Super Gene: Domination
6 Ban“er“s Transmigration
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Super Gene: Domination
Author :Ethereal_Nymph
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6 Ban“er“s Transmigration

Chapter 6

[Age requirement met. Unlocking the Sanctuary tab. User has received a birthday gift. New functions are being unlocked.]

Ling Yun pumped his fist and smiled. He was right, after all.

When he first got the system, it said that new features could be unlocked based on his age, achievements, and other things. Obviously, the first thing he thought of was his sixteenth birthday, since it was the most important day of the life of every young person. The day they were able to enter the sanctuaries. Now that he got confirmation, life would be even easier.

But even he couldn't have predicted what happened next.

[Hidden requirement achieved: Setting a goal. The user set himself a goal and worked in order to achieve it. Goal difficulty: Very Hard. Goal Effort: Perfect. Goal Result: Exceeded Expectations. Reward: 50,000,000 points. Five universal technique vouchers. Sanctuary tab functions have been upgraded to the highest setting.]

Ling Yun was utterly confused about it right now. Ecstatic, but confused. Especially because the system wasn't very thorough with the descriptions.

"Elaborate." He commanded and prayed it would work. Fortunately, it did.

[Hidden requirements are a type of missions that can be unlocked based on the user's thoughts and actions while completing an activity. They can be compared to quests or missions. They are not repeatable, and it is the user himself who makes the parameters. Of course, they still have to be approved by the system. In this case, your hidden requirement was to set yourself a goal before your sixteenth birthday. As it was a very ambitious one, the system classified with the second highest difficulty. The goal effort refers to the time and effort invested in the completion of the requirement. In user's case, the efforts were perfect. The goal result is once again ser by the user and approved by the system. User's results exceeded all expectations, so the reward is naturally increased. The original goal was for user to: Ace the graduation exam. Finish studying for the military school entrance exam. Complete at least two stages of the three scriptures. Learn the three weapon mastery techniques to at least 75%. Learn two different skills for each weapon and unarmed combat. Learn one auxiliary technique. All of that before entering the sanctuary.]

"Well, that explains it. Still, I didn't think it would work." Ling Yun said and smiled happily. He would have to explore the new system tab, but for now he had to sleep.

That night, sleep was easy to come by.

Ling Yun was anxious. Very anxious, actually, but it didn't really matter that much. He had done his best effort to prepare himself and then some. He doubted there were many people as strong as he was when they first entered the first sanctuary.

Still, he was a little nervous.

The next morning he was woken up by his mother with a package in her hands. It was the mandatory alliance battlesuit everybody received when they turned sixteen. It was naturally resilient and had a lot of pockets to keep stuff. He got dressed in his new battlesuit and left the apartment along with his mother.

"Good luck big brother! Don't die!" He almost faceplanted when he heard his precious, cute, little sister say that, but instead he let out a wry smile and kept walking.

The mother and son pair took the bus and arrived at the alliance Teleport Station. Everybody who wanted to reach the sanctuaries had to teleport to them. This required a teleporter. He could do it in the alliance station, or buy a private teleporter.

Of course, they were so expensive he would rather travel to the station.

Once arrived, he needed to get his ID, so his mother accompanied him. The line was not long, so it didn't take them long.

In the front desk a middle-aged man with messy hair was waiting. Without even looking up, he spoke to them.


"Good morning." Ling Yun answered. "I am here to get my identification. It's my sixteenth birthday today." He explained with a happy voice.

The middle-aged man just glanced at him for a second before asking for his name and address. Once that was done, he only waited a couple of minutes for his ID.

"Don't lose it or you'll pay for the replacement. You need to check in and out every time you use the station. If you spend more than a year without checking out you will be reported missing. Five years and you will be presumed dead. Ten years and your will will be executed. Understood?" He spoke with apathy in his tone.

"Yes, sir." Still, Ling Yun had to answer respectfully. It was a special day, after all.

"Great, here you go. Next."

Ling Yun and his mom moved towards the teleporters and got in line. When it was almost their turn, she spoke.

"Remember, I am in the Spirit Rock Shelter. If you happen to be sent there, wait for me at the gates of the shelter. I love you, and good luck." She spoke with a few tears on her face and he nodded.

"Next." Soon, it was his turn. He scanned his ID and entered the teleporter. There was a bright light and immediately opened the system.

[Teleporter activated. Random destination. Select destination manually?]

"YES!" This was all he was waiting for, basically.

How would he be able to take things that originally belonged to Han Sen when he isn't a member of the Steel Armor Shelter? He wouldn't! So, it was a necessity to be there.

