Super Gene: Domination
8 Master Chef?
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Super Gene: Domination
Author :Ethereal_Nymph
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8 Master Chef?

He smiled. But even if he killed the beast, its companions were now alert, so he chose to stay quiet and wait for them to leave. It took a couple of minutes, but eventually only the corpse remained. Even his minimap said so. With a smile, he climbed down the tree.

"Today its an ordinary creature, tomorrow it's the world."

Oh yes, Ling Yun was developing great expectations towards the future.

After getting closer to the now dead green-scaled beast, he started to see something weird. There were bright white spots of light all around the creature. They were ten in total, and some even seemed to be in the middle of the creature's body.

"What is this? Are those bright spots the meat I have to eat in order to gain geno points?" He asked himself.

"Master is correct. Each one will give a point most of the times. There is a very small chance that after eating eight or nine the rest will not work, but it is such a small probability it is dismissible." Anne answered almost immediately.

"Well, we can see that later. For now, up to the inventory you go" Ling Yun said and stored the beast.

Now, if he had the time, he would probably be able to hunt ten green-scaled beasts and max out his ordinary points, but he wanted to do something else. So, he started walking towards the valley near Steel Armor Shelter.

In the middle of the valley there was a creek. It wasn't very big, but it was the easiest area in the shelter area. And probably one of the easiest in the entire first sanctuary. He was in the area where Han Sen found the sacred-blood black beetle.

"Anne, the map function shows me creatures, right? What is the range?"

"The range for the map is of a fifty-kilometer radius. If you are looking for a specific creature, though, you can filter the search. The more creatures are applicable for the search, the lower the search area will be. For example, if you search for any creature, the radius will be of fifty kilometers. If you search for only ordinary creatures, the radius will increase, since there are fewer ordinary creatures than all creatures combined. Theoretically, if you search for a specific creature, the search radius will encompass the entirety of the first sanctuary."

"Great." His eyes shined and spoke to Anne once again. "Please run a search on a sacred-blood black beetle."

"Running search." She kept quiet for a few moments before speaking again. "Master, a sacred-blood black beetle is currently located about 8 kilometers north up the creak."

Ling Yun smiled. There's the winner. "Please mark it in the minimap." He told Anne.

"Done, master." And those were the words he needed to start off his chase.

This time, he didn't even bother on walking, he ran at full speed. It took him an hour, but he eventually found it. It was underwater at the moment, so he didn't dare to shoot an arrow towards him. And they had incredible hearing, so his only option was to wait him out of the water. So he waited for hours on end, until it finally came out.

Once it did, Ling Yun realized that he could see some text under the creature short name. It read "Beast Soul Available: Armor."

"So that's the system's soul aura. Well, it is very useful." He smiled and analyzed his prey.

The problem with the beetles was their hard shell, so Ling Yun needed a miraculous shot. Fortunately, it was a false sacred-blood, so it wouldn't matter much. He only needed a well place shot at the base of one of it´s limbs or it's belly.

Eventually, the opportunity presented itself. The beetle was climbing a branch, but it was a very thin branch, so it exposed the soft part of his belly. Ling Yun tensed his bow and, using both untraceable shot and sonic shot, he let the arrow loose. It hit dead on, and the beetle fell of the branch. It was struggling to live, which is a testament to the tenacity of sacred-blood creatures, but at this point in life it was more dead than anything else.

Eventually though, it stopped moving.

{Sacred-blood creature black beetle killer. Beast soul of sacred-blood black beetle gained. Eat the flesh of sacred-blood black beetle to gain 0 to 10 geno points randomly.}

"Oh, yes. Music to my ears." He smiled from ear to ear.

He quickly moved towards the dead beetle and stored in his inventory. Only then did he sigh in relief. With a huge smile and huge gains, he returned to the shelter.

Once inside his room, he took out the green-scaled beast and took out the dagger his mother gifted him. He carefully checked the locations where the white spots were concentrated, and he chopped the beast to get them. He extracted the ten of them.

He eyed the grayish meat with distrust in his eyes. He could cook it, but it would take time and he didn't even have good skill. In the end, he gave up figuring out what to do and he was readying himself to eat them raw.

"Well, I hope you at least don't upset my stomach. It would be a shame. I just wished I could cook or something." And just as the piece of meat was about to enter his mouth, Anne interrupted.

"Master, there is a function in the store called "Auto-Kitchen". If you buy it, the kitchen will basically cook everything for you, you just have to provide the materials, and you can buy them in the store." Ling Yun's eyes were set ablaze! With that function, he would no longer have to worry about preparing his meals. What's more, he would be able to store already prepared meals.

