Reaper of the Martial World
1079 Shameless 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1079 Shameless 2

The moment the world was split by the river, the four disciples were blasted hundreds of meters backwards, their chests heavily caved in.

Madeleine's fingers continued unperturbed. Although her technique could only be classified as a lower level earth technique, since it was created by her, its effectiveness far surpassed that level. It could even be said to be a borderline heaven level technique in her hands. Such was the power of a Composer.

"[Fourth Overture]."

The four geniuses looked up in horror and mountains fell from the skies.

Beautiful and majestic peaks appeared in the illusory world. The green stretched out, flowers graced its soil, rivers gently flowed, and mountains stood tall.

Even Madeleine was strained playing her fourth overture. It contained a hidden domineeringness that she could only bring out when she thought of Dyon. Her nature wasn't to be arrogant or confrontational. But, when it came to her husband and those who dared to provoke him and her ability to stay by his side, she could become the fiercest demon the world.

The tips of her fingers slightly bled as a robust tune played. Those listening felt as though their hearts had been invaded by the melody, stomping out their own intentions and the normal rhythmic beats of their chest to replace it was something entirely new.


The illusory mountain fell upon the ashen faced geniuses.

They tried their best to launch attacks, to destroy the attack before it reached them. But, everything they did was of no use. It was as though they were throwing small stones into an ocean… The mountains only lightly rippled, before Madeleine's Celestial Intent purified the acts of aggression forcefully.

The four geniuses were crushed with tens of thousands of pounds of weight, burying them into the poisonous grounds of the Purple Flame Tower.

Their bones cracked and their organs oozed with injury. Cries of pain sounded out as four geniuses that were once the symbol of arrogance fell pitifully. By the time the illusory world had disappeared, the crater in the ground had grown to untold proportions.

While Madeleine had been fighting, Ava and Thor had cut a path forward and were a mere hundred meters from the entrance of the Purple Flame Tower, valiantly taking the vanguard.

Ava's smile never faded; she had the utmost confidence in Madeleine. However, it was only then that those not familiar with her came to understand there was a vast chasm separating the ranked geniuses of the 3rd and 4th ranked sects of their fourth quadrant as compared to the Flaming Lily and Golden Crow Sects. They didn't deserve to be placed on the same level at all!

Not only was Madeleine far younger than all four of them, she had already surpassed them in cultivation and comprehension. They would be hard-pressed to find jobs shining her shoes.

When Alidor saw the placement of the massive crater Madeleine formed, his eyes shone with realization and admiration. Only now did he understand that Dyon hadn't given him command because Madeleine wasn't capable. Instead, he gave him command because he wanted to temper him for the future, slowly weeding out his overly cautious tendencies to make him the most effective commander he could be.

Dyon had placed a strict ban on any of the Demon Generals speaking of Madeleine's past as a Sapientia because of the trouble it could cause. But, at this moment, Alidor couldn't help but remember that Madeleine wasn't just a pretty face, there was a good argument to be made that she was far more intelligent than even he.

Almost on cue, the rumbling sounds of a third approaching filled the battlefield. However, it wasn't long before they noticed that their advancement forward had been completely cut off by a massive crater.

If it was a normal crater, there would be a problem. After all, even the weakest warriors here were essence gatherers, they could fly. The problem was that the ground beneath the Purple Flame Tower wasn't normal. Beneath its surface was a reserve of a poison abyssal core that could kill even the strongest amongst them here!

With Madeleine's attack, a dam had been broken and a geyser of poison fog erupted into the skies.

While the Flaming Lily Sect army was still immune to this level of poison gas, it had to be remembered that the defending army wasn't. Their advantage wasn't that the poison wouldn't effect them, but rather it would be easier for them to deal with. However, with Clara's pills, this advantage had been completely destroyed.

Now, the third army approaching from the Epistemic Tower's direction had ugly expressions on their faces as the saw the wall of purple, greens and disgusting browns before them. Even if they were tens of times braver, they wouldn't dare to cross. Only their strongest geniuses could, but then wouldn't their three-pronged pincer attack fall flat here?

'It's time Delia, go!'

The black dressed Delia immediately gripped her sword and charged forward, not toward the geyser, but toward the tower!

In the distance, above the third approaching army, the first ranked disciples of the Flame Rebirth and Fiery Lotus Sect dove forward with ugly expressions. They had no time to worry about Delia's actions because they had to save their ranked disciples!

While everyone's eyes were focused on the geyser, they had completely forgotten about the four geniuses buried underneath, taking the full brunt of the poison directly.

Egan Goldeen grit his teeth. Was he really going to fail like this?


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