Super Gene: Domination
3 The Best Goldmine in the World
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Super Gene: Domination
Author :Ethereal_Nymph
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3 The Best Goldmine in the World

"Well then, let's see what we can have for dinner. Do you want rabbit stew… or pie?" He asked in a teasing voice and smiled seeing his sister's eyes glimmer.

Of course, she chose the pie.

After all, what kind of cute little girl would want to eat rabbit?

After Ling Yun prepared dinner and put his sister to sleep, he entered his room and sat on the small desk where he usually does research or homework.

Although the original owner of his body wasn't very smart or talented, he did have an admirable work ethic, so everything was ordered neatly. After thinking of his future for a second, he decided to explore the system a little bit.

He entered the store and browsed the weapons and techniques. The stuff in there was as expensive as it was awesome. There were even warships from other fandoms, and at one point he saw a death star for sale. Of course, the price was astronomical, so he didn't even bother with it.

After checking his points and finding out he had literally zero, he exited the store with a grumble and explored the other tabs. The trainer was useless because he didn't have anything to train. By the same logic so was the Training Area.

Finally, he arrived at the inventory.

He was expecting to see about twenty empty spots as is the norm for these kinds of things, but he found no limit and the picture of an awful cardboard box with a tiny red ribbon on top.

Je stared at it for a few seconds and snickered. The ridiculousness of a very damaged box with a pristine ribbon was a bit too much for his emotional day. Shaking his head, he clicked the box and saw an animation of it being opened. A second later a piece of paper materialized in front of him.

"Hello. I know you wanted none of this but think of it as a happy new life present. In the box you will find three weapon techniques vouchers, three instructor vouchers, three cultivation technique vouchers, three miscellaneous vouchers, some points to get you started, and one emergency treatment token. The first five are self-explanatory, and the last one is a precious token that can practically bring you back from the dead. As long as there is life in you, the item will activate automatically once you are near death and make you recover to your peak. You can also use it to save someone else, so whatever you like. Anyway, hope you enjoyed, and have fun."

After reading the letter a couple of times, Ling Yun quickly opened the inventory again and, true enough, those items were indeed there. After reading the descriptions of the items, he found out a few things.

The weapons and miscellaneous items he could buy had to be in the range of the points he had, even if he wasn't going to pay for them. So, as he had only 1,000,000 points, which were basically 1,000,000 levo dollars, he couldn't exchange the voucher for something that was above that price. The weapon and cultivation techniques, as well as the instructors, had no such restriction, but he had to be careful when choosing.

For example, if he chose an advanced dagger technique, but had no basics for the use of said weapon, he couldn't complete the training no matter how much time he spent with the instructors. Or, at least, that was his guess. The same could be said for his cultivation techniques, but at least those were easier to master since the very beginning.

A neat trick he found, though, was the "mastery" type in the weapon techniques category. For example, the technique called "Sword Mastery". The purpose of that technique was to elevate his skill with the sword to the perfection level. As such, it didn't have a prerequisite.

He spent hours searching the store inventory, but he never reached an end. It was almost as if the stuff in there was infinite. So, after 6 hours of browsing, he decided to apply filters. And after much consideration, he started exchanging his vouchers.

For the weapons, weapons techniques, and instructors, he bought one each for bow and arrow, spear, and sword. They covered the long, middle, and short range and were the most popular weapons for each, so there would never be a lack of skills. The weapons he bought were the most expensive he could find in each category, each costing exactly one million.

Once he got those 9 items, he sold to the system the weapons for a total of three million points. Then, he bought practice weapons of the same kind for 5,000 each. He was not dumb enough to reject free money, and there was no way he could use them effectively. Eventually, he would buy better weapons as he needed them. But there was no reason to do it right now. The only thing missing were his cultivation techniques.

On this, he was stumped. There were so many different categories and good techniques, so choosing took a while.

At first, he wanted only one, since in almost every novel using two cultivation techniques simultaneously could have bad side effects, but then he remembered he actually had a reference to go back to.

Han Sen started practicing Jadeskin, then the Dongxuan Sutra, and finally the Blood Pulse Sutra. They were three cultivation techniques with ten gene locks each, so that was the maximum he was going to practice simultaneously. Which coincided with the number of vouchers he had available.

After thinking very hard on it, he finally decided for three cultivation techniques. They were among the most expensive ones, so he thought they should be highly effective.

The three of them also had a preparatory stage before going into the levels which could open gene locks, so he thought they were a very wise choice.

