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2611 Han Yan Beginner
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Super Gene
Author :Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel
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2611 Han Yan Beginner

"You would be receiving benefits for nothing. I'm afraid that you're somehow collecting all the resources in this universe for free," Exquisite said unsympathetically.

Han Sen shrugged his shoulders and laughed. "If I go to the Very High, do you think I'm going to take the resources you offer and run?"

"I'm not afraid of that, but your idea goes against the rules. It doesn't work the way you want it to. You can use the good fortune spring, but you agree to obey me first," Exquisite said.

"In that case, never mind. I can take my time and heal slowly. You don't mind waiting a whole year, right?" Han Sen said.

"I have all the time in the world. I will give you a year and a half. And then, we will fight again. If you lose, there will be no further excuses. Not even the Sky can protect you forever."

"I, Han Sen, am a reliable chap." Han Sen made sure that his expression looked as noble as possible, but he still thought the result was a bit of a shame. Taking advantage of the Very High wouldn't be as easy as he had anticipated.

But that meant Han Sen could delay this annoyance for another year. His ability to buy so much time surprised him.

Han Sen had thought that Exquisite wouldn't be able to wait a year. He was amazed she had so willingly agreed.

"When my body is healed, I will at least be more confident in the Very High." After Han Sen and Exquisite struck their deal, they left the Sky Water House.

Two days later, Bixi took Yu Shanxin and departed Sky Palace. Exquisite remained. She was going to live there for a year and a half in anticipation of Han Sen healing.

Han Sen wasn't too concerned about Exquisite, though. He continued to rest on his island every day so that his body would heal as soon as possible.

Sky Palace had been in talks with the Extreme King. Eventually, Bai Wuchang and the Extreme King knights were released in exchange for resources. Some of them were xenogeneic treasures designed to heal his body. They were all given to Han Sen.

The Extreme King weren't willing to let go of their grudge, but now that Han Sen was in Sky Palace, there was nothing that they could do to him.

In between the time he spent practicing in the White Jade Building, Han Sen savored the Extreme King's food.

Han Sen had trained in the White Jade Jing before. There were twelve towers and five cities. In one of the towers, fairies would descend from paintings to grow a practitioner's power.

Han Sen headed to the seventh White Jade Tower out of the twelve.

None of them were better than the others. They were all different. The seventh tower was called Hidden Skill Tower, because the jade wall there was full of skills. There was lots of knowledge to learn there.

When the jade air was released each day, the jade wall would present a skill book. A different skill was displayed every day of the year. It was a cycle that repeated endlessly, year after year.

When a book appeared on the jade wall, merely looking at it would allow Han Sen to understand the hidden power residing inside. If he copied it and read it outside the tower, however, it would seem like nothing more than boring gibberish.

According to legend, when the alpha of the Sky created the Textless Book, he used the Very High Sense and the skill books from the tower. Whether or not that was true was unknown, but the mere belief was enough of a testament to how special they were.

Han Sen's body still hadn't recovered yet. He couldn't accept strong powers from the outside, so he couldn't go to the other towers to absorb their jade air. And neither could he go and refine the jade spirit. Instead, he focused on reading the books in that tower.

"Brother Han, I have heard you recommended your sister be accepted as a student in Sky Palace. Is she your real sister?" Yun Suyi asked with curiosity when the jade air was depleted and the book on the jade wall disappeared. She had been studying behind him.

"Yes. She's my real sister." Han Sen nodded. He had asked Thousand Feather Crane to register her because the man owed him a favor.

"She must be incredibly talented. If there is a chance, I would like her to study beneath my father," Yun Suyi said.

Han Sen was shocked. He looked at Yun Suyi and asked, "Is that your idea or the Yun elder's?"

"Both. What do you think?" Yun Suyi laughed.

"If the Yun elder is willing to take on Han Yan, it will be very fortuitous for her. I would be immeasurably grateful," Han Sen said.

Han Yan was just like him; they had both gone to Sky Palace on the recommendation of another. They were both foreigners who weren't native to there. Ordinarily, no foreign student would be taken on by an elder. If Yun Changkong was willing to take her, though, it would be very beneficial for her. Having Sky Palace as a background would be much better for an ordinary foreign student.

"But Sky Palace still has its rules. Sister Han still has to walk the Sky Path to get to Sky Palace," Yun Suyi said.

"Of course." Han Sen nodded. Han Yan should have no problem walking the Sky Path and the steps leading up to Sky Palace.

"If that's all agreeable to you, we should not delay. Let's go pick up Sister Han. My father has already completed the registration process. If she can walk to Sky Palace, she will be an official student of my father," Yun Suyi said.

"Suyi, thank you." Han Sen bowed before Yun Suyi with sincerity. For a foreign student to have one of the ten elders teach them was something most prestigious. Yun Suyi must have worked hard to make that happen.

"Brother Han, what are you doing? I didn't help much." Yun Suyi quickly stopped him from bowing.

The two of them departed the White Jade Tower. Han Sen still rode his old, legless crane. Together, they left the xenogeneic space and headed to Narrow Moon, where they would pick up Han Yan.

Gu Qingcheng and Elysian Moon were practicing outside. They weren't the type of people to spend their free time relaxing.

With their powers, they could survive an attack from a low-level deified. There was no need to worry about them.

Han Sen's sister was registering to join Sky Palace. This story remained on the headlines of Sky Palace for quite some time. After they went to Sky Palace, Han Sen helped with the registration. With the help of the tenth elder Yun Changkong, it was over quickly.

It wasn't easy for a foreigner to become a student of Sky Palace. Without a considerable amount of power, it was a challenge to be accepted. Plus, Han Yan would have the tenth elder as a teacher. That was amazing, considering that she wasn't even one of the Sky. Yun Changkong had gone to a lot of effort to ensure this would come to pass.

Of course, the importance of Han Sen to Sky Palace played a part in the proceedings. It would have been impossible, otherwise, for a foreign student to be brought into the fold by the tenth elder.

Han Yan was so excited. She had grown very bored on Planet Eclipse, but now she could go to Sky Palace. It was what she had longed for.

Yun Suyi explained to her the things that she needed to be wary of in Sky Palace. She treated Han Yan like a real sister. When Han Sen saw this, he felt touched.

Bao'er sat on the red cloud, flying in looping circles around Han Sen. Han Sen had brought her there, and when Han Yan walked the Sky Path, he would ask Bao'er to go with her. Bao'er might be able to help out.

The Holy God's Holy Air was some good stuff, and there was a chance Han Yan would receive the same treatment.

After Han Sen brought Han Yan to Sky Palace, many of the Sky Palace elites turned their attention to her.

Many people wanted to know how she stacked up next to Han Sen. Maybe Han Sen was just a one-of-a-kind crystallizer, or maybe the gene talents of all crystallizers were that good these days.

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