Super Gene: Domination
1 Doc, I Think I“m a Cliché.
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Super Gene: Domination
Author :Ethereal_Nymph
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1 Doc, I Think I“m a Cliché.

In a hospital room, a doctor could be seen leaving through the door. He was neither too old nor too young. But his face showed the great range of emotions he was feeling. Among the lot, rage, helplessness, pity, love, and sadness could be identified.

The reason for his emotions was the young man laying on the bed in the room which he just left. His face too showed a great deal of emotions, but his most prevalent one was resignation.

"I guess that's that. Funny thing, how fragile the body is."

His name was Ling Yun. He was 14 years old and was the smartest person in the world.

With an IQ of over 300 and a perfect memory, he became a master of a lot of professions, but he was an outstanding doctor. At 11, he developed a virus which targeted specifically cancer-infected cells, putting an end to that disease. At 13, he finally found a way to successfully implant inorganic material in the body without rejection, thus advancing prosthetics to a whole new level. And just a few weeks ago, he found a way to reconnect the nerves in amputated limbs into those prosthetics.

These few were just his most outstanding achievements, but he still had more. He was hailed a savior. Everybody loved him. And yet, nobody was present on his deathbed.

For as intelligent as he was, there was no way even he could figure out what was wrong with him.

Constant dizzy spells, seizures, internal bleeding, the works. And he was just told to expect a total organ failure in the next hours.

But still, through his pained face, you could detect a small smile.

'Well, it's not like I have a lot to live for, anyway.'

As an orphan who dedicated his whole life to academic pursuits, he was friendless. His loved ones were books and a small dog he had rescued a few years back. Other than books and his dog, his life was empty.

"Well, life was good. Not long, but definitely not bad. Could've done things better, could've done them worse. In the end, I'm still pretty satisfied." Ling Yun muttered under his breath.

As he closed his eyes and fought once again for breath, he looked to his right and into the eyes of his best friend.

"If there is one thing I regret though, is leaving you alone, Ban'er." He said towards his dog, who just whimpered.

"I really hope doctor Cheng adopts you as he said he would. Don't be mad at him, he did all he could. Just don't eat junk food, and stay away from chocolate, would you?" He smiled while speaking. Ban'er just barked once in response like he always did when he wanted to say yes.

'People my call me a genius, but Ban'er really takes the cake.' He thought and extended his hand, patting his faithful companion.

He spent the last four hours of his life just in the silent company of his friend. And died with a mouthful of coughed blood.

When the dog heard his heartbeat stop, he stood up and cuddled on his chest. The next minute, his heart gave out too, for he just wanted to protect his master. Nothing more.

Drifting through the void for hours was hardly entertaining, bur finally being able to move without visceral pain, Ling Yun really didn't care. He didn't even bother thinking where he was, or why was he anywhere else instead of a morgue.

Of course, all things had to end, even this few enjoyable moments for Ling Yun.

"Well, well, aren't you having fun?" A very familiar voice asked. Ling Yun turned his head and looked at the newcomer.

"Doctor Cheng?" And indeed, it was his voice. However, his appearance finally snapped Ling Yun out of his trance. "No, you are not him. Who are you, exactly?"

Nor Doctor Cheng chuckled amusedly.

"It's always the same with you, you know? Never paying attention to the most blaringly obvious details." He then adopted a serious expression and walked towards him. He stopped about three steps away from him. "But who I am doesn't really matter. What matters is that you have caused me an immense deal of paperwork. All those medical advances, while a precious gift to your species, where untimed. They should've happened a hundred years after your time, at least. You, my little friend, are an anomaly."


"Yes, indeed. You saved lives, a lot of them, but they were not meant to be saved." That angered Ling Yun.

"So what? Was I supposed to watch them die while I could help? I would've never done that. There were kids among them, kids who had not even started to live."

"Like you were any better. You were still a kid and still you died. People could've helped you, but they chose not to. You saved a bunch of ungrateful people."

