2 The Stunk
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Author :KimotheBanana
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2 The Stunk

@@"My gay, autistic son KKyle is dead." Said KKyle's father at his funeral. 'I was pretty bumbed out about it but then I realized, who ever killed him was probably more happy to see him die then I was sad about his death, then I thought "oh well". KKyle's dad shrugged and sat back down. His wife nodded in agreement, knowing he said the right words. Suddenly his Father had a rummbly tummy and he had to get up to go to the bathroom,luckily he found it with ease cause this is his house. He opened the bathroom door and sat on the toilet when suddenly,he shat and pissed at the same time and there was a growl coming from the toilet, KKyle's dad was a savage though and he didn't care much for it until suddenly he felt a slimy, Rough clawed hand grab his buttocks. With a yelp of surprise he manged to get up and looked down the toilet...where there was nothing but The stunk. That horrible smell of ammonia but then he realized he just took a piss so it was normal and walked out the bathroom, forgetting to wipe his ass but at least put back on his pants. His father was also autistic and his name is Tony. His Asian so totally not autistic wife looked at him strangely but did not care for him in the slightest,they both cried their eyes out for there now dead son.



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