Serendipity Happens
39 I Asked For A Permission To Be With You
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Serendipity Happens
Author :Ran_Aml
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39 I Asked For A Permission To Be With You

After he paid all the things he bought, Damian walked to where Calla waiting for him.

"Aren't you tired after standing for a long time like that? Do you want to sit for a while?" Offered her kindly.

Damian looked at her beautiful smiling face for a while before he glanced coldly at their surroundings. In the end, he looked at her again, lost in deep thought.

His expressionless face showed no emotion at all. But, Calla had observed him a lot today and could understand that if he suddenly lost in thought like that, it was probably because he had some hesitation in mind.

And, what could probably be the reason that made him hesitated?

She mimicked what he did with also glancing at their surroundings. She found out most of the women inside the dessert shop either boldly looking or secretly peeking at him.

Maybe he was annoyed because of that?

She didn't know how wrong her thought was.

Damian indeed had some hesitation. But, the reason for that because he was in a dilemma of whether he should sit here with her first or immediately bring her home.

If he chose to sit, he could spend some more time together with her.

But, he also didn't want to sit because he was annoyed by all the young men here that could not take their eyes off her.

If only piercing other men's eyes that could not keep their gaze from someone else's lover allowed by the law, he would've already done that!

Calla pretended to look at her watch and then gave him a perfect reason so they could immediately go home.

"Okay. Let's just bring me home now. My grandpa and brother must be waiting for me already."

Damian breathed a sigh of relief that he didn't have to choose between those two hard choices because she already chose for him.

They walked side by side out of the shop, followed by many pair of amazed and envious eyes.

As usual, Damian opened the passenger door for her first and made sure she was sitting inside safely before he himself sat in the driver seat.

After they went out, the people inside the shop could not hold themselves from excitedly discussing the two of them.

"Ah... How I wish I have such a dreamy guy like that." Said one of the workers there.

"Keep wishing then. Don't you see how awesome the car he drove here? That must be super expensive. A guy as handsome, rich and loyal as that only exist in super limited quantities." Replied one of her colleagues bitterly.

"Hey, you guys saw it too, right? He let his girlfriend sit while he himself stood and waited in the line. Such a thoughtful gentleman..." This time a twenty-something woman could not help but made a remark too.

"True. My boyfriend would never do that! He always asked me to stand in the line while he happily sat and played a game on his phone!" Complained a friend beside her.

"I stood not far from him just now, so I saw there were at least five women that approached him and asked for his name and number. But he just ignored them all." Said a young mother that brought along her toddler daughter.

"I stood right behind him and I saw a very sexy woman that boldly gave her number in a small paper and asked him to 'play' with her sometimes, but he unhesitatingly threw away that paper! He didn't even throw a glance at her!" Replied the other young mother excitedly.

"The woman that came with him is very gorgeous. I think she's his girlfriend, and it looked like he likes her a lot. That's why he ignored all those women. They're truly a match made in heaven." Said a petite girl in a small group of boys and girls that seemed to be high-schoolers.

After she said that, a few of her male friends nodded repeatedly, agree with her words. They also thought the woman earlier is very gorgeous, they even could not help but glance at her direction many times.

"Sigh... Maybe I should have a face like that to be able to get a man like him too..." Replied one of her friends there.

. . .

It took them less than twenty minutes to arrive at Calla's home.

"Do you know if your grandfather at home now?" Damian suddenly asked her as soon as he stopped his car.

"Yes, he's at home at the moment. Do you want to meet with him?" She wasn't really surprised to know he wanted to meet her grandfather because she knew that they already met each other quite many times over the years.

"Mhm. There's something I need to talk about." He nodded pensively before he went out of the car and opened the passenger seat for her.


He looked so serious just now. Is there something important he wants to talk about with Grandpa?

Now, Calla finally got curious to know why he wanted to meet her grandfather.

"Okay, let's enter first." Said her as they walked to the classic white front door of her home.

"Welcome back home, Miss Calla." Said Henry, as he glanced to a man beside his young miss.

Yes, he knows who he is as he already came here a few times with his family before.

But, why is he also coming into the house now?

Maybe, he wanted to meet with Master too before he comes back to his home?

"I'm back, Uncle Henry. Where is Grandpa?"

"Master is currently inside his study room." Answered Henry politely.

"Could you help me tell Grandpa that Damian is here and he wishes to meet with him? Thank you, Uncle Henry."

"I will immediately tell Master. Excuse me, Miss Calla and Young Master Damian."

Henry swiftly walked away and went upstairs to inform his Master. And soon, he was already back in front of his Miss Calla and Young Master Damian that already waiting in the living room.

"Young Master Damian, my Master told me that you could just head inside his study room. I will guide you there."

"Thank you."

Damian headed upstairs to have a talk with his future grandfather-in-law. He was already thought about this ever since he saw her photo that day.

He wanted to ask for her grandfather's permission to get close to her and date her with marriage as their future destination.

It's not that he was in a rush to marry her. Oh well, yes, he actually was. But, she was still too young and he did not mind to wait for her for two or three more years.

He just wanted to do everything right by letting their family know about his intention.

More than twenty minutes passed before he finally came out of grandfather's study room. His face was as calm as usual and there was nothing she could read from there.

"Here, this is for you. By the way, what did you just talk about with Grandpa?" Asked her as she gave the small jar of cookies they bought earlier at the dessert shop.

"I asked for his permission to be with you." Said him casually as he received the cookies with a bright mood. He would never guess that she actually bought it for him and he was so happy because of that.

The expression in Calla's face stiffens as she heard what he just said. She didn't know what more she could say to the man in front of her.

In the end, she just sighed and made no comment about it. Her feeling was quite complicated. On one hand, she felt moved by his sincerity. But, on the other hand, she also felt quite lost as to what she should do about it.

Maybe as time passed, she will be able to reciprocate his love and completely accept his presence that without her knowing already deeply embedded inside her heart.


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