The Brilliant Fighting Master
23 The Sword Poin
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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23 The Sword Poin

"Shut up!"

Fan Tu didn't intend to be friendly either. He shouted at Su Qun, "If you dare speak rudely again, I'll throw you out right away!"

Su Qun glanced at him and spat, "That's how the Jiang Mansion treats a guest? Even a servant dares yell like this? I would like to hear what Senior Lord Jiang has to say about this."

"Of course we have the proper manners to treat guests. But, we also have manners to deal with unreasonable people," Gao Yue said calmly.

Su Qun kept his temper under control on hearing this, but he was a smooth talker. Otherwise he wouldn't have been sent here to negotiate the disengagement agreement with the Jiangs.

He pointed at Jin Jie and said, "Isn't this girl unreasonable enough? Why don't you take her down? Jiang Chen is about to lose!"

"Not necessarily," Fan Tu answered without a second thought.


Su Qun laughed. He wanted to wait until Jiang Chen's defeat and see what this guy would say.

In the ring, Jin Jie's sword was moving faster and fiercer. Everyone could see how much she hated Jiang Chen.

"Fine. Now it's time."

At the moment when Jin Jie thought she would win, Jiang Chen stepped back to everyone's surprise. Then he switched the sword to his left hand.

"You're left-handed?"

Jin Jie became speechless. She felt she had been severely humiliated since she had been so pleased with herself the whole time, but it turned out her opponent wasn't fighting seriously with her at all.

"That explains everything. Of course a guy who is able to draw out the Skyquest Sword couldn't be so weak at fighting."

Murong Feng and Li Lie felt relieved. Jiang Chen's performance had made them start to doubt the Skyquest Sword's efficacy.

"Such being the case, you asked for it. Thousands of Purple Rays," said Jin Jie.

It was a powerful and brilliant sword movement.

The air stirred and was converted into great amounts of true and false long swords. They were attacking Jiang Chen as Jin Jie was moving. Jiang Chen was trapped in a dangerous storm, with no way to escape.


To everyone's surprise, Jiang Chen shouted loudly and brandished his sword. All of the effects of Jin Jie's movement disappeared at once. So did the purple rays.

"How could this be? How did you know the flaw of my movement?" Jin Jie was shocked. Her face turned pale.

"Because it was too obvious."

"Damn!" Jin Jie refused to give up, so she made another attack.

Jiang Chen calmly took it. His sword movement wasn't as glorious as Jin Jie's, but it was fast, precise and fickle. It was changing with ease between simple and complicated.

Jin Jie soon started to show signs of defeat, but Jiang Chen didn't rush to beat her. He kept slapping her face by throwing his sword at her.

"This one is to teach you what courtesy is.

"This one is to teach you what respect is.

"This one is for Jiang Lu!"

Unlike Jiang Feng, Jiang Chen wasn't afraid of this woman at all, so he was showing no mercy to her. Her face was swollen after only two slaps.

At the moment when Jin Jie gave a fierce look, Jiang Chen suddenly threw his sword at her face. When everyone thought Jin Jie was about to be stabbed, the sword suddenly frozen.

It was only half a finger away from her fair neck. Jin Jie was so shocked that she didn't dare move forward even a little bit.

"You've lost again. What's your excuse this time?"

"You-you-you!" Jin Jie was speechless. Her face was twisted. She jumped out of the ring and left without farewell, but no one intended to stop her.

Jiang Feng wanted to comfort her, but he felt the anger of the Jiangs' disciples, so he didn't dare.

Jiang Feng jumped into the ring with an angry shout.

"Jiang Chen, try me!" He was in the peak of the preliminary stage, a state even higher than Jin Jie's.

People who were cheering for Jiang Chen started to feel worried about him.

"You are a member of the Jiangs. Why are you behaving like a traitor?" Jiang Chen asked him.

"Do you know who her parents are? You are getting me into trouble!" Jiang Feng said furiously.

"You're a man. How ridiculous it is that you are trying to play up to a woman!" Jiang Chen despised him deeply for what he was doing.

"Fine. I'll pay you back for what you did to her and my brother!"

Jiang Feng was using a scimitar, just like Jiang Lu. Different from swords, scimitars are more potent and aggressive. If the person with the scimitar was also in a higher state, he was almost unbeatable.

That's why Jiang Feng didn't take it seriously and struck the scimitar down towards Jiang Chen in a loose manner.

However, to his surprise, Jiang Chen raised his sword to defend himself against the attack instead of dodging it.

"Even if they were in the same state, he should have dodged it," Murong Feng said in a low voice.

It would have made sense if Jiang Chen lost control of himself and fell down, his sword knocked into the air.

However, some sharp-eyed people noticed that a powerful energy was gathering around Jiang Chen's blade.


When the scimitar hit against the blade, the sword stayed still. It was Jiang Feng whose blade bounced off.

"How?" No one understood what was going on.

Except Jiang Chen. His genuine qi had been converted to genuine yuan, but it could spiral as well.

This time Jiang Chen didn't intend to compete with him on the skill of their sword methods. Instead, with the help of his sword, he managed to enhance his strength. Then he manipulated this strength to confront Jiang Feng.

He wanted to bring this arrogant guy down completely. Besides, Jiang Feng had such a great advantage over him. Only in this way could he amaze the crowd.

"Aren't you in the beginning of the preliminary stage?"

To Jiang Feng's great surprise, he did even worse than Jin Jie. He couldn't swallow the defeat, so he started to use more and more strength.

The scimitar and the sword were hitting against each other like two drunkards.


Jiang Feng's scimitar was shattered to pieces in the end. He retreated to the edge of the ring, gasping for breath.

"Your sword method is even worse than Jin Jie's. No wonder she dares challenge you," Jiang Chen made fun of him.

"Sh*t!" Jiang Feng wasn't willing to throw in the towel and intended to continue the fight.

Jiang Chen shook his head and sneered at him, "You'd better leave the ring. If you insist on fighting, I'm afraid your defeat will be more disastrous than Jin Jie's."

Jiang Feng recalled Jin Jie's face after the fight, which made her look like a fool. He got scared in a second and hasted to jump out of the ring.

Jiang Chen had won two victories in a row. Along with his great performance with the Bow of Lost Souls and the Skyquest Sword, the people of the east courtyard were more than excited.

"Su, can your young lady achieve this?" Fan Tu sneered.

Su Qun looked calm, but he was silently cursing Jin Jie and Jiang Feng.

Pretending that he didn't care, he smiled and said, "How can you make a man compete with a woman? I always say that Su Qian could have a better husband.


Su Qun pointed at the ring and showed a mysterious smile.

Gao Yue and Fan Tu looked over and saw Meng Fei finally jumping into the ring.

"He is also in the peak of the preliminary stage. How great is that?"

"For your information, Meng Fei is a genius who mastered the sword point."


Meng Fei drew his sword out of its sheath in the ring. The chime given out by his sword was lingering in everyone's ears. The whole world was shocked by the resonance the sound had.

"Mastering sword point at this age isn't so easy. This Meng Fei is really something," Li Lie said.

As disciples of the Swordquest School, of course they knew what sword point was. They had mastered sword point as well, though they had been much older than Meng Fei.

"Jiang Chen, you can choose to give up the fight. You are in a lower state than him and have had two victories. It's good enough," Jiang Lu said.

"You wanna give up without a try?"

Meng Fei sneered at him, "That's fine. But you have to promise me one thing—to sign the disengagement agreement."


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