"Even then, I would do the same time and time again. It was the right thing to do."

Ling Yun was not selfless, quite the contrary. He was a very selfish person. But even he would not let someone innocent die if he could help. It was, in his world, an obvious course of action. If it didn't endanger or cost him anything, why shouldn't he help?

"And that, little Yun, is why I am here. You would do it again, which I simply cannot allow. For that reason, we have to move you to a different universe." He said in complete seriousness. "But still, there's no denying you did good, and the karmic count for your life is off the roof. So, you could get an easier life. Tell me, what is it that your heart desires? If it is not exaggerated, I will give it to you.

Surprisingly, Lin Yun groaned in annoyance.

'Great, now I am a cliché.' But still, there was a thing he wanted. Something that had him worried for months.

"Could you make sure Ban'er lives the rest of his life happy and safe? That's really all I could wish for." Ling Yun answered in complete seriousness. Which was why he was so confused when not Doctor Cheng just laughed it off.

"I am afraid that is one of the few things I cannot do. You see, minutes after you died, your poor dog did too. Apparently, it had no purpose left in life. You both make quite the pair, if I am allowed to be honest." Those words affected Ling Yun deeply, but still, didn't make him sad. If he died, and willingly, at that, then he lived a full and happy life. A good end, in his books.

"Then there's nothing more I want." He answered decisively.

"Really? No special ability? No harem? Nothing?" Not Doctor Cheng asked again.

"No, thank you. I really don't want haters or anything. A healthy body and mind are all I want, but I doubt that classifies as an advantage." He answered honestly.

"Well, you see, I can tell that you are being honest and all, but you really need to choose something. I need to fulfill your wishes, it's a divine decree. I cannot simply let you go empty handed." He mused in silence.

"How about this, you said I was going to another universe. Where am I going? Knowing that is my wish."

"Well, that could be your choice as well. And I really need you to ask for something else, since that information is completely free and couldn't use such a loophole for that."

"Well, how about where that novel I was reading takes place? It would be a nice place to be. It would be interesting." Ling Yun said with a gleam of interest in his eyes.

"Yes, that would be a good option. And since it's a class universe, I could deduct some points and consider it a wish as well." He mused under his breath before nodding. "What else?" Ling Yun shook his head with a wry smile.

"Just that. Why don't you surprise me with the rest?" He answered and, from his expression, you could see he was being serious. Not Doctor Cheng simply shook his head with a helpless expression.

"Very well, I will choose the other points based on your attitude. Since I can see you want to have fun, I will not make your life too difficult, but not make it boring either. Yes, this should do." He muttered for a few more seconds and finally nodded. "Well, I do hope you enjoy your next great adventure, since I can see you have a well-organized mind. Just don't do anything I wouldn't." He said with a smile. And with a gesture of his hand, Ling Yun disappeared.

"Yeah, right. He didn't want a harem. I mean, who doesn't want a harem? And he says he's not selfless. What a bunch of lies." After saying that, he too vanished into darkness.

Ling Yun didn't enjoy the travel, but he enjoyed even less the next few moments after waking up. After completely assimilating the memories of his host, he stood up and left the building.

And wasn't that a surprise? He thought he would be reborn, not transmigrated. But still, he chose to view the glass half-full and decided it was a good thing not to have his diapers changed.

The name of his new body was Ling Yun as well. He was fourteen years old and was in the compulsory education system. He had a sister four years his junior, and he loved her more than anything else. Their father died just months after she was born, leaving their mother with a heavy burden to maintain the family.

A curious thing about his transmigration was the fact that he kept all the memories of the previous owner of his body, but just few emotions. All the negative ones like hate and such were gone.

He prepared himself to draw a plan for his life, but before he could even do that, a strange voice appeared in his head.

[Welcome, user, to the Super Gene system. Starting the introductory function for a better experience.]

Ling Yun sweatdropped.

"Damn, the No Doctor really made me a cliché." He muttered before shaking his head in disbelief.


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