The first technique was a body technique named "Seamless Diamond Body Scripture". It had ten levels and the preparatory stage, which had three levels. The details for the abilities unlocked with each gene lock were unknown until the preparatory stage was completed, and the same was true for the other two.

The second was a spirit technique called "Spirit Sense Scripture". It too had ten levels and three for the preparatory stage. It may have spirit on the title, but in his previous life it would be mostly catalogued in the mind section, as it dealt with mental abilities more than anything else.

And finally, the last one was the most common type of cultivation technique. The energy one. It was called "Thirteen Heavens Scripture" and it too had ten levels for the gene locks and three for the preparatory stage. With the technique it is possible to manipulate every source of energy known. At least according to the description.

Now, Ling Yun had most of the necessities in order to train and have an advantage once he entered the Sanctuaries, what he needed now was a plan. And in order to get a plan, he needed to know the timeline. With those thoughts in mind, he opened the miscellaneous section of the store. There was no way he could have a good night's sleep now, as it was close to 4:00 am, but he could at least get an idea. He set the price filter at a million and started browsing.

The first thing he bought was the best comlink available with a price under a million. It was slightly better than those in the market in the same price range, but not by much. Still, in the current era even the cheapest of them had enough processing power to match the best supercomputer of his world. After getting it, he git an idea.

He searched the miscellaneous section for a hacking program or tool, but all of them were either not good enough for his purposes or way too expensive.

It was to be expected. After all, programming a thing like that cost money. Just when he was about to give up hope, he found an artificial intelligence program. After filtering the list only for AIs, he found what he was looking for. There were a lot of AI programs on the list, ranging from a couple thousand to billions of dollars. The one that caught his attention though, was an item called "autonomous artificial intelligence node." It was just under a million levo dollars, and the most attractive option was that it could learn. When the node was new, it could do nothing. But you could buy packages or program them to teach it to do things, and it learned them at a terrifying pace. He chose to buy it with a voucher and spent actual points for two other packages. A basic interface which allows you to give commands to the program, and an advanced hacking package. The interface was around 5,000 and the hacking package somewhere around 2 million. That last purchase gave him a headache, as it was about 50% of his available points, but it was necessary, in his opinion.

Once he had everything done, he took out his comlink and the chip containing the ai program and installed it. He named the program Anne for a better functionality and started his thing.

"Anne, what are your exact capabilities?" He asked and a feminine voice answered. It sounded so real you would've never guessed it was a program.

"I can hack into every device with a protection level 5 or under."

"Can you give me an example?"

"Certainly. If I were to infiltrate the Alliance's systems, I would be able to access most civilian organizations, most scientific organizations, and some warships and military offices. I can get the information a major would be able to. In terms of banking, I can only access records and some non-vital information."

"Great. Can you run a search for me? I need information on Han Sen, male, age unknown. Should be residing on Roca Planet, his mother should be registered under the name of Luo Sulan, although her real name is Luo Lan. He has a sister named Luo Yan. That is all the information I have."

"Data confirmed. Running search."

"This better work. Otherwise, I just lost a buttload of money on an otherwise unnecessary program."

Ling Yun was pinning his hopes on this moment. For if Anne couldn't find him, he wouldn't be able to craft a detailed plan. Everything depended too much on this moment. If he was now in a time way before Han Sen was born, he wouldn't know what to do once he entered the sanctuaries, and if it was years after, all the advantages would be gone.

With that last thought, he searched for Han Sen's alter ego "Dollar" and found nothing.

'Good, it isn't too late. Let's just hope it isn't too early either so I can make the most of the plotline I know.' As he finished that thought, Anne spoke.

"A person by the name of Han Sen was found. His data is an exact match for the given parameters."

He sighed in relief. If it was a match for all the parameters, that meant Han Yan was born already, which meant he shouldn't be too young, and he could definitely take advantage of a good deal of things.

"Can you tell me his age and recent activities?"

"Certainly. Age: 13 years, 11 months, and 17 days. Studies the compulsory education with above average grades. Spends free time practicing archery and general training."

"Great, Han Sen is older than me by two months, which means I can enter the sanctuary a month before he kills the sacred blood black beetle and the timeline I'm familiar with starts. Now I just need to plan everything out."

Thinking about all the cool stuff that could've belonged to Han Sen but now was up for the grabs, Ling Yun couldn't help but let out a low chuckle.

'Really, plot armor is the best gold mine if you know what to look for.'

He then chuckled some more.


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