Super Gene: Domination
9 Slumdog Millionare? Yeah, Sure.
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Super Gene: Domination
Author :Ethereal_Nymph
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9 Slumdog Millionare? Yeah, Sure.

'Actually, now that I think about it, it is a rather good opportunity. With someone like him owing me a favor, Life could be easy at some important point. And in a month, I should be able to at least max out on primitive points, since the maximum recommended amount of geno points ingested in a day is then. So when we meet, I should have the upper hand. Yes, it is a good plan.

Ling Yun was a very happy man that day.

After having his fill, his eyes moved towards the carcass of the green-scaled beast, or what was left of it.

Since he cut open the creature in order to remove the ten pieces of flesh that granted him geno points, he now had a basically useless big chunk of meat. He could sell it, sure, but only for a couple of hundred dollars. In his mind, the effort he would put towards selling the creature wasn't worth it.

And so, he summoned his super pet, Ban the griffon.

"Hey Ban'er, why don't you eat this little sucker. It will help with your evolution."

"Shriii." Ban'er just looked towards the meta in contempt and have Ling Yun a half-hearted glare.

It wasn't that Ling Yun forgot super pets didn't eat every piece of meat they found, quite the opposite. He was perfectly aware that in order for Ban'er to mature he would need to feed it a low of mutant, sacred-blood, and at least one super creature, but he was just trying his luck. After all, the meat would go to waste otherwise.

"Fine, don't eat it, see if I care." He simply answered and opened his inventory to store the meat. But once he opened it, he shivered at the disordered mess that was his inventory.

"Hey Anne, is there a way to give a little order to this? Maybe create something like folders or categories, it looks just plain awful this way." He asked.

"Yes, master. There is a way. Just name the categories you wish to include, and I will implement them. Depending on the clarity of the name, I should be able to sort them automatically from now onwards." She answered dutifully.

"Great. Create a folder for the following: Harvested carcasses, complete carcasses, life essences, weapons and armor, books, techniques, medicine, treasures, and miscellaneous. Also, for the first two create further divisions that categorize the bodies depending on their level. Ordinary, primitive, and so on."

"Done, master. Items that don't fit in any category will be stored in the inventory outside of any folder."

Once Anne was done with that, Ling Yun started exploring his newly arranged inventory. And true to her words, the items were already stored in their respective folders. The only items that were outside were five tickets called "Lottery vouchers."

'Oh yeah, I forgot the not-doctor-Cheng gave me this in the same package as Ban'er. Wonder what I can get from the lottery, and what the really cool thing he said I could exchange them for is…' Ling Yun stared at them for a few seconds before asking Anne.

"Hey Anne, can you explain to me the functions of the lottery vouchers please?"

"Yes, master. The lottery is a shop hidden function that allows you to get a random item. It could be from a level one item to a level 10 one. Level one items are ordinary weapons and beast souls, an ordinary creature body, etc. Level 10 items are treasures even in Fourth God's Sanctuary standards. You can use them individually or combine them. A single voucher will be completely random. If you combine two of them, you get a "Bronze Lottery Voucher", which guarantees your prize will range from level two to four. Three of them become a silver one, and their prizes will range from level five to six. Four of them become a golden one, with prizes ranging from level seven to eight. Five of them become a platinum one, which will only provide level 9 prizes. If you combine ten of them, they become a diamond lottery voucher, which guarantees level 10 rewards." She explained.

"Great. I've got five, so I could get five normal spins, two bronze ones and a normal one, one silver and a bronze or one silver and two normal, a gold one and a normal, or a platinum one. Tough choice, I never really liked gambling." He muttered until he made his mind.

'But how else can I get those vouchers?' It was a good question, since they were very useful things. So, he asked Anne that.

"You can usually get them from the mystery box, although they are a somewhat rare drop. They can also drop in giftboxes, but it too is unusual. Other than that, you can also buy them directly from the store. Their price is ten billion and you can only buy one of them per year." Anne explained and Ling Yun sweatdropped.

'Ten billion? Fuck! I can get so many other cool things for ten million! I'm not gambling that much on a possibility! But still, those giftboxes and mystery boxes sound nice and dandy.'

"Anne, what exactly are giftboxes and mystery boxes?" He had a solid guess of giftbox, but the mystery box left him baffled.

"The giftboxes are rewards gifted to you by the system based on certain events or accomplishments. The criteria for their distribution are hidden. As for the mystery boxes, it's an item you can get from the store. There are five levels and their content is randomized. The quality of the items inside climbs with each level, as well as the prize. The levels are divided in ordinary, primitive, mutant, sacred-blood, and super. Their prizes are 100,000 points, 1,000,000 points, 10,000,000 points, 100,000,000 points, and 1,000,000,000 points respectively." Anne answered.