"How much is that function?" He asked Anne. After giving Ban his body, he was pathetically low on points. He only had about 2 million.

"It is one of the cheapest functions since its usefulness is limited. It is priced at 250,000 points. It includes all the basic condiments, spices, and secondary ingredients for about 10 meals. If you choose to, there is also a package called "Master Chef Cooking Supplies". It basically gives you unlimited access to any supplies you need as long as a main ingredient is provided. That one has a cost of a million points per month."

"Buy it! Buy them both! I don't really care, I just want my meal." Ling Yun was almost crying at this point.

[Auto Kitchen and Master Chef Cooking Supplies bought. Deducting 1.25 million points.]

"Anne, Make a meal out of these ten pieces of meat. A stew or whatever you want, but make sure it is enough for just one serving." He commanded and relaxed with a satisfied smile on his face.

"Yes, master. It will take about thirty minutes." She responded.

"That's okay. How are your assimilations, by the way?" Over the past two years, Anne had been getting better and better at hacking. As such, she also could infiltrate new databases and amplify her data bank. Last time he checked, she could actually infiltrate a low-level warship and take complete control of it."

"The speed of the assimilations increased exponentially once I integrated with the system, master. I am currently unaware of the current progress, but before you entered the sanctuary, I had the clearance of a general and access to the information available to them, of course."

"Excellent. I want you to tun simulations of the stock market. I need to know if you could make money if I had you run my investments." He answered, thinking of his points.

'They are really easy to spend, huh…'

"Anne, When I killed the two green-scaled beasts the system rewarded me with points, but nothing of the sort happened when I killed the sacred-blood beetle. What's up with that?" He asked, genuinely confused.

"Master. The rewards for killing creatures are as follows: Ordinary: 1,000 points. Primitive: 25,000 points. Mutant: 500,000 points. Sacred-blood: 10,000,000 points. Super: 250,000,000 points. You can also sell the carcasses of hunted creatures at the following prices: Ordinary: 1,000 points. Primitive: 5,000 points. Mutant: 1,000,000 points. Sacred-blood: 100,000,000 points. Super: 5,000,000,000 points.

If you wish to sell the corpses you must make sure to not take any part of the carcass or the life essence. If they are not complete, the system will not buy them. As for why the black beetle didn't yield any points, it was because it was a false sacred-blood, since it evolved using the black crystal. Creatures that underwent a false evolution will not yield points when killed and their carcasses will be valued at their original tier. In the case of the black beetle, that would be the ordinary category."

"Well, that explains a lot. Still, this thing is awesome in terms of money-making. If I recall correctly, primitive corpses were only worth one or two thousand, not the five the system is willing to buy them at. And ordinary ones were worth just a few hundred. Mutant ones are in the price range, but sacred blood is slightly below the market price I had observed. Still, it is an amazing tool when trying to not gain attention. As for the super life essences, no matter if it is five billion points, right now they could be worth planets since they are almost non-existent. Interesting…"

[Auto-Kitchen process finished. Green-scaled stew finished.]

When those words faded, a heavenly smell reached Ling Yun's nose and a bowl of heaven manifested in front of him. Taking the spoon towards his mouth, he ate the first bite.

{Green-scaled beast flesh eaten. One ordinary geno point gained.}

{Green-scaled beast flesh eaten. One ordinary geno point gained.}

{Green-scaled beast flesh eaten. One ordinary geno point gained.}

Ling Yun ate until there was nothing more in the plate. He didn't know what was more heavenly. The taste or the notifications informing him of his first step towards evolution. Whatever the case, it had been a fine day.

He had ten geno points in his first day, on creatures he hunted himself. They were a wonderful meal. He had another ordinary creature's body, a sacred-blood body, a sacred-blood beast soul, and the black crystal.

Thinking to this point, his mind naturally wandered towards Han Sen.

All those things were supposed to be his, and the armor was vital in the creation of dollar. Ling Yun didn't care much for an idol, but he had to make his best effort when it concerned the kids he saved from the shura, at the very least.

So, with his mind made up, he resolved to part ways with the sacred-blood beast soul armor. He would eventually get another one anyways, and That would maintain the timeline to at least a similar level of what he remembered.

He would have to find Han Sen a month from now and give him the armor.

'Actually, now that I think about it, it is a rather good opportunity. With someone like him owing me a favor, Life could be easy at some important point. And in a month, I should be able to at least max out on primitive points, since the maximum recommended amount of geno points ingested in a day is then. So when we meet, I should have the upper hand. Yes, it is a good plan.

Ling Yun was a very happy man that day.


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