Reaper of the Martial World
1058 Help Me Get Justice 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1058 Help Me Get Justice 1

The geniuses paused, not sure whether to act or not. On one hand, the grudge between this masked man and the kitsune clan was well documented. Not only was it rumored that the Void Clan tried to bully Alexandria Snow because she had their faith seed, the masked man had also very publicly embarrassed the face of the kitsune clan. Although that latter reason may seem petty, there was little large clans cared about more than their face.

In terms of the younger generation of saints, Aki Void had been their number one genius for a long time. Because Ri came from a smaller clan and rarely appeared in public, she didn't receive the same backing Aki had from the clan. As such, despite having far more talent than Aki, she wasn't accepted in the same way. While they wanted Aki to grow to lead, they wanted to control Ri.

"Dyon, it's no good if I enter your Mind's Eye now. For one, if I do this, you'll have to deal with the other geniuses on top of dealing with the kitsune clan. Secondly, there's no point. If I take up residence in your Mind's Eye, all that'll do is siphon away your own soul strength. Even though it doesn't matter now because your soul is sealed, it will definitely slow down the construction of your inner world even further."

Of course Dyon knew this, however he couldn't allow others to know that he was handicapped and weak. If he fought the kitsune as he was right now, it would become very obvious, very quickly that he wasn't as powerful as his Presence dictated. If that happened, it would lead to a lot of trouble in the future.

But, if he fought them while everyone thought he was resonating, then there'd be an explanation for his weak strength. Everyone would dismiss his insistence on resonating at such an inopportune time as him just being flagrantly arrogant, when in truth, he wasn't actually resonating at all.

Dyon cracked his neck. "Don't worry about it senior, if I don't give these fools a handicap, this would be too easy."

The sturdily built woman began to laugh. "I usually only accept the best of pretty boys into my harem, but for those words you just said, I won't mind bending a masked man over."

By the time this exchange had happened, the kitsune had already surged forward. There were three of them, Aki Void of the Void Clan, the eight-silver tailed hot-headed young man, and the eight golden tailed beauty that was angered when Dyon ignored her in favor of Ri. They were the only kitsune of this generation talented enough to enter this far into the valley, but still shouldn't be underestimated.

Dyon's master could only blink in confusion before entering Dyon's Mind's Eye anyway. Since he said so, he definitely had a plan.

At that moment, Dyon's master began to emit a light, doing her best to emulate the circumstances of a true resonance so those around wouldn't understand that she had actually entered Dyon's Mind's Eye.

With his master gone, Dyon's rage shook the heavens, replaying the story Ri had told again and again as he watched the three kitsune fly toward him.

Masako, the golden-tailed beauty, grasped at the air, causing a flash of golden light to dissipate and leave behind what looked like an eleven-inch oak branch in her hand.

Dyon's eyes narrowed. 'Magic user.'

Masako was from the Heaven kitsune clan, the ancestor of which was at the same level as Kukan in his life. Their abilities were very similar to Clara's Energy Flow constitution, one of the top ten God level constitutions. However, it was obviously on a much smaller scale.

Simply put, they had tempered versions of Clara's ability, with increased affinity for Conventional Path energies and the ability to read the flow of energy within their opponent's body. This made them very good Magic wielders, so it was no surprise.

Despite the beauty and elegance of it all, there was nothing pretty about the ferocity of her attacks.

Masako took vanguard, allowing Aki Void and Gin Jikan to flank her. Clearly, they were very much used to fighting together.

Her delicate hand swiveled and whipped, arcing elegantly through the air, drawing pattern after pattern with blinding speeds.

In an instant, several arrays appeared before morphing into individual, snake-like whips.

Coiling snakes, half a foot in diameter blasted toward Dyon from all angles, threatening to pound him into nothing but minced meat.

Gin's tails emitted a silvery light just as Aki's emitted a black fog. The lights spun in unison, finding their way to Masako's arrays and melding together.

At that moment, the transparent snakes no longer moved simply, instead gaining a profound edge. They sped up and slowed down without warning, even jumping through space and appearing elsewhere at times. The kitsune triplet pair hadn't held anything back, instead choosing to attack with everything they had.

The geniuses who had yet to make a move watched in shock. They were very aware how powerful the combination of these three were, what they didn't expect was that they would attack with full force so soon. Usually, when facing an enemy you had never fought before, some probing would be in order… This proved one thing: This masked man was dangerous!

Dyon faced the coming onslaught with a calm expression, his Perception working in overdrive a he took in every one of their movements. And then, he flicked both of his sleeves, allowing hundreds of silver plaques to appear in the air, bobbing around him gently.

Aurora flames erupted around him, supported by his runic veins for added control.

"This will be the first debt collection for your kitsune clan." Dyon's eyes sharpened.


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