[Please select the shelter to where you wish to be transferred.]

"Steel Armor Shelter."

[Steel Armor Shelter selected. Beginning transmission.]

As soon as the voice stopped, his surroundings cleared once more.

He was in a small room with a teleporter, abed, a shower, a small closet, a small desk, a chair, and a fireplace. It was his room in the shelter.

Every person, on his first teleportation, reached an empty room which became theirs. Only they could enter it and it could be used to store items. Since he was alone, he took off his clothes and opened the inventory.

He had made purchases specifically for this, so he wouldn't look like a total noob, and he could protect himself better.

He got dressed in his custom battlesuit, which provided more protection. Almost the same as an ordinary armor beast soul. He also placed his new knife in the back of his hip, and a spear he bought in the system. It was well above ordinary beast souls and could be compared to primitive ones. Not as good, but it was close enough.

He also made sure to move his Bow, quiver and arrows, and spear to the top spots in case he needed them. Once he was about to close the inventory, he found another ugly cardboard box with a nice ribbon. But this time, it was a purple one.

"Of course! The system said I had a birthday gift, I was just way too distracted with the other stuff to check it." He smiled and selected the space in which the gift was.

As the same as the last time, the picture started an animation and a letter fell into his hand.

"Hello there, it's me, the one you call Not Doctor Cheng. You see, before you left, a pretty little soul appeared to be dying, so I checked it out. Turns out, it had a soul connection with you. So, since you were in another universe and it would die otherwise, I took a bit of your starter system points to arrange a little something. Now I hope you really like this mutt, because it's annoying.

Anyway, since I didn't know what kind of life you would choose, I covered all the basis. Right now, the soul of this thing can be incorporated into basically everything. Even a plant. But you choose. Although if I know you, you will choose a creature for sure. If you do, you can choose which creature completely for free. It will be an ordinary creature. If you want it to be a primitive creature, it will be a million points. Ten million for a mutant one, A hundred million for a sacred blood variation, and a billion points for a super creature. Bear in mind that it will obey you almost absolutely since you two are connected, but anyway, its your choice.

If you want to take the hard route, though, you could also make it a pet beast soul. If you choose this, be aware that the final product will have sentience and will be more intelligent and independent than a normal beast soul, and you can give it a real body if you wish, but it will be terribly difficult. The prices for the ordinary and primitive pets are the same, completely free. A mutant will cost half a million, a sacred-blood five million, and a super creature fifty million points. You will have to feed it, of course, but you know the drill. Anyway, and happy birthday and stuff. I also included five lottery vouchers just for you. You can use them in the store lottery or exchange them for something really cool. That's all for now. Enjoy Yourself."

"A soul? Mutt?" Ling Yun's expectations were very high, and he was hopeful. Eyeing the inventory once again, he found an image of an old dog. A golden retriever with white-snow fur, and a pair of beautiful blue eyes.

That image alone brought tears to Ling Yun's eyes and whispered in an almost inaudible tone.


That's right. The soul of his best friend, of his loyal companion and most precious being from his past life was sitting inside the inventory.

"I am so happy to have you with me. With you by my side, I have no regrets left." He said with a smile and activated the inventory space.

[Soul of Ban the dog selected. Choose option: Transfer to a living being or convert to a pet beast soul.]

"Convert to a pet beast soul, please." He was so happy, he was even being nice to the system.

[Select creature class: Ordinary (free), Primitive (free), Mutant ($500,000), Sacred-blood ($5,000,000), Super ($50,000,000).]

"Super beast soul. I will be broke, but everything I have would be worth it." He smiled. Even though it was already in his plans to get a super pet, Ban'er was just more important. Who cares if it is fifty million or five hundred billion? He would do it for his precious pet.

[Select species for the pet body]

Ling Yun spent an hour browsing the available options until only three remained.

The first one was a wolf-type creature. It had the element of lightning and was of a beautiful green color. It looked ferocious and once fully grown, It would be 2 meters long and a meter tall.

The second one was a wyvern because who the hell doesn't like wyverns? Its element was wind and was of a silver color. It would reach fifteen meters of height and twenty-five of wingspan. It looked pretty badass.

As for the last one, it was a griffin. Once fully grown, it had a wingspan of twenty meters. A high of two meters and a length of five. Its beak was blood red, the eagle half of its body had beautiful azure feathers and the lion portion was pitch black. Its element was fire.

All three of them were, of course, super creatures and could have an advantage over others depending on the situation. Still, even as cool as all of the three of them were, he had already made his mind.

"Select the species as…"


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