instantly. Jiang Chen was a psycho. Upon hearing Meng Fei's words, the intent to kill showed in his eyes. He even started to swing his sword towards Meng Fei.

"No! No! No!"

Meng Fei was scared out of his wits. He knelt down onto the ground, not to beg to Jiang Chen, but to dodge Jiang Chen's attack.

The sword scraped his head, cutting off some of his hair.

"Ha, so you are afraid of death, too." Jiang Chen was looking at Meng Fei with a grimace, as if he had never shown that fierce look.


Meng Fei stood up and was about to leave.

"Apologize to my mother, as I said!" This time Jiang Chen wasn't just saying it. He was also swinging his sword at Meng Fei's back.


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