Super Gene: Domination
2 What Kind of Girl Eats Rabbit?
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Super Gene: Domination
Author :Ethereal_Nymph
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2 What Kind of Girl Eats Rabbit?

[Welcome, user, to the Super Gene system. Starting the introductory function for a better experience.]

Ling Yun sweatdropped.

"Damn, the No Doctor really made me a cliché." He muttered before shaking his head in disbelief.

[The system is still in its primary stage. More features will be unlocked based on the user's age, achievements, random encounters, and other factors.]

'Pretty standard cliché system so far.'

[The functions available are the inventory, the shop, the training area, and trainer. In the inventory the user can store and retrieve any non-living item. Time is stagnant inside the inventory. In the shop the user can buy weapons, armors, clothes, food, techniques, etc. If it exists in this universe or similar ones, the user can buy it. The Training area is an individual dimension the host can modify to his wishes. It can spawn enemies and weapons as well as any terrain. The trainer function manifests a highly capable trainer in any branch of knowledge the user is interested in. In order for a trainer to be unlocked the user must have bought the respective technique in the store or having a basic knowledge of the subject you wish to be trained in. Please note that the trainer has a cost of points.]

"Well, so far so good. Nothing too overpowered. And it looks pretty useful." Ling Yun muttered to himself.

[As stated earlier, the system works on a point basis. The points can be earned completing daily tasks or fighting opponents, as well as learning a new technique or simply studying math. The points can be exchanged for Levo dollars and vice versa. Items can be sold to the system for points. This concludes the introduction of the system. Have a nice day.]

It took a few seconds to process all the information. And by the end, Ling Yun was excited. He could learn techniques as long as he had the money to pay for them and the instructor. It was a very good advantage to have before entering the sanctuaries.

After thinking for a bit, he realized had a lot of work to do. But the first thing he had to do was figuring out the timeline. In his previous life, Ling Yun used his free time to do two things and those two only. Spend time with Ban'er and read. Sometimes both at once. He never had a favorite book, but he did enjoy them all and, with his ridiculous intelligence and memory, he pretty much remembered all there was to remember about the novel.

But still, everything was centered around Han Sen and the time was not very clear at any given time, so he had to find him out first and then start planning.

The problem was that his family was dirt poor. They had enough to eat and pay rent, but not much more of anything else, especially after his father died.

Both of his parents came from humble backgrounds. His father's name was Ling Heng and wasn't very spectacular. He met his mother in the compulsory education system, but never gave her much attention. That is until both of them were sixteen and entered the First God's Sanctuary. By some ploy of destiny, they ended up in the same shelter, and became members of the same hunting party. After that, from being acquaintances they became friends, then comrades, and finally lovers.

The problem was that they were not very good hunters and didn't have enough money for Hyper Geno Arts and their general knowledge of other things was basic at best, so they didn't do very well. After getting married and having kids, their income was starting to become insufficient, so his father decided to evolve and go to Second God's Sanctuary.

At first it was a good idea, since creature corpses of the second sanctuary were more valuable and he had years of experience hunting in the first sanctuary, but he didn't take into account his talent.

Since he wasn't very good, he became a primitive evolver. For a family like theirs, it was a very good thing, since most people in their economic position choose to become ordinary evolvers, but it wasn't enough. After only a year in the second sanctuary, his father died trying to hunt a primitive creature, leaving all of the responsibility to his mom.

Ling Liqiu was a very determinate woman, and pretty smart too, so she decided to stay in the first sanctuary where she could at least make a living for her and her children.

Still, she was even less talented than her husband, so the best she could do was max out in ordinary and primitive geno points and have a bit of mutant ones. And those numbers without a Hyper Geno Art were lower-middle tier at best even in the first sanctuary.

Thanks to all of those factors his family was living in poverty. That problem could be solved once he entered First God's Sanctuary, but not until then. And he still needed money to investigate Han Sen, so he needed money now. Not in two years.

With all that in mind Ling Yun heaved a sigh and chose to run home. As he moved through the streets, he compared his current city of residence to the bad side of Queens in his last life, but cleaner.

He was living in Pala planet, one of the poorest planets there were. It was several tiers below Roca planet where Han Sen lived, so buying a ticket to go there and investigate was out of the question. A Skynet search could be possible, but since he was just one out of billions of people living there, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack. His mind was in chaos all the way towards his house.

He lived in a little two-bedroom apartment in a twenty-floor building. As he opened the door, memories of his body's previous owner assaulted him, so he mechanically took off his shoes and hang his coat.

"Mom! Rou'er! I'm home!" As soon as he finished speaking, hurried footsteps came to greet him.

"Brother! How are yo- What happened to you? Are you ok? Is that blood on your clothes? Should I call the medical droids?" His sister was, in his very objective opinion, a beauty in the making. She had a delicate face with slightly curvy brown hair. Her eyes were green with a touch of honey-brown, and her few freckles gave her a very cute appearance.

Seeing her concern, he smiled gently at her.

"Don't bother, Rou'er. I just had an accident with some men painting a house on my way here. Nothing happened to me." He said as he ruffled her hair.

"Are you sure brother? If you fell and are embarrassed to tell it doesn't matter. I can keep a secret, promise!" She said in a conspiratory tone. Ling Yun just laughed.

"I'm sure it's fine, I promise." He said and took towards the kitchen. Of course, the stains on his clothes were not paint, but rather dried blood. He had indeed taken a beating on his way home from school. Actually, the body's original owner died in that way, as best as he could remember. Nobody could take that many hits to the head with a bat and survive. But still, when he entered the body, it was completely healed. Thank the sanctuaries.

He had been a mugging victim. Ling Yun liked to enter a vacant building to train there, since his school was usually full of bullies. Unfortunately, today the same building he always used was occupied by a gang. They tried to rob him but killed him instead when they realized he had no money or valuables on him.

Usually crimes in the alliance are almost non-existent, since the cameras are always watching and security robots are usually no more than 30 seconds away, but the cameras in that building were inactive since it was empty.

He learned his lesson though, always stay in front of the cameras.

"By the way, is mom still out?" He asked.

"Yes. She called earlier and said she will stay at least three days in the sanctuary. Something about an expedition."

Sadly, that was not out of the ordinary. His mother sold the creatures she hunted to make a living, but that alone wasn't enough, so she usually joined expeditions where some rich kid paid to have a group assist him in a hunt. They were dangerous, because the target of those groups were oftentimes mutant creatures or, sometimes, even sacred blood ones. One time she came out of the sanctuary with injuries so severe she had to rest for two months in order to re-enter the sanctuary. And that was with the advanced technology the alliance offers.

"Well then, let's see what we can have for dinner. Do you want rabbit stew… or pie?" He asked in a teasing voice and smiled seeing his sister's eyes glimmer.

Of course, she chose the pie.

After all, what kid of cute little girl would want to eat rabbit?


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