Super Gene: Domination
7 Isn“t This Thing Too OP?
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Super Gene: Domination
Author :Ethereal_Nymph
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7 Isn“t This Thing Too OP?

All three of them were, of course, super creatures and could have an advantage over others depending on the situation. Still, even as cool as all of the three of them were, he had already made his mind.

"Select the species as the Bluefire Ripper Griffon"

[Bluefire Ripper Griffon selected. Starting Process.]

A few seconds later, another voice in his head spoke. It wasn't the system, well, not the Super Gene system, but the normal voice every person heard in the sanctuaries once they killed something.

{Beast soul of Bluefire Ripper Griffon Gained}

He felt the shift in his mind, and immediately summoned his old new pet, as well as first beast soul. Light shot out of nowhere and materialized in a small griffon chick barely the size of his palm. It was the same as the image said, but with those beautiful blue eyes he already knew.

At first, the little griffon was confused, but upon looking around him and seeing Ling Yun, he started to get agitated.

And could you blame him? The last thin he remembered was his death after his kind master died too! He wasn't going to have another master, because nobody would be as good as him!

All of these passed through his mind, and just as he was about to attack, he heard something that froze him in his tracks.

"Ban'er, I'm so glad you are here."

And once he heard his name, he looked at the other person in the room once again.

Sure, his clothes were different. As was his hair. Instead of his black hair it was now a straight brown. His skin was clearer and his muscles more developed, but his eyes were still the same.

Suddenly, he was very glad he died. For he understood he was once again with his precious master.

After a very emotional reunion, Ling Yun returned Ban to his consciousness. He was defenseless right now, but not for much longer.

"I promise Ban'er, I will make you strong and keep you with me forever." He smiled at the thought. As he was preparing to leave, he remembered he still hadn't explored the new tab of the system, and so that's what he did.

In the tab, there were a few options. They were called map, encyclopedia, gene vision, soul vision, and assistant. As he clicked on the map option, the system once again spoke.

[Starting introduction. Welcome user to the sanctuary tab of the system. Next a brief introduction for the options will be given. But first, an artificial intelligence node was detected in user's inventory. Would you like to integrate it with the assistant option of the system? This will make the AI more intelligent and the system easier to operate.]

"Finally. Yes, integrate them."

Now this was something Ling Yun wanted to do years ago, but never found out how. By combining Anne with the system, life would be so much better.

[Integration completed. Welcome, master, to the sanctuary tab pf the Super Gene system. This tab consists of five different options. The first one is a map. In here, the entirety of First God's Sanctuary is mapped. Including shelters, danger zones, and other lifeforms and their levels. The next one is the encyclopedia function. In it you can read data regarding each and every lifeform present in the First God's Sanctuary. The next one is the gene vision function. With it, you can easily detect which parts of a creature's carcass would benefit you if consumed. Be it from augmenting your geno point count or any other benefit, it would be clear. Please be aware that this is the case specifically for the user. If another human ate meat that the gene vision function states would provide an additional geno point, it might not be the case. At the same time, pieces of meat not marked as anything special for the user could very well grant points to another human. The next one is the soul vision function. With it, you would be able to tell if a creature would grant a beast soul once slain. Please note that, as in the previous function, this analysis is applied only to the user and other humans might or might not share the same results. The last one is the assistant function, which is me. The user can give orders and I would comply, such as arranging the inventory, running an investigation on a creature, or even buy and sell items. There are two other functions that are currently locked. The first one is the Sanctuary Vision. It makes the user sight something similar to a HUD. Once the user looks at a creature, the sanctuary vision would clearly state the species and important data of the creature, whether or not it would grant a beast soul, and the parts of the carcass that would benefit the user if consumed. It also includes a minimap that registers the nearby creatures and the terrain around the user within a diameter of a hundred meters. To unlock it user must kill his first creature. The last option is the "Gate" function. It allows the user to, up to thrice a day, teleport to a location in which he has been before. The condition to unlock it is to pay 1 billion points. This ends the introduction.]

Ling Yun stood still for a few minutes and smiled. It was a happy smile, as well as a self-depreciating one.

The system was making things way too easy for him, so he would need to have different goals. But that wasn't a huge problem. With a steady breath, he left the room and admired his surroundings.

People were walking and talking animatedly, but it still wasn't a big problem for him. He quickly left the shelter and moved towards a forest about a mile away. According to the data he had gathered in the Skynet, that was the habitat of the green-scaled beast, an ordinary creature.

After a half an hour walk, he arrived at the first tree of the area.

Ling Yun took a deep breath and readied his spear. After that, he opened his heavenly eye and activated earth elemental energy. With this, he could see everything around him in a ten-meter radius, and that included making changes in real time. He also activated his earth elemental energy, granting him a slight increase in strength and defense.

Everyone else would be stumped seeing this. After all, he was just hunting green beasts, one of the most harmless creatures in the entirety of Steel Armor Shelter territory, but for him it was a precaution.