"Yeah, no. Not for now, thank you. Maybe when I am filthy rich and can splurge money. But not for now." Ling Yun sighed, but eventually steeled himself. Decision made, he once again spoke to Anne.

"Anne, cash in the five vouchers." He then turned towards the little griffon ad spoke. "You wish me luck, Ban'er." He trilled just before Anne's voice sounded once again.

"Five lottery vouchers cashed. Hidden requirement unlocked: Use the Store Lottery for the first time. Rewards: Complementary prize. Prizes gained: Beast soul of ordinary Mantis Reaper gained. Superior Item upgrade gained. Leather gloves gained. Beast Soul of primitive Onyx Panther gained. Beast soul of sacred-blood Nightmare Centipede gained. Beast soul of ordinary Black-Feathered Hummingbird gained."

"Awesome! A sacred-blood beast soul!"

Ling Yun was over the moon. With a sacred-blood beast soul life would be so much easier. He could use it to hunt stronger creatures, or he could even sell it for at least a hundred million levo dollars. For him, who needed money for his family, it was a godsend.

But that happiness didn't last for long once he checked the details for his new beast soul.

{Nightmare Centipede: Sacred-blood Pet Beast Soul.}

After reading those dreaded words, he sulked for a while.

While gaining any type of sacred-blood beast soul was a very good thing, a thing most people can only dream about, it being a pet type beast soul was arguably the worst type possible.

It would eventually become a sacred-blood creature that you could command, sure, but in the short-term it was practically useless.

Not only that, it was ridiculously expensive and time consuming. He would have to feed it sacred-blood creatures for it to evolve, and he just didn't have that kind of resources at the moment.

He would get them eventually, but it would take time.

"Well, whatever. I will get them eventually. But it sure is a pity." He sighed.

Ling Yun wasn't exactly depressed, per se, but he was a bit disappointed.

Fine, he was very disappointed. Even though he just spent five vouchers and obtained six prizes, they were the worst type of prizes possible.

It was possible to obtain items from level one to ten randomly, and he got crap.

Two ordinary, one primitive, and one useless sacred-blood beast souls. Those were, according to his understanding of the reward tiers, three level one or two rewards, and a completely useless (for the moment) level seven or eight reward.

He also got a couple of leather gloves (LEATHER FRIGGIN GLOVES), which were definitely a level one reward. Possibly even level zero, if that was a thing.

And finally, he got an item upgrade, but which item could he upgrade? Most people would kill for such a thing in order to upgrade their beast souls, but he already had the black crystal. He could upgrade them with that.

Sure, it would take time, but it was worth it, in his opinion. If only he could quicken that process, that would be the best. But unfortunately, the black crystal was an item that didn't belong to the sanctuaries. Only something truly out of the ordinary could help.

'Out of the ordinary… Could it be?'

Ling Yun didn't dare to even think he might be right, so he asked Anne.

"Hey Anne, what exactly is this item upgrade thingy?"

"It is an item that allows you to upgrade a single item. They are divided in several categories: lesser, weak, normal, great, grand, superior, and perfect. Yours is of superior variety, which means you can upgrade almost any item a good deal. Item upgrades from lesser to superior can be bought in the store, but the perfect one is extremely rare. As for the superior one, it belongs to the level nine of rewards."

'Huh, so it can be bought. Not so good, then. But still, a level nine reward most be somewhat good.' Ling Yun thought with some bitterness. After all, he thought he had gotten excited over nothing.

"What are their prices?" Still, curiosity overcame him. It was still a pretty useful item, after all.

"They are a million, ten million, a hundred million, a billion, ten billion, and a hundred billion points respectively." Anne answered in a nonchalant way.

"Holy crap! That expensive?" He asked, astounded.

"Of course. Even the lesser item upgrade can evolve a beast soul. A superior one could potentially trigger the evolution of a super creature." She answered.

"Well damn, what could be the best way to use it? If I gave it to Ban'er, maybe it could finish his development and progress into a full-fledged super pet." He started thinking with greedy thoughts.

"Master is incorrect. It could potentially aid it to become a berserk super beast soul, but it wouldn't make in transform into battle-mode. As for master's question, the best way to use it would be to upgrade the black crystal currently inside the sacred-blood black beetle in the inventory." She answered plainly.

At first, Ling Yun was confused. When had he asked Anne anything? But he quickly realized she was referring to a rhetorical question he muttered to himself and was about to explain that to her.

When he heard her say it could be used to upgrade the black crystal, however, most of his thoughts stopped.

The back crystal was the single most op, heaven defying, ridiculous advantage to have in at least the first four sanctuaries. The fifth one may be different, but it was unlikely.

So, considering the value and usefulness of that thing, what would happen if he upgraded it?

Thinking up to here, he stopped. He had not used the black crystal yet, he hadn't even extracted it from the black beetle. It stood to reason Anne could detect it, since it was stored in the system, after all, but how could she be able to tell it was the best option to use the item upgrade?


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