The Brilliant Fighting Master
14 The Holy Gathering Qi Pill
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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14 The Holy Gathering Qi Pill

However, neither Cao Chenghua nor Su Qian would have foreseen Jiang Chen's arrival in the Whitewater City. The spring festival was close and it was snowing heavily. There was no one on the streets. But there was a group of people and horses walking in the snow. The horses' hooves struck the frozen ground and kicked up ice.

Curious eyes were watching behind the windows along the streets, trying to figure out what kind of horses could walk in such weather. They saw Fiery Dragon Horses. In this freezing season, the Fiery Dragon Horses were walking proudly like strong men without any clothes on. Snow was melted by their body temperature. The riders also felt warm.

"Not many forces in the Hundred Thousand Mountains possess a caravan like this. Who could that be?"

The local people were very curious. But the people of the caravan didn't want to expose their identities. They had hidden everything that could reveal who they were. Everyone was covered from head to toe. Their faces were hidden under the cloak hoods.

"Young Lord, selling panaceas is such a petty thing that you can just leave it to me. You don't have to have to bother yourself to do it at all."

Fan Tu admired Jiang Chen, as if he were able to do everything. He even knew how to refine panaceas and had refined panaceas from all those medicinal materials so easily. They were much better than the panaceas refined by that alchemist Xiao Hai, both in terms of amount and quality.

"I've come here not only to sell panaceas, but also to purchase medicinal materials for the refinement of another type of panacea," Jiang Chen said.

He could have told Fan Tu what to buy and asked him to take them back to the Jiang Mansion. But he couldn't ease up. After all, this world was different with the Sacred Zone. What if in the Nine Heavens Continent those materials had a different name? If there was any mistake, he wouldn't have enough time to achieve the Gathering Yuan State before the spring festival. He was really worried.

"All right."

Fan Tu stopped talking, but took Jiang Chen to a street inside of the Whitewater City.

"This place belongs to the Tianhang Chamber of Commerce. We have a good relationship with the boss here."

Fan Tu got off the horse and walked to the most gorgeous house. This was one of the few shops that were still open.

"Please ask your boss to come out. We have business to talk about with him."

"It's you, Master Fan. Unfortunately, my boss isn't here. It's the same to talk about it with me." A steward smiled playfully. He didn't take Fan Tu's words seriously.

Fan Tu believed him. He didn't know that it was because the steward had heard the current situation of the east courtyard that he stopped taking them seriously like before.

"It's panacea business. If there is anything wrong, can you take the responsibility? If not, you will still have to ask for your boss's instructions. I don't have time to waste on such matters. Just go and ask your boss to come," Jiang Chen said.

The steward wasn't quite convinced, but as the saying goes, a starved camel is still bigger than a horse, so he didn't have the nerve to go against them. He smiled at them and went away.

"I didn't know he was such a practical guy."

Fan Tu saw him running into the chamber of commerce and suddenly realized he had been lying to him, so he started to curse him. Jiang Chen smiled lightly. This is how the world goes. No one takes you seriously if you don't have any actual strength. Luckily, he came here prepared.

The East courtyard used to make frequent deals with the chamber of commerce, but the panaceas were not fresh. It was different this time. All of the Gathering Qi Pills were refined by Jiang Chen in person. So they were a holy quality class! A holy Gathering Qi Pill was worth dozens of times more than the average ones. This business was pretty big, just like what he had said.

The steward appeared again soon, with a beautiful woman behind him. She was about twenty years old and looked really posh in a garnet ermine robe.

Her bangs on her forehead had a willow leaf shape. Below the arched eyebrows was a pair of bright eyes. Jiang Chen and Fan Tu were confused. This obviously wasn't the chairman of the Tianhang Chamber of Commerce.

"This is the daughter of our chairman, Miss Xu Rong." The steward introduced her.

Xu Rong didn't give Jiang Chen a chance to question her. She said directly, "Whatever business you want to discuss, you can discuss it with me."

People from the Jiang Mansion were unhappy with the current situation. But since the chamber of commerce had made their attitudes clear, they were not in a good position to argue. They were taken to a room instantly. Xu Rong was quite cold. She didn't bother to treat the guests well at all. She said as soon as she sat down, "Tell me. What business do you want to discuss?"


"What class?" Xu Rong asked instantly, without any hesitation.

"Class one."

"How many?"

"Three hundred."

Xu Rong slightly raised her eyebrows on hearing that. She crossed her arms over her chest and laughed, "This business isn't big at all. I'll leave it to Steward Liu." Then she got up and was about to leave. Although she didn't say anything ugly, her way of talking and her expression were very unpleasant for Fan Tu.

"Before, you didn't behave in such a manner when I came!" Fan Tu thought he had been restraining himself and didn't expect that the Tianhang Chamber of Commerce would push it too far.

"That was before."

Xu Rong, who was about to leave, turned around and looked at Fan Tu. Then she looked over to Jiang Chen and said, "To be honest, our business with the east courtyard was never big. My father treated you as distinguished guests out of his respect for the Windblade. As to now…"

She didn't continue, but showed a meaningful smile.

"In that case, so be it. I don't think you are the only chamber of commerce in the Whitewater City," Jiang Chen, who had kept silent, stood up and said.

"As you wish." Xu Rong was still smiling.

They left the Tianhang Chamber of Commerce so soon that even the chairs they had been sitting on were still cold. They were angry and in a bad mood.

Xu Rong followed them to the door and said, "I want to make it clear. Even though other chambers of commerce agree to do business with you, we will suffer no loss. The problem is your attitude. It doesn't make sense that you are asking to be treated as distinguished guests with such a trifling business.You asked to meet the chairman for only three hundred Gathering Qi Pills. Do you think the east courtyard is still what it used to be?" Steward Liu took the chance to speak his mind from the rebuke he had gotten.

Fan Tu got so angry that he almost gave Steward Liu a lesson, but Jiang Chen stopped him.

"Hopefully you won't regret it." Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously. Then he took his men to another chamber of commerce in the Whitewater City, Pegasus Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Rong and Steward Liu watched them going in, with despise on their faces from beginning to end.

"Welcome."A mature woman received Jiang Chen in the Pegasus Chamber of Commerce. Totally different from Xu Rong, she was like a ripe juicy peach, wearing a delicate make-up on her beautiful face. Because it was such a severe winter, she was still in a long dress. She introduced herself as Steward Kong, and was very friendly.

"What business do you want to talk about?" Steward Kong asked after some polite greetings.

"Gathering Qi Pills." Jiang Chen said.

"How many?"

"Three hundred."

Steward Kong kept her professional smile and asked, "And the quality class?"

If Xu Rong had bothered to ask this, things would have been totally different.

"Holy." Jiang Chen answered.

Steward Kong was shocked. She rolled her sloe eyes up, showing the whites of her eyes. "You mean holy? You mean among them there are some holy Gathering Qi Pills?" She asked doubtfully.

"No. All of them. All of them are holy."


Steward Kong suddenly stood up. She had lost her composure. She leant forward excitedly and asked, "Are you sure?"


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