He knew he was stronger than the average rookie, but he was hell bent on being careful. After that, he started searching for a prey.

He only had to walk for a couple of minutes before he saw a creature moving towards him. It was covered in green scales and was about the size of a cat. He readied his spear and prepared for a fight.

"Come at me, ugly. You just volunteered yourself as tribute." He said and chuckled in anxiousness at his very bad joke.

Realizing it had been found, the green-scaled beast shrieked and ran towards Ling Yun. It wasn't very fast, but enough to spook him a little bit. Once it was a meter from him, he stabbed forwards with his spear.

The beast moved sideways and prepared for a counter, but before it could find its footing, the shaft of the spear hit it in the head, disorienting it for a second.

And a second was all Ling Yun needed, for he immediately stabbed it in the eye with the tip of his weapon.

After twitching for a second, the creature died.

{Ordinary creature green-scaled beast killed. No beast soul gained. Eat the flesh of ordinary green-scaled beast to gain 0 to 10 geno points randomly.}

[Ordinary creature killed. 1,000 points gained.]

[Condition for the Sanctuary vision function achieved. Please activate it if you wish to use it.]

After hearing the first announcement, Ling Yun heaved a sigh of relief, only to turn into a smile after hearing the second one and a chuckle hearing the third. This was his first step into the world, and he sure as hell was ready for it and everything that should come his way.

Shaking the blood off his spear, he stepped on the dead creature and commanded mentally for it to be stored in the inventory. As soon as he finished the mental command, it disappeared, only to be stored for later consumption.

Confidence renewed, Ling Yun spent the next hour searching for more creatures. Unfortunately, he just couldn't find any. Not a single one.

"Damn, where are all of these things? I wish I had Han Sen's Dongxuan aura or something. That would make it easier." After muttering those words, a voice sounded in his head.

[You could activate the sanctuary vision in order to find a creature, master. Or you could also open the map.]

After hearing that, he sweatdropped.

He was not used to the sanctuaries yet, much less the system aiding him in it. So, he activated it.

As soon as he did, everything around him turned into blue light for a second, before regaining normality. He looked around him but found nothing. Then, on the corner of line of sight, he found several green points moving around.

"What are those green things?" He asked out loud. Half hoping Anne to answer. He was right.

[Those are creatures, master. The system can detect life forces. The white ones are other humans. Blue ones are treasures or useful plants. Green ones are ordinary creatures. Yellow ones are primitive creatures. Orange ones are mutant creatures. Red ones are sacred-blood creatures. Black ones are super creatures.]

He smiled with the explanation. Now it made more sense.

"Great, let's start hunting."

He walked towards the group of green-scaled beasts, only to find a little problem. There were a lot of them, and he could only see them once he was 50 meters away. Thinking for a bit and taking a deep breath, he climbed the tree closest to him and focused energy on his eyes.

This was the usefulness of the organ refinement stage of the seamless diamond body scripture. If he focused energy towards any given organ, its qualities increase exponentially.

He stored the spear in the system and took out his bow and arrows. After a careful observation, he tensed the string and took a deep breath. Once second later, he used untraceable shot and aimed directly to a beast's eye.

Their scales were relatively tough, and his bow and arrow weren't anything fantastic since his fitness was around 2, but he shot anyway.

The arrow embedded itself deeply into the creature's brain, which died instantly.

{Ordinary creature green-scaled beast killed. No beast soul gained. Eat the flesh of ordinary green-scaled beast to gain 0 to 10 geno points randomly.}

[Ordinary creature killed. 1,000 points gained.]

He smiled. But even if he killed the beast, its companions were now alert, so he chose to stay quiet and wait for them to leave. It took a couple of minutes, but eventually only the corpse remained. Even his minimap said so. With a smile, he climbed down the tree.

"Today its an ordinary creature, tomorrow it's the world."

Oh yes, Ling Yun was developing great expectations towards the future.


Hello people! Let me take this brief space to clear some questions some of you seem to have.

Ling Yun doesn't hate Han Sen, don't know why you even think that.

Yes, some of the things he has and will get are a little too op. There would be too much grinding otherwise and I feel the story is slow enough as it is.

The story WILL follow the canon storyline closely, but Ling Yun will do his thing while Han Sen does his.

There will be romance, but absolutely NO HAREM. I hate those.

I already have a plan for the pairing, but if you have suggestions make sure to let me know. I'm not infalible and you may choose a better match.

Also, about military academy. I was thinking on making Ling Yun join Blackhawk just as Han Sen. Different clubs and departments, but to let them have some interaction in order to develop the characters better. Also, there is already an established populace of characters there, so I wouldn't have to introduce too many OCs that may disrupt the flow of the story. If you would like to see Ling Yun joining another military school, though, say it down below and leave your reasons. I am as opened to suggestions as I am to allergies, apparently.

Seriously though, effing allergies, man.


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